Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee joint

Gonarthrosis of the knee joint is a severe disease characterized by degeneration and degenerative processes in the joints. Often, the disease provokes inflammatory processes.

If not detected in time and not start the treatment of osteoarthritis, the patient may develop complications up to disability.

In addition to these reasons, osteoarthritis may cause senile age, bad unhealthy food, the last degree of flatfoot, weak immune system, as well as encephalitis, tuberculosis and syphilis.

Causes of osteoarthritis

The disease occurs due to the deformation and destruction of cartilaginous tissues. The defeat of the knee happens because of the following factors:

  • bone fractures and injuries;
  • obesity;
  • the destruction of joint tissue and meniscus;
  • anomalous construction of the knee joints;
  • heavy work that requires heavy physical activity;
  • the muscular tear of joint tissues and ligaments;
  • pathological infectious disease, contributing to inflammation of the knee;
  • varicose veins;
  • incorrect operation of the innervation of the knee joint;
  • weak muscle and the connective tissue.

Symptoms of the disease

At the initial stage of gonarthrosis can remain latent, that is, the special signs of the patient are not observed. But the destruction of the disease gradually increases.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis may vary based on the severity of the ailment:

  • At the first degree is characterized by increased fatigue of the feet and the narrowing of gaps of joints, which can be detected only after x-ray of the limbs. This stage of the disease takes place without major changes in the knee joints, but there is a slight limitation in movements.
  • In the second stage of the development of gonarthrosis the patient has pain in the joints after a long walk. When driving in the knees you can hear the crunch. Joints no longer fully bend and straighten, and the x-ray shows flattening of the bone edges.
  • The third degree is accompanied by severe pain, even during complete rest to the joints. The affected area swells, the joint is unstable and often jammed. In this state a person can appear high fever.

At the first signs of osteoarthritis you need to find out what kind of doctor treats this disease, and then contact the clinic to undergo a thorough examination.

The treatment of the disease

After the patient found out what kind of doctor treats osteoarthritis and underwent a diagnosis, he can proceed to the direct treatment of the disease.

Many people know what gonarthrosis of the knee joint and how it should be treated, but not all know how to do it correctly. The treatment of the disease very long and laborious process that requires patience from the patient.

Medicine today has made tremendous strides in the treatment of joint diseases. There are many methods for relief of the unpleasant symptoms of osteoarthritis. Almost all methods of treatment of this disease aims to:

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.
  • elimination of tension muscle tissue and pain;
  • normalization of circulation of blood in the knee joint;
  • prevention of inflammatory processes;
  • restoration of mobility of the legs;
  • the renewal of the tissues of the cartilage;
  • increase muscle tone;
  • preventing the development of complications.

A prerequisite in the treatment of disease is an integrated approach to achieve positive results in a short time. Below the knee is not subjected to serious destruction, treatment should start before the disease will become running form.

Today there are no such medicines that can permanently get rid of gonarthrosis. However, there are methods that can suspend the development of the pathology and to relieve pain.

For these purposes use the following treatment methods:

  • drug therapy;
  • physical therapy;
  • manual therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • folk remedies.

In addition, for greater effect, the patient can appoint a health improvement in sanatoriums. In rare cases, the severe form of the disease with complications, surgical intervention.

Drug therapy

This method of treatment allows to relieve the patient from unpleasant pain, eliminate inflammation and restore the structure of joint tissues.

Pain medicine. The pain medication consists of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

These include:

  • The paracetamol.
  • Diclofenac.
  • Indomethacin.

Taking these drugs for weapons, you should know that the course of treatment should not be prolonged, because of their large list of side effects. They were appointed physicians and taken according to his instructions.

Chondroprotectors. Those drugs include the funds, the components of which are chondroitin sulfate, hyaluronic acid and chondrocytes. The most effective are:

  • Artra;
  • Don;
  • Diacerein;
  • Artro-Aktiv.

Chondroprotectors contribute to tissue regeneration of cartilage, increase joint mobility and a lockup of the disease. But the positive results only after a 5-month course of treatment.
Prescribe medication when the patient has 1 or 2 severity of the disease.

Anti-inflammatory drugs. Some patients know how to treat osteoarthritis of the knee joint through anti-inflammatory drugs, it begins when cartilage destruction. The process is being joined synovitis and inflammatory processes. To help in such situations corticosteroids, which are strong hormonal drug.

