Great for your back and body exercise “Boat” beginners

The most common female problem lies in the imperfection shape. It becomes especially noticeable once a woman becomes a mother. Motherly duties, including nursing, exacerbating deficiencies. The breast droops, his shoulders droop down on the sides there are folds of fat.

The reasons are clear to all ‒ the weakened muscle tone leads to loss of shape. But both want to have a perfect body! And this dream does not pass with age. Do not take the change as an inevitable reality.

Love to yourself, to your body can work wonders. To restore elastic muscle – start exercise. Pay special attention to the back and posture. She paints the figure, being the rod. Hunched back and fallen shoulders, give the woman a lack of confidence, honking others about her complexes and add age. And excess fat under the blades complete the ugly picture.

Sometimes the main problem of the shape becoming not overweight, but only incorrect posture. Weak back muscles make it tatty, the spine bends, the belly bulges forward. To avoid this metamorphosis figure, even women of normal weight should pay more attention to the back with a view to its strengthening. Specifically designed physical exercise will help to achieve the desired effect. Do not put off lessons for later. Today let’s do an exercise, giving the breast elasticity, flatness of the back, posture and gait grace.

What benefits the figure brings the job “Boat”?

It strengthens the muscles of waist and abdomen, positively affecting the back in its upper part and shoulders. The principle of exercise similar to children’s carousel. The simplicity of the task is deceptive.

Passive sportsmen and physically weak people have a lot of work to make it in the early days. However, the regularity and diligence of execution will allow not only to develop the habit, but also to see good results with a tightened chest and a strengthened back.

If you move a little to “sedentary work” sedentary and abroad, “Boat” recommended for you. Abdominal disappoint, circulation and digestion will improve, fat deposits on the sides will disappear. You will forget about problems with breathing and will strengthen the area of the solar plexus. Intestinal disorders as constipation, abdominal pain and the navel thing of the past.

You will leave the insomnia and lethargy, acidity and diseases of the organs of the pelvis. The skin will gain elasticity and freshness, and muscle elasticity. And, of course, favorable changes in health will improve your mood and add positive weekdays. The absolute benefit from classes you will experience and the loss of extra pounds in the near future.

How to prepare for the training?

If your goal is a serious and constant sports with the aim of solving the problems of the body, getting rid of pain in the back and excessive weight, then the classes need to be responsible, carefully prepared. Train yourself to manage your spinal muscles alternately tensing and relaxing them, to avoid sprains and injuries.

All motions need to be executed cyclically and sharp. The right decision will be about balancing the diet in the period of sports activities. Exercises should not be performed with a full stomach. The best time to workout is in the morning. Observe the water balance.

Strengthen back muscles with the help of “Boat”

Must lie on back, arms outstretched parallel to the body, and slowly begin to lift the leg. Lifting height above the floor thirty inches. Try to keep legs straight and not to bend them.

Together with the legs raised from the floor surface the head and upper torso with shoulders. Maintain the adopted position when the score to ten. The direction of the head forward, the muscles of the back and abdomen tense. Return to the starting position and do the exercise three more times. Breathing steady. If you are having trouble lifting the chest and shoulders, we can restrict the mixing blades.

Exercise # 2 on my stomach

“Boat” for weight loss performed in the pose on my stomach. Begin the exercises from the prone position, with tightly adjacent to each other on the feet. The feet rest on socks together. Arms lie at the sides on the floor with hands down, chin resting on the floor. Simultaneously exhaled and planted his feet.

Knees bent, legs grab the hands near the ankles or feet. Breathe out. Breath holding with the straightening of the knees and the separation by sex of head and chest. Thigh is also lifted from the floor. The loin is strongly bent, and relies only on the floor area of the navel. When you count to ten slowly produce swinging motion in the direction back and forth.

It’s like a rocking boat on the waves. Relax and repeat the exercise. Initially do the exercise up to five times. Gradually increase the number of approaches. You are guaranteed to take the fat on the hips and waist, greatly improving body shape. In addition improve the microcirculation of the spinal cord, will normalize the endocrine system and metabolic processes of the body that will effect on the weight.

In two months you may lose weight up to five pounds. Improve the appearance of the skin due to the disappearance of “orange peel” in the stomach area and buttocks. Your health will improve and your mood will rise.

Boat No. 3 on the back

This exercise “Boat” useful for the neck, spine, abdomen, back and waist. Starting position ‒ lying on his back. Do the gripping arms bent knees legs. Tense the muscles of the back and performing the swinging motion. Time the exercise is ten seconds.

When you return to starting position stretch the hands parallel to the body, straight legs on the floor. Dramatically affect fingers toes, keeping the feet not flexed. Reach for the toes at first very difficult. Persistence and constant repetition will lead to success. Muscle atrophy of time that will allow you to achieve a good result.


Make time to training daily. At least ten to fifteen minutes. Monitor posture, trying to walk and sit up straight, do not slouch. Performing exercises will develop and strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, which will help in old age as not to have problems with the spine.

Others will notice your impeccable posture, encouraging the continuation of sports activities. Regular exercise will become a habit and will bring not only health but also a positive mood for you and your environment.

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