Exercises for the ankle. The mobility of the ankle joint.

Unfortunately, very often there is a sprain of the ankle is just a little stumble. To avoid this it is necessary to strengthen ankle joints with special exercises.

To assess the mobility of the ankle joint, perform a few simple tests:

1 Test. Sit, heel and socks off the floor, hands down. Under normal mobility of the ankle joints, the angle between the Shin and the floor will be 45-55 degrees.

Test 2. Lean your hands on the back of a chair. Put the straightened leg back as far as possible without lifting the heel from the floor. At the same socks and knees are strictly directed forward. The angle between the straight leg and the floor surface should be equal to 50-60 degrees if the mobility is normal.

3 Test. To kneel and sit on heels. When normal mobility of the dorsum of the foot touches the floor, the socks are not turned inside.

Mobility ankle Exercises for ankle:

To improve the mobility of the ankle joint is necessary to perform special exercises for the ankle.

1. To sit, leaning back on his hands. Pull socks on, then pull your toes so that your thumbs touch the floor. Repeat 16 times.

2. Same initial position. Lift the straightened right leg down. The same with the left foot. Then elevate the foot and make foot in a circular motion inside. Repeat 4 times for each leg.

3. Stand up straight. Bend your right leg, getting up on the sock and turning the heel forward. The load to distribute on all the toes evenly. Return to starting position. Then the other leg. Repeat 16 times on each leg.

4. Stand up, feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Climb the socks as high as possible, down. Repeat 16 times.

5. Sit on the heels, socks pull. Relying on the floor with your left hand, bring right hand to left knee and try to lift it, go back to the ex. position. Then the other leg. Repeat 16 times.

6. To get socks on a small elevation, heel on weight, holding hands for support. Lower your heel as low as possible. Repeat 16 times.

7. Lean your hands on the chair, lunge one leg back. Back bending the standing leg, bring your knee to the floor, while the heel from the floor keep your back in ex. position. Then the other leg. Repeat 16 times.

8. Stand up straight. Rising on toes, move heels to the right, then leaning on your heels, lift up the socks and move them to the right. Then the other side. Repeat 8 times.

9. Stand up straight. Raising his hands forward, lift the socks, making a roll on your heels, dropping his hands, rolled the heels on the socks. Repeat 16 times.

In addition to specific exercises to improve mobility of the ankle joint it is useful to perform exercises for the feet below.

The mobility of the ankle joint – Exercises for the feet:

1. Rise on the toes 10-15 times, walking on heels, walking on toes, walking on the outer edge of the foot, walking on the inner edge of the foot.

2. Sitting, bend and unbend the toes, perform circular movements with the feet, moves up and down.

3. Sitting or lying down, Flex your fingers, heavily straining the leg muscles, then straighten your fingers and relax your leg muscles.

4. To rise on the toes, linger for a few seconds and down.

5. Sit down, feet on width of shoulders. Connecting the knees, strongly tense the muscles of the legs, relax.

6. That was not flabby legs, every morning run about the room with small steps on your toes, then walk on your toes.

7. His right leg lift the pencil off the floor and hold it for several seconds. Then his left leg.

8. Stand up, feet together. Slowly rise on your toes, then slowly sink down on your heels.

9. Morning and evening is useful to massage feet in circular motions.

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