Also, these medicines:

  1. Phenylbutazone;
  2. Kenalog;
  3. Hydrocortisone;
  4. Diclofenac;
  5. Deep Relif.

Medications are available in gels and ointments, but there are tablet and liquid for injections.

Physical therapy

Physiotherapy in gonarthrosis of the knee is a perfect replacement for drug therapy.

A good result given electrophoresis, ultrasound therapy, magnetotherapy, laser treatment and a paraffin treatment.

Without prescription of a qualified doctor physiotherapy not applicable. He will conduct a thorough inspection and give a clear recommendations about carrying out of physiotherapeutic procedures. All sessions are held exclusively in a hospital under the supervision of a specialist.

Electrophoresis. If the patient was diagnosed with gonarthrosis in the first place, he was prescribed a treatment of electrophoresis. To find out what kind of doctor treats with this method, you need to contact registration Desk of the medical institution.

Electrophoresis is a painless procedure with immediate effect. It is simple. By means of electrodes, direct electric current ions penetrate deep into the affected joints, favorably influencing their tissues.

Ultrasound. For gonarthrosis of the knee joint helps ultrasound therapy. By the procedure together with taking Hydrocortisone can stop the destruction of the joint.

The purpose of the ultrasound is the effect on the epidermis damaged cartilage high-frequency sound. The procedure contributes to the improvement of joint metabolism.

Magnetotherapy. One of the effective ways of treatment of osteoarthritis is magnetic therapy that has only positive reviews. This method has many advantages, chief among which are:

  • tonic effect on blood vessels;
  • improving the quality of blood;
  • the elimination of the inflammatory processes;
  • healing the broken tissues;
  • enrichment of cells of joint beneficial trace elements and oxygen.

Today, magnetic therapy is used in modern medicine Almag who have the ability to treat osteoarthritis of the knee joint at home. It is used as a Supplement in the complex treatment of pathology.

Radiating magnetic pulses, the drug facilitates their penetration into cartilage and joints, resulting in acceleration of metabolic processes. This, in turn, leads to the regeneration of healthy joint cells.

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Laser therapy. In patients older gonarthrosis often treated with laser therapy. The procedure is safe and painless. On the affected joint will influence the laser beam, which has ultraviolet and infrared radiation. Under its action is the prevention of inflammatory processes, elimination of puffiness and pain. After a complex laser treatments and the pain disappears, and the joint acquires its former mobility.

This treatment is not recommended:

  • in the presence of hypertension and other heart ailments;
  • pregnant and breastfeeding mothers;
  • epilepsy and tuberculosis;
  • in the presence of a malignant tumor;
  • in acute exhaustion and sudden weight loss;
  • at high body temperature.

The paraffin treatment. For gonarthrosis healing effect can be achieved with paraffin wraps. The uniqueness of this method is that hot wax on cooling begins to shrink, favorably acting on the affected joint. The result of the procedure is preventing the deformation of the joints, the acceleration of the recovery, the disappearance of pain and improved blood circulation.

The paraffin before use is heated and then applied to gauze, which is applied to the affected joint of the limb.

Treatment of gonarthrosis with clay. A very well-proven clay, in the treatment of gonarthrosis. It’s used to make compresses. With clay it is possible to remove the inflammation and swelling of bones. It is necessary to dilute raw materials (white or red clay) with water. After, apply the paste on a cotton cloth, and then on the sore spot. Definitely need to cover with a rug or blanket. To keep the poultice should be about 2 hours.

Manual therapy

There are a variety of treatments manual therapy, but mainly the knee joint gonarthrosis treated by four main types:

  1. The Eastern technique. Using this procedure, you can eliminate the circulatory and muscular systems of accumulated harmful substances and to normalize blood circulation.
  2. Russian technique. Therapy is the stroking and rubbing of the patient’s knee. Brings greater effect in conjunction with physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions.
  3. The Finnish method. The procedure is best in the treatment of gonarthrosis. Is to perform rubbing, together with the articular movements. Improves tone of muscles and joints, relaxes the nerve endings and reduce pain.
  4. The Swedish technique. Almost identical to Finnish. Differ only in orientation and intensity of the movements.

If the patient was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, treatment with manual therapy is chosen by doctor which is guided on the basis of the clinical picture of the disease.

Manual therapy sessions are performed in three phases:

  • First, attention is focused on warming up the joints and muscles. During a session it is forbidden to make any sudden movements. The essence of therapy lies in the kneading of the entire system of muscles. The first stage of preparing the body for the main part of the procedure.
  • When the muscular system is relaxed, the specialist begins to affect the body of the patient.
  • At the end of the procedure, movements are slow and soft.

