The symptoms and treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint

Coxarthrosis, or arthrosis deformans of the hip joint is a progressive disease of degenerative nature, which can lead to complete immobility of the affected area. Pathology develops slowly, over several years. Usually, symptoms of coxarthrosis of the hip joint are seen in patients older than 40 years.

Pathogenesis and clinical picture of osteoarthritis of the hip joint

The mechanism of the disease is associated with deterioration in the quality of the synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant and provides nourishment hyaline cartilage. For some reason this fluid gets very thick or viscous.

As a result, the cartilage dries out, its functionality is reduced.

The disease progresses more and more cartilage can wear out. Bones are deformed, adapting to the new conditions, increasing pressure. Gradually in the pathological process involved muscles attached to the affected bones. In the later stages of the development of coxarthrosis atrophy observed them.

Common to all degrees of pathology symptom is pain in the affected joint, often radiating to the groin, thigh, knee. The intensity of the manifestations depends on the degree of dissemination of the pathological process.

In the first stage of disease the person feel a subtle discomfort when walking or other exertion and disappearing at rest. You may feel a mild pain in the groin area, thighs, sometimes radiating to the knee. At this stage of the development of degenerative changes in the hip joint people often do not seek assistance, ignoring the symptoms or trying to cope with discomfort on their own.

Gradually the pain increases, the mobility becomes more limited. This happens for a long time, but sometimes there may be a sharp deterioration. The cause of this be injury, excessive stress on the hip joint.

Pain in second stage of disease is more intense, appear at rest. The patient gradually changing gait after intense exercise appears limp. Increasing limitation of joint mobility, the person has trouble diverting his feet. Often patients complain that when you hear the joint snap.

At this stage in the pathological process involved muscles surrounding the hip. Cartilage tissue increasingly becomes thinner, the bone structure become closer to each other. There is a change in shape of the femoral head and acetabulum: in contact they are flattened. They appear typical osteophytes are visible on the radiograph.

The third degree of the running coxarthrosis of the hip joint is characterized by constant severe pain, which bother people day and night. To walk, the patient is difficult, the movement of the joint is limited, the adjacent muscles are atrophied.

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Changing the ratio of the length of the legs. In most cases, the leg of the affected side becomes shorter, there is a severe lameness. Approximately one in ten people observed the lengthening of the affected osteoarthritis of the feet. Due to the deformation of the bones of the lower limb is slightly twisted to the outside.

To compensate for the difference in length of the limbs, the patient is obliged when walking to lean towards the shorter legs. The displacement of the center of gravity significantly increases the load on the affected joint.

In severe cases, bone spurs so large that they provoke fusion of the bones. The joint becomes unable to move. These lesions are treatable only through surgical intervention.

Diet in coxarthrosis of the hip joint

Overweight is a common cause of coxarthrosis of the hip joint, so doctors recommend that patients with obesity to diet. Weight reduction will help to reduce the load on the affected joint and to alleviate the disease.

To balance the diet it should and to improve the nutrition of bone and cartilage tissues. To maintain a normal level of body fluids you need to drink 1.5-2 litres of water a day.

From the diet excludes products with a high content of fats, rapidly digested carbohydrates, fried, smoked, canned and salted products. To restore cartilage tissue, the body needs sufficient amount of protein. The daily diet must contain lean meat, dairy products, eggs. Necessary cartilage collagen in large quantities is contained in dishes prepared with gelatin. Doctors recommend in coxarthrosis eat jelly, jelly, jelly.

For weight loss nutritionists recommend to consume food in small portions in short intervals. To prepare it is steamed, boiled or baked foods.


What is the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint should be carried out depends on the stage of disease and degree of joint disease.

Taken the complex of therapeutic measures aimed at:

  • the decrease in the intensity of the pain;
  • better nutrition of cartilage tissue, starting the process of regeneration;
  • reducing the deficit and improving the quality of the synovial fluid, the resumption of its normal circulation;
  • strengthening the muscle attached to the affected joint;
  • the restoration of joint mobility, prevention of deformation of the bones;
  • reducing the load on the injured area.

Treatment of osteoarthritis should be comprehensive and include a complete set of methods available to modern medicine. On the first and second stages of the therapy is conducted with the help of medications, diet, special exercises, traditional methods. If pathology has moved to the third stage, then surgery is needed.

Drug therapy

Conservative treatment includes the use of the following groups of medicines:

  • anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal means;
  • muscle relaxants;
  • chondroprotectors;
  • hormonal drugs.

For the relief of severe pain use anti-inflammatory drugs (Diclofenac, Indometacin, Ibuprofen). Drinking these drugs on a permanent basis is impossible, with prolonged use they suppress the ability of hyaline cartilage to regenerate. If the pain can’t take NSAIDs, your doctor may prescribe steroid hormones (Triamcinolone, Hydrocortisone). They are introduced by injection into the affected joint.

Chondroprotective drugs (Chondroitin, Artra, Yunium) are used to repair damaged cartilage. To improve blood circulation in the diseased area help vasodilator drugs (Trental). According to testimony to improve the condition of muscle fibers are assigned to muscle relaxants (Mydocalm).

In addition to pills and injections, of great importance in the treatment of coxarthrosis have the means for a local application: ointments, lotions, compresses. They help to reduce the severity of pain, facilitate the patient’s condition. Heat ointments (Menovazin, Espol, Nikofleks) accelerate blood circulation in the affected area, which improves nutrition of cartilage. Means for compresses (Bischofite, Dimexide) reduce pain, improve regenerative processes in the tissues of the joint.


For the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint in the early stages it is recommended to perform special gymnastic exercises. Developed complexes of physical therapy to increase mobility of the affected joint and prevent degenerative processes in the surrounding muscles.

What technique will fit you, it is best to consult with your doctor. Specialist physical therapy will show you how to train and distribute the load.

The popular treatment

At home the patient can combine methods of traditional medicine and folk recipes. They are quite efficient, but before applying you should consult with your doctor to prevent possible drug conflict.

To relieve pain and inflammation recommended to apply at night a compress of cabbage leaf. Need cabbage and a little honey. The sheet needs to be cleaned, the inside surface evenly with honey and applied to the diseased region. The course of treatment – a month.

Effective in the early stages of the disease rubbing through a combination of massage techniques and the effects of drugs. Warming the mixture for treatments can be made from vegetable oil. It is necessary to take oil and kerosene in equal parts and add a few bell peppers. To insist means you need at least a week, then use for rubbing. After the procedure, be sure to insulate the treated area.

A good tool can be made from raw potatoes and horseradish root. Pulp from the crushed components spread on several layers of cheesecloth, and then fixed to the affected area. This wrap stimulates circulation. To prevent burn it before the procedure to prepare the skin with a nourishing cream.

Prevention of osteoarthritis of the hip joint

Preventive measures should be taken and those who are not faced with coxarthrosis, and those to whom such a diagnosis is made. To prevent the development and slow the progression of the degenerative process is recommended:

  • to adhere to the principles of good nutrition, weight control;
  • to have an active way of life, to devote time to physical education;
  • to avoid hypothermia;
  • to avoid traumatic effects on the area of the hip joint.

For those who have osteoarthritis has developed, should reduce the load on the affected joint. To do this, the doctors advise to use cane or crutches.

Degenerative process is irreversible, but the sooner you start treatment, the better the chances for preservation of joint mobility.

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