How to build muscle neck

When the gaze falls on the neck, it is easily possible to accurately determine whether a person is engaged in sports regularly and he does it seriously.

What you need to know about how to pump up the muscles of the neck? Question about how to make your neck asking all who want to achieve significant results.

A beautiful and beefy neck men attracts the attention of the opposite sex, the figure is the first figure of male power. Besides, the neck muscle is the part of the body clothes almost does not hide. It should be noted that the neck is also an important attribute of men who engage in bodybuilding professionally.

Download neck muscles properly

To pump up the neck at home is as easy as the gym. The main thing here is to accurately perform a number of exercises that will help in this. Thus, it is important to know that to achieve a noticeable result, it is necessary to do the complex no less than two or three times a week, and then after a month of training You will be happy with the result. Neck muscles will become not only wider, but noticeably stronger.

But before you start training, please note that all jobs must be performed slowly, because haste can have several negative consequences: possible injury of the neck muscles, spasm in the muscles, excessive tiredness. It is important to remember that in the cervical region all focus points, which are responsible for the activity of many internal organs.
Before you learn how to build neck muscles, you need to have at least a minimal understanding of its structure. Speaking primitive, then the structure of the neck consists of seven vertebrae, which are interconnected. They provide our body with agility because of the muscle that are there. In practice, all the muscle fibers of the neck is commonly divided into three categories: superficial, medium and deep.

Secondary muscles are responsible for the proper functioning of the sector in which the larynx and the jaw. The deepest muscles are often divided into lateral and predposledney, they are responsible for ensuring that the neck was movable forward and to the sides. If You are doing the bending forward and backward, in different directions, stretching my neck, and also because they involve at this moment. Muscle fibers side need to pull the neck, make it wide, which forms a special bundle of muscle fibers in the area of the clavicle.

I must say that professional athletes tend to pump up this muscle, it promotes muscle areas are the entire back and provides symmetry. To work out all the muscle region is necessary in order to develop visible muscles are the trapezius, moreover, it contributes to the overall strengthening of the spine.

Alas, not all software tasks of the exercises contain exercises for the neck muscles. Of course, if You want a good pump and build muscle, ideally it would be right to allocate a separate day of training, or doing exercises on the neck muscles and the muscles of the forearm in the days when there is no main on other parts of the body.

Exercise for warming the muscles of the neck

How to pump up the neck correctly, you will be able to tell required for neck exercises.

Training power

Always begin with stretching and warm-up all muscles and joints. This will prepare them to perform these movements will help to perceive the load, increase the power level and improve the control motor amplitude. During execution of the task should stay in position, fixing the body for 10 seconds. Repeat the stretching is several times before the main complex.

Flexion of the neck

The first exercise is: you need to stand straight and hold the top of the palms of the hands. Next, you need to push smoothly when tilting the head down. The correct execution of the job based on the fact that the chin should touch the breast.

Bending neck side

The challenge is that we need to stand up straight and join with the opposite hand behind your head. Next, gently push on his head, while tilting it to the shoulder area, ideally you should touch the tip of the ear to the shoulder, the shoulder can not be lifted, they should be omitted.

After warm-up exercises you can go to the jobs that help to strengthen and build muscles. Such exercises are called power, because they use special weights. Thus it is necessary to control the weight so as not to disrupt the back.

Power complex to pump up the muscles of the neck.

There is one good advice in the process of pumping neck: challenges for the trapezius muscles is to do in those training days when there is a swing back to the top, and the Delta is to pump – in the days of chest workouts and shoulders. In addition, lifts with weights on the head can be done any day, even on weekends. For leveling the neck, the following complexes.

Lift head while lying on the stomach with weights

The goal of this exercise is that you need to lie on a bench stomach down, the upper part of the chest and head should be on weight. Weight disk you must start at the back of his head and hold his arms back while breathing in, slowly lower the head down, exhale take the starting position.

Lift head while lying on the back with weights

The second exercise is similar to the first, with the only difference that it is necessary to go back to the bench. On weight keep the upper part of the chest, the head. Holding a weight disc on his head, while breathing gently tilt your head down when you exhale return your head to its original position.

Doing these exercises should first week, and if the training is not systematic, it is necessary to include them in one workout. Since the special equipment for their implementation are not needed, they can be made just a pulp without much difficulty. If there is a problem in the weights, then they can serve plastic water bottles.

If You have a desire to visit the gym, a great way to pump up the neck will be strength training.

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