Simple and effective exercises to relieve back pain and lower back

Today, many people are interested in exercises to relieve back pain and lower back, as sooner or later most people are faced with a matching problem. This is usually to blame: a sedentary lifestyle, wrong posture, lack of regular exercise or, conversely, excessive exercise. The pain can occur suddenly, to go and return. What happens to the body?

Where does the symptom?

If you have regular back pain, it is a signal that the muscles no longer work properly, instead of a uniform distribution of the load is strain in any one area, and as a result, there is a spasm.

Back pain is muscle spasm. Sudden movement, lifting, the habit of stooping – all of which can cause back pain. Any person faced with this problem, has a natural desire to quickly get rid of it.


Conservative methods of treatment that you will be offered a neurologist when contacting the clinic, simple and, at first glance, effective: a number of drugs, acupuncture and manual therapy.

Acute, unbearable pain you need to take her medication, but in milder cases do not rush to swallow pills. Drugs solve the problem only temporarily, back pain, medicine need more. With age, problems with the back pain occur more often, again and again to go to the doctors, the pills, which have a number of unpleasant side effects, and in severe cases to put the injections.

What should I do? There is the perfect solution: simple, available to any set of exercises to relieve back pain and lower back pain.

All you need is to regularly do a simple exercise. In fact, this is the same manual therapy, not a stranger, and you.

Simple classes

Remember! Exercises must be done carefully, without sudden movements. You should feel your body.

Study regularly. Most exercises can be done at home. Make them part of the usual morning and evening ritual.

  1. 1the First and most simple action is to stretch. Especially it helps with back pain. For exercises you will need a table or windowsill on which you can rely. Step away from the Desk for a couple of steps, place your feet shoulder-width apart, bend forward without bending the legs at the knees and open palms touch the table, leaning on the surface. Keep your head and back straight, try to bend a little. Head and hands as if you’re reaching forward and the pelvis back. Feel the spinal at the expense of your own muscles. Count to 100 and gently viprasys. Stretch it out and make another 2-3 sets.
  2. 2Is a similar exercise, drawing on the wall. Stand on a step from the wall, raise your hands and slightly leaning forward on straight legs and touch your hands to a vertical surface. Try to bend and how to flow down the wall, trying hands to linger at the top, and the pelvis to pull the body down. This exercise also is designed more for the lumbar spine.
  3. 3for pain in the back is very good exercise “kitty”. If your home has a cat, look at how she stretches after a long sleep, and try to repeat. For those who have cats at home, please explain. The exercise is performed on the floor. You need to get up on all fours, then sit on the heels and stretch the arms forward and the pelvis back, while trying to bend. Hold this position for half a minute. Then gradually move your body weight on straight arms and look up. Also hold this position for half a minute, and then return to its original position.

Exercises for pain in the thoracic and cervical is most efficient to do on the bar. To hang on the hands, to relax, and especially, the shoulders, and soft to put your head down. Most likely, you will hear a crunch and quickly feel relief.

Approaches to twisting

With this type of training mainly focuses on the upper back.

  1. 1Stand straight with feet shoulder width apart, hands at chest level. Gently rotate the body and head to the right as far as possible. Make some try in this direction. Return to starting position and then turn the body and head to the left. Stretch several times now in this direction. Repeat the exercise 5-7 times.
  2. 2is Another exercise in twisting should be performed on the horizontal bar. Hang on hands, relax your shoulders, pull your knees up to your chest and rotate your pelvis left and right. Enough 2-3 times, then take rest and repeat the exercise.
  3. 3Also twisting exercises back pain can be done lying down on the floor or even in bed. Lie straight, put your hands to the side, pull your knees up to your chest. Now your task – to turn the head to right and feet to the left, while trying not to tear the blades from the surface. Lock this position for half a minute. Then return to starting position and repeat in the other direction: turn the head left and feet right. Re-secure its position. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

This set of exercises from the back pain requires no special training or oversight. 5-10 minutes a day is enough to keep back muscles in good shape. And as soon as the pain will go away, add a daily exercise strength training with weights 2-3 times a week to strengthen the muscular frame, and you will forget about back pain and lower back pain.

General guidelines
  1. 1move More.
  2. 2warm up every half hour if you have a sedentary job or you are constantly on your feet.
  3. 3Remember your posture: the back should be straight. It is not only beautiful, but also helps your health.
  4. 4do Not lift heavy things jerk.
  5. 5Moving furniture or carrying something heavy, avoid bending, sitting down with your back straight and lift things due to the strength of the legs.
  6. 6Try to perform regular exercises for your back.

Take care of your back and not get sick!

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