Reminder – how to monitor the posture?

Posture is one of the important indicators of health. Keep your back straight, you should learn from an early age. But how to monitor the posture and what to do to make it perfect?


There is one of the most effective exercises that helps to keep your posture normal. For its implementation need to sit on a chair, with hips and knees should be at 90 degrees.

Now we need to make an imaginary line to the top of the head, this is not to bend your back or bulging belly. If you perform this exercise regularly, you posture will improve markedly. Will also increase and tone muscles that will have a beneficial effect on the spine.

Need to know what if you’re long at the computer, only one correct position during operation is not enough. To do this every hour for 15 minutes you have to get up from the table and be sure to do the exercises. You can choose them arbitrarily. Most importantly, they helped to relieve muscle tension.

Mobile phone

Mobile phone is the main factor of poor posture in humans. Few people notice that the back, while watching its screen is in the wrong position.

The majority of users of mobile phones are starting to slant our back. Therefore, please note that the phone need to keep straight ahead and your head should not be tilted down. And some fans constant use of gadgets head can be tilted at 60 degrees, and it is very dangerous, because it threatens the development of osteochondrosis.

Also using the phone you can not only impair but also improve your posture. It allow you to make a special mobile application – if the person starts to slouch, the phone will give certain signals.


Memo on how to monitor the posture is impossible to imagine without a reminder on how to breathe correctly. When breathing is necessary to use not only the superficial muscles. You must breathe deeply, it is not necessary to forget about another important rule is to keep your shoulders back.

Remember that the back should be kept properly not only while sitting but also in other situations, and one of them is sleep. You first need to get rid of a dented mattress and replace it with an orthotic. The same applies to pillows to choose the best orthopedic and comfortable.

Everyone needs to learn not only to sit but to stand. The body also can not slouch, the back should be straight, feet apart, pelvis slightly forward, and shoulders back and is in a convenient position.

Not recommended for a long period of time to be squat and stand with stolenas back, especially these rules should be observed when the spine is still not fully formed and any violation can cause the disease.

Yoga and sports

How to monitor the posture of the teenager? Best of all, this case fit yoga and fitness exercise. Yoga helps to strengthen muscles and uplifting. Fitness is necessary in order to maintain the body in good shape and to prevent the recruitment of extra pounds.

It is useful to remember that the shoes should be comfortable and simple. Not a teenager to start wearing heels, because they are the main enemies of women’s posture. It is not recommended to wear shoes that were previously worn by someone else.

Such boots and shoes have already adopted the form of the feet of the former owner, and it becomes a cause of flat feet and other problems. Don’t forget about orthotics. After all, if someone has flat feet and other foot disorders, mainly depends on the health of the spine.

General guidelines

It should be remembered that correct posture depends on the training of the back muscles. If they are flabby, and the back straight will not. Therefore, it is necessary to exercise and to perform the necessary exercises.

You can’t sleep on a soft feather-bed, as it strongly flexes the spine. But bare boards to sleep also cannot. This back takes its physiological position and can happen all sorts of exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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