How to learn to roller skate. Basic rules and first steps

15-20 years ago due to the cost of inventory rollerblading to be the prerogative of the wealthy. The advent of affordable clips instantly made a hobby of them a mass phenomenon. On the streets there were many skaters in the cities began to open a specially-equipped roller rinks and courses on learning to ride rollers.

However, if you are not going to engage in this activity professionally, riding on roller skates to learn on their own, as, for example, and Cycling. This will require a strong desire and a fighting spirit, a bit of free time and, of course, rollers and equipment.

How to choose rollers

It is most logical to start with the acquisition themselves, skates, protective gear and apparel for skating. If you think that all inline skates the same, something very wrong! To explain the difference some clips from the other is easiest by example. In the same way as in the case of car, the driving rollers vary in quality, design and brand. Key performance indicators – speed performance, the wheel diameter, the strength of the base. Conventionally, the rollers can be divided into two large groups: walking for recreation and fitness and sports for fast riding and freestyle.

The speed of the rollers is defined by a class of bearings used in the wheels, and the diameter of the wheels themselves. For beginners the easiest way to learn to roller skate with Abec 3 or 5 and with wheels of average diameter from 70 mm to 80 mm.

The cost of inline skates will vary depending on manufacturer and model. If these videos are well-known brands like Rollerblade, Roces, Seba, Fila, Powerslide and some others, their price will be significantly higher than the products of unknown firms. Even more will have to fork out if you decide to buy the rollers from the latest collection: lineup here, as in the case of clothing or footwear that is updated regularly. Most often new models are distinguished from the preceding only in design, although sometimes they appear and separate the technological improvements.

Protective equipment and apparel for roller skating

Skating, and especially learning to ride on roller skates is associated with increased injury risk. When losing balance and falling can damage hands, feet, head. That is why for beginners and experienced skaters in no case can not neglect the means of protection. Usually it’s a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and protection for hands. Similarly, as with the rollers, the cost of equipment will depend heavily on the manufacturer and materials.

As for the clothes for skating, it should be quite free and not to hamper, but at the same time and not interfere with movements with a wide amplitude – that is, not to underfoot. Usually for such cases, choose short athletic shorts and top wear a fitted shirt or t-shirt made of natural materials.

Where to begin to learn to roller skate

When you have a full “combat kit”, it is important to choose the place for the first steps, right to wear rollers and protection, then you can start to learn.

Roller skates should be laced and buttoned so that the leg they were well recorded. It does not need too much to pinch and squeeze foot. It’s not supposed to move freely inside the Shoe.

Before you take the first steps on the rollers, you need to learn… to stand for them. For this reason the first classes can be conducted even at home on the smooth wooden floor or coating of linoleum, but in this case it must be complied with several conditions. First, you will still need to wear protection. Second, the free space should be enough. If the room has too much furniture and not enough space, even to learn to stand on casters is still better on the street.

This is best done on a free and level asphalt site with no slopes, hills and bumps. It can be deserted Parking or yard area. To change the shoes and wear the rollers need right on the street directly in the place where you will learn to ride. Ask for help family or friends, the first time you will need their support in the literal sense of the word.

Put on your roller skates, lace them and tighten all the straps. Stand on your feet and try to take the original stance: the feet should be positioned slightly narrower than shoulder width parallel to each other, knees slightly bent, hands in front of him. You need to find a position where you will be most confident to maintain balance. The body should be inclined slightly forward, it won’t take much to bend or to throw back his head back. Try a little “popoint“, slightly bending and unbending your knees. Remember this exercise. Together with the stand is the cornerstone.

How to fall on roller skates

Even when you learned how to confidently stand on skates, the next stage is not the drive. Now you need to master the technique of falling. Yes, Yes, learn to fall correctly.

It is very important to learn to fall correctly, for science. This will avoid severe bruising and serious injuries. The most important thing to remember is to fall on the rollers need to go! In any situation when you lose balance, and understand that the stand does not work, try to be grouped in such a way to fall forward. The first and main impact should be on his knees and hands. Naturally, both should be in the protection that will repay the blow and minimize the consequences of the fall.

For the development of this part of learning to ride rollers will move on the lawn and try a few times to drop from the original stand with half-bent knees. Make sure that in the fall there is nothing wrong, and that you are grouped correctly. Please note that if losing balance, you pull to tilt or sit on your butt, it means you were not in the correct stance. In this case, go back to the exercise on finding balance in a standing position.

Every time after the fall remember that and stand up on rollers – too not the most simple task. Remember that you should not try to rise after falling without the aid of hands. Put one skate on all four wheels, hold hands on the asphalt, place a second ridge next to the first at an angle of 90 degrees, and only after that come up. Rising not fully unbend his knees and viprasys to the end, become the source rack, set the rollers parallel to each other.

How to learn to roller skate

So you learned to stand, to fall and to rise from the ground on rollers, it’s time to make the first move. Most likely, attempt to step forward will bring the rollers in motion. Don’t panic, remember the stand on slightly bent legs, keep your feet off the ground, just try to keep the balance and slowly roll forward. Here you will need the help of family or friends. Let you hold his hand or shoulder, so you will be able to stop.

Ensure that both feet are parallel to each other and stood straight, not pulling neither in nor out. In this regard, when driving for example a very small inclination of the shock at the outer edge of the skate. Try to push and self-drive a few meters on two legs. Remember that unlike walking, when driving on roller skates you have to push off with the toe, and all four wheels.

At the end of level repulsion, it is necessary to move forward in the literal and figurative sense of the word. Now to tear you in turn must take your feet off the ground and as long as possible to roll on one leg, then lower your foot on all four wheels and repeat the exercise. Here you again, going to be the physical support in the face of a man to hold on to, mastering the exercise.

Learning to move on skates in a straight line, you need to go to the exercises connected with turns and movement in a circle. Usually in a situation where you confidently stand and roll on skates forward, this is not a problem. To consolidate the skills, you can resort to a few standard exercises – the snake and the maze.

To perform a snake in a line at a distance of 2-3 meters from each other are placed items that need to go around smoothly, making a kind of slalom. Gradually the distance between the obstacles can be reduced. As for the maze you will need the items that will be placed in a straight line, and the overall site. First, take it slow, then gradually increase the speed and decrease the distance between the objects. In this exercise, you need to go around obstacles, avoiding drive in a straight line. Performing these exercises will help sharpen your skill riding on roller skates to perfection!

How to brake on roller skates

There are several methods of braking on the rollers, the choice of a suitable depends on your skills and situation in which you need urgently to slow down. About the natural braking, when the front has no obstacles, and you simply cease to push off the ground and coming to a full stop, not a speech.

The most technical and proper way of braking on the rollers is to use a special brake on one of the shoes or so-called braking plow. In the first case the leg with the horse, which is located behind the brake (it’s usually on the right Shoe) and slightly off the ground so that the heel brake started scribbling on the asphalt. In the second case legs widely divorced in hand, and then slowly reduced to each other. Socks clips must be sent to each other, and his leg muscles strained from the inside.

Other methods of braking are not as technical, but also amenable to training: you can attempt to stop by grabbing it with your hands (most often it is the post or rail); you can slow down, jumping off of the asphalt onto the lawn. Both methods suggest that because of rapid quenching speed on the inertia to fall in the direction of motion. In this case, it is worth remembering exercises drop on the rollers.

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