5 Things That Happen When You Stop Making Love Regularly

Physical intimacy is underrated. It’s not just about two people breaking the bed; it’s more about keeping the spark in a relationship alive, ensuring a happy state of mind, and focusing on releasing stress.

Of course, procreation is one of the parameters too. But what happens when we’re really not getting down and dirty? Time and again, studies have told us the benefits of keeping our love life in full swing.

When was the last time you got naughty between the sheets? If you had to think for more than a minute, we suggest you read this post. Long distance relationships, breakups, or travel – the reasons for a pause in our passionate bedroom moments could be many, but not making love regularly can cast a dry spell in our love lives. And this dry spell can affect us in more than one way.

Sometimes, we take a back seat and let the dry spell take over. But beware, mate, don’t let the long gap in your intimate moments turn the dry spell into a never-ending dessert trail. You know what we mean? We’ll help you understand what happens when you take a break from lovemaking. Here are 5 things that happen when you turn down the oxytocin or the love drug.

1. Stress Is The Only “S” Word Now

Remember that peaceful sleep you had right after a romp between the sheets? When you make love, your heart starts racing and your body is at a plateau of excitement. The excitement and the consequential moment of satisfaction leaves you feeling on top of the world.

This is because when you’re doing it, you are not thinking about anything but the moment itself. This makes you feel at peace, so much that some researchers even recommend you get a good session of lovemaking to get a good night’s sleep. So, it shouldn’t surprise you if we said that less fun between the sheets equals to more stress in your life. On the flip side, more stress makes lovemaking less appealing. This is an endless loop. So, we suggest you never succumb to this irksome “s” word.

2. The Muscles Down Under Are Less Toned

Like how they say that practice makes a man perfect, this seems befitting here too. If you have abstained from physical intimacy for whatever the reason may be, chances are that you will notice a change in the genital muscles.

The more they are subjected to physical activity, the more is the blood flow to the genitals. This helps in keeping your vaginal muscles toned. If there is no frequent intercourse, the walls of the vajayjay thin out, and this is especially true after menopause. Regular lovemaking maintains your vaginal health and keeps the man’s toy in the best of its health too.

3. Deterioration Of Immunity

Have you been down with the flu or caught a cold more often than you usually do? Well, if you are falling sick frequently, it could be indicative of your love life too. According to health experts, those who have a happening love life take few sick leaves.

Studies have proved that those who have busy lives in between the sheets have a higher immunity against germs, viruses, and other disease-carrying microbes.

4. Erectile Dysfunction And Prostate Cancer

Did you know that the more active your intimate life is, the less likely you are to develop prostate cancer (obviously, we are talking about men here). When men get themselves off regularly, they expel harmful substances through this outlet. If there is no discharge of these substances, it only accumulates and leads to prostate cancer.

 When you don’t use your car for too long, the battery gets low, right? You have to use a spark plug for it to ignite. It’s no more a one-touch-and-ignite process. Similarly, a long dry spell can actually cause erectile dysfunction.

5. Happiness Fades, Sadness Creeps In

Physical intimacy is something that gets difficult to maintain with age. Sometimes the reason for a long pause from lovemaking could be age, and at times it could be other factors. But, irrespective of what has led to the downfall of the intimate moments, the body reacts to this deprivation. It makes you sad. A sense of glum seeps in and you might often find yourself frustrated and angry.

Researchers have found a positive correlation between happiness and physical intimacy. According to a study, the happiest of us get to business once a week. Isn’t that a sweet spot? Happiness isn’t that expensive after all, it’s right there in your bedroom! During the act, the body releases the happy hormones (melatonin, oxytocin, and serotonin), which is why you feel elated when you’re making love.

We always knew there’s something about making love that keeps us hooked, right? But we didn’t know the lack of it could be harmful. So, get back on the saddle again, go out with all your vim and vigor, and have fun!

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