Osteoporosis – causes, prevention, treatment.

Osteoporosis is a serious health threat. Bone loss usually happens over a long period of time, and osteoporosis is often detected only when bone fracture, when the disease is already running and health suffered serious damage.

According to the International Association, every 30 seconds there is someone fracture. In the US, osteoporosis affects 10 million people and 34 million due to the decrease in bone mass is at risk of development.

In Greek language the word osteoporosis means porous bone. The disease osteoporosis is a hidden disease because it often develops unnoticed. A person does not feel like his bones are thinning, but when a sudden voltage jolt or fall, they can break. In such cases is usually fractured ribs, vertebrae, hips or wrists. And while many consider osteoporosis a disease of older women, but this disease and young does not shy away from.

And the world health organization notes that around the world over the next 50 years, the number of fractures from osteoporosis will double. The consequences of osteoporosis – a large percentage of disability and mortality. Every fourth patient 50 years and older, who received hip fracture, in the course of the year die due to complications.

Osteoporosis causes:

Check to establish whether you have osteoporosis?

As recent research has shown, an important risk factor is heredity – if your hip fracture was from parents, in children the risk of such fractures is expected to double.

Another risk factor is malnutrition of the fetus in the womb, which leads to bone thinning in children.

Age is also of great importance. Usually become less strong bones in the elderly.

At greater risk of osteoporosis-prone women of small stature and slender build.

Diseases: hyperthyroidism, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, prolonged use of corticosteroids, the syndrome Itsenko-Kushinga, bone tumors, poor development of the muscles, some medications, genetic disorders can contribute to the development of osteoporosis.

When it comes to menopause, the estrogen in a woman’s body decreases, and estrogens are important “protectors” of bone tissue. For this reason, women have nearly 4 times more likely to develop osteoporosis than men. But if the ovaries are removed, it is due to estrogen deficiency can occur early menopause.

Bone density may decline with the lack of nutrition calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus. The minerals calcium and phosphorus necessary for the formation of bone tissue, and for normal functioning of the brain, heart and other organs. But when the amount of calcium in the blood decreases, the body is forced to absorb it from the bones to ensure normal levels in the blood and support the functions of important organs, then the conditions under which the regeneration of bone tissue is disturbed.

To can contribute to osteoporosis excessive consumption of salt, as there is a rapid loss of calcium from bones.

When you abuse alcohol, often combined with malnutrition, also there is rarefaction of bone mass.

Osteoporosis can occur due to eating disorders, for example with anorexia or bulimia. There is a deficiency of essential nutrients, weight loss and cessation of menstruation. The body stops producing estrogen, and because of this weakened bone tissue. As a result, suddenly can happen the fracture.

Another risk factor can be a sedentary lifestyle.

The likelihood of developing osteoporosis significantly increases Smoking, since Smoking decreases bone mineral density. According to who, one in eight hip fracture happens due to Smoking. But studies show if a person quits Smoking, it increases bone density and risk of fracture is reduced.

Prevention of osteoporosis:

90% of bone is formed in childhood and adolescence, this is the time you need to lay a good Foundation for the prevention of osteoporosis. The main element of the strength of the skeleton is calcium. Products containing calcium, it is important to include in your diet: dairy products, oatmeal, soy cheese (tofu), sesame seed, almonds, konservirovannye salmon and sardines (they need to eat with bones), dark green leafy vegetables. To 60 years, daily intake of calcium is 1000mg, and after 65 years 1500 mg per day.

In order for the body absorb calcium, needed vitamin D, which is produced in the skin by action of sunlight. If every day to be in the sun for 10 minutes, this will prevent the development of osteoporosis. Foods containing vitamin D: egg yolk, saltwater fish, liver.

In addition, the best way to prevent osteoporosis serve exercise. If in childhood and adolescence, exercise helps to strengthen the skeleton, then in old age they reduce the loss of bone mass. Particularly useful resistance exercise and weight bearing, so your muscles work to overcome the force of gravity – they prevent thinning of the bones. But it should not be too to overload bones and joints, as excessive exercise can disrupt the menstrual cycle cause estrogen deficiency and increased bone fragility. Simple and effective exercises on weight are: walking, dancing, climbing stairs.

It is recommended that women after 60 years old to pass examination of bone density to detect the presence or extent of osteoporosis and the time to begin treatment. There are drugs that treat osteoporosis even at the later stages.

For prevention of osteoporosis in menopause experts recommend women to take drugs silicon, as it does not break down bone tissue.

As we saw, prevention plays an important role in the fight against osteoporosis. And it is worth the effort to change your lifestyle and avoid the suffering that brings this terrible affliction to millions of people.

Treatment of osteoporosis:

In the treatment of osteoporosis it must be remembered that this disease responds very slowly to reverse development and takes a relatively long period of time. The goal of osteoporosis treatment is to stop or slow the loss of minerals, increase bone density, prevent fractures and reduce pain associated with the disease. Therefore, a competent selection of diet of clinical nutrition, an individual set of physical therapy and drugs prescribed by your doctor.

Osteoporosis in the diet should be enough foods containing calcium and vitamin D. This dairy products, fish, fish oil, egg yolks, nuts, broccoli, parsley.

Therapeutic exercises for osteoporosis contributes to bone growth, increases bone density and reduces fracture risk.

Drugs for osteoporosis treatment prescribed by the doctor, and they should take a long time.

In addition, you can complement the treatment of osteoporosis folk remedies:

Eggshell as a source of calcium. Powder from the eggshell on the tip of a teaspoon, pour lemon juice and take 2 times a day.

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