What exercises to do with a herniated of the thoracic spine

Exercise with a herniated of the thoracic spine to improve circulation, accelerate tissue regeneration and prevent the formation of new lesions. Physiotherapy helps to strengthen the spine, abdominal muscles and the removal of pain by reducing tension. You need to choose the right gymnastic exercises to strengthen discomfort.

Especially the performance

From complying with safety regulations depends on the impact of physical therapy on the body. If improperly performed exercise increases the load on the injured area, which increases blood flow to sore tissues. This causes pain and in the long term, may cause further protrusion of the nucleus pulposus.

To prevent worsening of the condition, observe the following rules:

  1. 1you Cannot perform an exercise if it causes pain. The discomfort indicates excessive impact on the damaged tissue and nearby muscle. It is also prohibited to deal with the worsening without a doctor’s permission. Due to the blood flow inflammation will ensue.
  2. 2can Not be started with excessive stress. Overvoltage is fraught with muscle injury, which can lead to inflammation. Beginners should gradually increase the tempo, starting with a small number of repetitions.
  3. 3need to Deal with regularly. Recommended for small sessions of physical education during the day. It’s better to split one big class into several smaller workouts. To perform the exercises you need every day.

Before the start of classes is recommended to consult a doctor. The specialist will help you choose the best training program taking into account the localization of the hernia and the patient. Beginners it is important to conduct a few classes under the supervision of a physician. The wrong exercises could lead to an increase inflammation.

Special exercises

Physical therapy a herniated of the thoracic spine may include swimming. Water supports the body and reduces stress on muscles and joints. In addition, decreases the risk of injury. When the hernia to give a good effect can moderate walks. They help to improve blood circulation and strengthen the muscle corset. To Supplement the program with hydromassage.

For the treatment will fit the following exercises:

  1. 1starting position – lying on his back. Leg press to the chest and stretch the head to the knees. Hold for 5-7 seconds. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 5-10 times.
  2. 2Original position – the same. Bend your knees and press your feet into the floor. The palm of your hand place on his shoulders. Climb as in the exercise “the Bridge”. Hold for 5-7 seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.
  3. 3Original position – the same. Put a cushion under his back so that he was under the hernia. Hands together and place behind the neck. During inhalation SAG in the back, on exhale – relax. Repeat 10-20 times.
Training complex during the acute course of pathology

In the presence of pain to exercise is impossible. Any physical activity leads to increased blood flow and excessive irritation of the injured area. It can aggravate the disease. The classes are held only after the disappearance of pain as a result of effective therapy.

Duration of training initially should be no more than 5 minutes. Later, the duration can be increased by 3-5 times. Before the training it is important to ask permission from the attending physician.

The following gentle exercises will help to eliminate aggravation:

  1. 1starting position – lying on his back. Legs pull. Hand position along the body. Slowly breathe in and try to inflate the stomach. Don’t overdo it. On the exhale, draw the belly. Repeat in 2-5 minutes.
  2. 2Original position – the same. Toes stretch up without lifting heel from the floor. Slowly press your foot into the surface. Repeat 3-4 times.
  3. 3the starting position is the same. Pull your knees up to your chest. Try to touch the toes with the chin. Enough 1 repetition. If the exercise causes pain, remove it from the program.

Additionally, during the day it is recommended to compress and unclench fingers of hands. The number of repetitions is 10-15. This exercise helps moderately improve the blood circulation.

Gymnastics in remission

During remission exercises for the spine, hernia can be supplemented by the following movements:

  1. 1starting position – lying on his back. Bend feet in knees. Slowly tilt them in different directions and drag them to the floor. Try not to strain the muscles of the body.
  2. 2Original position – the same. Lift the pelvis. Allowed to help hands. The head and upper back should remain relaxed. Hold for 3-5 seconds, then smoothly down without any sudden movements.
  3. 3Starting position – the same. Bend your right leg at the knee and try to touch her left elbow. Change side.
  4. 4starting position – sitting. Widely open your legs. Try not to exert himself to exercise not caused the pain. Lean body first left, then right, and finally forward.
  5. 5Initial situation – sitting on a chair. Hands spread to the sides. Make them circular movements. To complicate exercises can slightly raise the hands.

The number of repetitions for each movement of 5-10. To enhance the effect of the classroom, it is important to make your daily routine and to ensure a good stay. During sleep, the muscles not only relax, but also be restored. With prolonged training and bad rest the body gets depleted, which increases the risk of exacerbation. You should also keep drinking regime and drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid per day. Water promotes proper blood circulation and prevent damage to the joints.

Useful asana for diseases

Yoga is a gentle method. Part of the exercise focuses on breathing exercises that helps to improve blood circulation without active influence on the injured muscles. These classes are preferred with a herniated of the thoracic spine.
The training program can include the following exercises:

  1. 1″Cat”. Starting position – on all fours. The output slowly gigibytes in the back, linger for a bit, then inhale gradually cave in. Repeat 10-15 times.
  2. 2″downward Dog”. Initial position – the same. When you exhale gently push off with your hands from the surface and lift the pelvis so that the body with legs and the floor formed a triangle. Fingers widely apart. Feet should be parallel. Keep the legs straight. Relax your neck, lower your head. View point between the feet. Freeze for 5-7 seconds. 1 repetition is enough.
  3. 3″Dog face up”. Initial position – lying on his stomach. Place the palms under the shoulders and slowly bring your head up. Arch your back, pull your shoulders back. The majority of the load should have on hand. Lift the hips, holding on your toes.
  4. 4″Cobra Pose”. Starting position is the same. Palms rest on the floor and slowly bring your head up. The shoulders pull back and down. Try to distribute body weight evenly. Pubic bone should touch the floor. Hold for 10-30 seconds, then slowly lower.

“Cobra pose” in preference to if the patient is difficult to perform 2 or 3 exercises.

Unwanted exercise

A herniated of the thoracic spine forbidden any exercise that involves lifting weights. It is impossible to engage in strength training equipment. Training exclude sharp movements: running, jumping, turns, jerks, etc. is Unacceptable excessive voltage and strong twisting. Exercise intensity should be individualized.

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