If the specialist in manual therapy talented and well versed in his work, then after a few sessions the patient will feel a lot better.


Physical exercises help restore normal joint function and strengthen the muscular system. Positive results after physical therapy appear after a few days and stored up to six months. So the effect was persistent, the patient needs to regularly carry out necessary exercise.

Usually, physical therapy is performed in a sitting or lying position. Is permitted to load, if they cause pain. The number of exercises increases gradually.

First, you need to perform all 4-5 times.In gymnastics in gonarthrosis includes the following loads:

  • The patient sits on the table and straightens his back. Further, moderately talking lower limbs. This exercise should be performed every day from five to 15 times.
  • The patient takes a standing position, leaning on the table with buttocks. Knees slightly bent, your heels are rotated in different directions. Your feet apart on shoulder width. The patient, keeping the back straight, and leans forward and back.
  • The patient lies down on the floor and pull your legs forward. Sore knee is bent and foot slightly off the floor. Leg therefore, you must keep to five seconds. Then it repeats with the other leg.
  • Patient need to lie on your stomach and slowly bend and straighten legs at the joints. The pelvis should not break away from the floor. Each leg must be kept bent for ten seconds.
Popular recipes in gonarthrosis

Today traditional methods of treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint has gained in popularity. For successful suspension of the illness taking various herbal infusions and decoctions. But some popular drugs do not give a perfect result. For this, the reception of home remedies based on medicinal plants should be combined with the use of drugs.

To achieve good dynamics, you can use ointments and mixtures based on honey, applications of cabbage leaves and Burdock, rubbing herbal oils and receive home infusions and decoctions.

During treatment popular ways we must reject alcohol consumption, meat products and whole milk. When excess weight you should try to eat less and it is advisable to go on a diet.

From the variety of medicinal plants you can highlight some of the very best. If people have osteoarthritis of the knee, treatment of folk remedies offers the following recipes:

Dandelion. Every spring you need every day to collect fresh leaves of the plant. Then rinse well and 4-6 leaves to chew for a minute, after which all spit out. Also dandelion is prepared ethanolic decoction, which is lubricated by a bad knee. To prepare the tincture you need flowers, plants (50 g) put in a dark glass jar and pour pure medical alcohol (500 ml). Insist in a cool place for months. Apply in the morning after waking and evening before going to sleep.

Jerusalem artichoke. The leaves and stems of the plant (600 g) pour boiled water (3.5 l), and anything put on medium heat (15 minutes). When the solution is ready and has cooled, it is necessary to pour in a wide bowl and put there the affected knee. The duration of the procedure up to thirty minutes. The course of treatment up to two weeks.

Aloe. Fresh leaves of the plant should pound and the resulting slurry was applied on the knee.

Air. The method of preparation of decoction: it is necessary to fill the plant root (50 grams) with boiling water, after you need to boil the infusion on a slow fire, for 8 minutes. Then, moisten the gauze and put on the sore spot. Carry out the procedure every day for 30 minutes.

Black beans. You need to fill the beans with boiling water, about 6 hours. After that, strain and drink every day for 1 month. You need to suspend for 1 month, and then continue to drink this decoction.

Chickweed. The infusion of this herb is very good at helping with gonarthrosis. It affects the condition of the body and the metabolism. Of Woodlice can be prepared not only water, but also soups and salads.

Method of preparation of the drink: to pour a grass of cold boiled water, cover and put in a dark place for 10 days. After drinking an infusion of one tablespoon, 3 times daily, 15 minutes before meals.

Radish and honey. It is necessary to mix the vodka (100 ml) with a glass of grated black radish with honey and salt. A lot need to leave for one day. After every day to RUB into the affected area.

Fuck. Should be crushed on a fine grater horseradish, to make it slurry. Lower the weight in a pot of water and put on medium heat. It is important that the water is boiling, more importantly, to fuck a little sasparilla in warm water. After, wet the gauze in the solution and then lay the mush on top. Need to make a compress on the sore knee.

In conclusion we can add that, according to statistics, the disease affects every hundredth inhabitant of the country. First and foremost, the reason for this restriction in movements. If a person has begun development of disease, you should immediately consult a doctor, and differently there can be serious complications. Then it will not matter, what kind of doctor treats osteoarthritis, because will have to not only get rid of him, but also from other ailments that are much more dangerous.

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