How to prevent diseases of the spine in the “sedentary work”?

In our age of sedentary work, no surprise. Most of the working operations performed by computers that has a certain effect on health.

The main risk group – the back and spine, which take the brunt, and therefore often suffer from sitting. Weight loss diet based on a balanced healthy diet, can render good service in the prevention of diseases of the back with the sedentary lifestyle.

Foods rich in calcium and magnesium

Healthy back is, first of all, a strong spine, composed of dense bone. With age, bones can become fragile and brittle, making the spine is particularly vulnerable to degenerative disc disease and scoliosis. To prevent the pathology of the spinal column, it is necessary to strengthen the bone tissue, eating more foods rich in calcium. It is no secret that this mineral plays a role in strengthening the entire skeleton in General and spine in particular.

However, calcium is well absorbed, you need to take it along with magnesium is the perfect couple who complements each other. To fully meet the needs of the organism in these essential minerals, we need to eat more cheese and other calcium-rich foods and take dietary supplements with a balanced composition containing various excipients that maximize the absorption of microelements Ca and Mg.

Regular exercises for the back

The main danger in sedentary work is the wrong posture. Under the weight of the body the spine is bent, and a long time is in the anatomically incorrect position. Over time, this leads to displacement of the vertebrae, which can pinch the roots of nerves. This causes pain, which then can be removed only by painkillers. Sedentary life spine tend to spresovuyetsya, resulting in the intervertebral discs decrease in size, the cartilage wears out, and can cause a herniated disc.

Effective prevention of such negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle is a regular exercise on the “stretching” of the spine. In General, useful therapeutic effect, provide any exercises to increase blood circulation and prevent stagnant processes in the spine and back.

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