Who are the HIV denialists and why do they think that a virus exists is

Around the raging HIV epidemic. Researchers estimate the journal PLOS, Russia has more HIV-infected than in any other European country. Namely, more than 1.16 million people, and it was only diagnoses. Many people simply do not know that they are sick. And some know but do not want to believe it.

What are we talking about?

It would seem, already it is clear that HIV no one is immune.

The disease has long gone beyond the risk groups and affects anyone, not just drug addicts and sex workers.

But nevertheless there are people who believe that if the problem is not noticed, it will disappear by itself. HIV dissidents. They deny the very existence of the virus.

And does the existence of HIV and AIDS is not proven?

Proven repeatedly. The HIV virus was discovered in 1983, filmed microscopes highlighted in the cells. The world health organization considers HIV one of the leading global problems in the field of health, which requires the solution at the end of 2016, there were approximately 36.7 million people with HIV infection. So, for example, the virus looks: black round dot – that’s it.

Then why deny it?

The fact that any new theory met with resistance. It happened with HIV infection.

The wave of denial has arisen on the background of the fact that antiretroviral therapy (art) was really inefficient, but with a lot of side effects. Now these medicines are not used, but the fear of treatment left and moved to new medicines. They also have side effects, like all drugs, but they help to keep the disease under control.

In addition, denial is a part of the acceptance of grief, however it is at this stage get stuck to HIV-dissidents. We asked the therapist that turns people into dissidents.

First, the dissent occurs when a person feels threatened and wants to protect themselves, because to live in a safe world is a natural desire. Second, HIV dissidence is largely due to the lack of basic education. In school nobody teaches sex gap, no literacy at all in matters of contraception.

Third, beliefs that are formed throughout life, are difficult to change without the personal desire for it. There is a cognitive bias – the tendency to confirm our point of view. At the level of unconscious processes death beliefs equal to the death on a symbolic level, because the individual identifies with his thoughts.

Fourth, an important environment in which man lives. If ill becomes the ugly duckling, that it is easier to adjust and easier to believe that he is healthy.

At least some evidence the dissidents have?

Most of the evidence is the opinions of experts or those who call themselves as such. The most titled representative of the dissidents – Peter Duesberg, Professor of molecular and cell biology, University of California at Berkeley. He wrote a book that the HIV virus invented, and lead to diseases, drugs, lifestyle and aggressive treatment with tablets.

Among Russian activists with HIV known Olga Kovach doctor that tries to treat virus prednisone over the Internet. She even earned the nickname Dr. Death. In December Olga Kovach fired, but she will not part with their views. In 2017, the therapist participated in a conference, “Scientists against the myths”, it was the final of the competition “Honorary Academician LIED – 2017” (Bronicheski Academy of pseudoscience), which created a portal of “Anthropogenesis.ru” and the Foundation “Evolution”.

All the other “evidence”that the virus supposedly no one has seen or that he does not harm long disproved by science.

And how does the world view of the HIV dissident?

Approximately so: there is a conspiracy of doctors. To reveal the virus itself it is impossible, therefore, to simulate the disease using tests that show nothing and mean nothing. If you do not donate blood for HIV to appear at AIDS centres, everything will be fine.

But if you managed to donate blood and you found a positive result (and the killer doctors will find it), then you are forced to take antiretroviral therapy is toxic pills that cause all kinds of diseases and abnormalities. Because of them people get sick with encephalitis, pneumonia and complicated forms of tuberculosis, not for HIV.

This is not a joke.It’s all invented by Svidomaya to launder huge amounts of money for someone else’s health. And if you keep a healthy lifestyle and to hide from the doctors, everything will be fine.

One of the criteria of sectarianism is the explanation of any phenomenon within a single concept. It’s conservative views, because they give confidence that in this world everything is clear to you and the subject. If you undermine a sense of control over the world, the sects will be protected.

This is a typical picture of a person living within the sect, with the only difference that the dissidents are not trying to take away from each other the money and the apartment.

But how do they live then?

As a rule, not well and not for very long. “VKontakte” is a group that is dedicated to the fight against HIV dissident views: activists are trying to convince the deniers arguments and follow the fate of the people actively denying HIV.

Usually a person learns a shocking diagnosis, gets the necessary information to the local AIDS center, but receives a course of tablets. Then he goes to the Internet for help, where he meets dissidents dissuading him to take a new course of art, and while the body has strength, the person lives as usual. Then gets sick, goes to the hospital does not report a diagnosis, and when doctors know that’s the case AIDS, it is already too late to treat.

Unfortunately, sad stories in the group more than happy: people gradually disappear, do not appear online, die or report the death of children.

And children, too?

Yes, HIV denialists are dangerous including those that can transmit the virus to their children and not give them the antiretroviral therapy. This can lead to disability and death of the child. In St.-Petersburg and Tyumen held the trials of parents, who, refusing treatment, killed their own children.

What kind of game?

Usually to believe in anything not forbidden, even if one believes in something personally to his own detriment. But the HIV dissidents are actively promoting their position, forcing people to refuse treatment, and impede the treatment of children.

If we take the necessity of self-realization, we will see that it stands on the top of the pyramid of needs. People want recognition, it depends on what you understand. Active dissidents feel as chiefs who uncovered the conspiracy of Svidomaya. And do sincerely believe that making the world better.

In history there was a case when the President of the country was HIV-dissident: Thabo Mbeki didn’t believe in the virus, and while he was President of South Africa, folding programs for the management of HIV has resulted in more than 330,000 deaths.

HIV dissidence is a way of fraudulently capitalize on someone else’s life by selling pills that do not cure, many books that do not help.

Lithgow no. Just don’t let yourself be fooled and give blood.

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