Treatment of diseases of lumbar belt from sciatica

The purpose of the belt

Belt from sciatica are in great demand in the treatment of lumbar pain. They are successfully used in combination with drugs, and one-sided.

Sometimes without medical preparations can not do. But best of all medicines from small and non-running belt pain is from sciatica.

The main functions of this tool from sciatica are:

  • heating of the lesion;
  • the micro-massage of the lower back;
  • pain relief for sciatica;
  • fixation of the spine.

One of the major problems of belt is warm and fixation of the lumbar region. It helps to cure sciatica lumbar.

It can also recommend doctors in cases of advanced disease, accompanied by different pathologies, and also at risk of hypothermia.

Types of belts

Belts are of the following types:

  • of dog hair;
  • fleece;
  • camel hair;
  • fur of a Yak;
  • badger fur;
  • polypropylene;
  • shungite;
  • the magnetic belt;
  • infrared zone;
  • belt, made himself.
On the basis of the dog hair

Belt from sciatica made from dog wool, has unique treating properties.

  1. Activates the activity of the muscular system, improving the power of the mask sheet.
  2. Acts as anti-inflammatory.
  3. In the lesion there is a reduction in swelling tissues.
  4. Serves as a Converter of electrical charges on the body.
  5. Retains heat very well.
  6. Acts as a source of micro-massage that improves blood circulation.

The product of wool is a good remedy for sciatica. It has an antibacterial effect. But it is much better warm zone from the Yak.

Consists of an outer and inner layer of woolen fabric and layer the raw wool.

Fleece absorbs moisture and at the same time remains dry. Waxes of animal origin, and lanolin, which are composed of wool, have on the body therapeutic effect.

Wool camel

Also has antibacterial action. The body does not sweat under the belt, due to the fact that camel hair is hollow in structure. It is not electrified. Also in the main contains a large number of animal wax and Leonina.

Such belts are useful for people suffering from degenerative disc disease and sciatica. Lanolin gives the skin elasticity making it younger. Acts as a bactericidal and antibacterial agent.

Using the product from camel hair, improves metabolism and blood flow in the human body.

Fur Yak

This product keeps the heat. Long enough is due to the fact that Yak hair tends not to Mat. Such belts have, in their form, large enough, therefore, noticeable under clothing.

Yak hair, because of similarity with the human hair, pretty soft and pleasant to the touch. She does not bite and does not irritate the skin.

Badger fur

The fur of a badger in its structure rigid. Therefore, the belt of such material has improved properties massage improves blood circulation in the human body.

The use of this product brings pain relief. To wear better over the bra, due to the rigid structure of fur.


These kinds of belts are made from elastic filaments based on polypropylene. The threads on such a basis have enhanced heat-retaining properties.

Because of this, belt-based polypropylene filaments contribute to good thermal effect. They are more durable, have unpleasant odors, Allergy-free.


Shungit – a mountain rock, possessing the ability to neutralize and also to shield geopathic radiation. Such belts are recommended for the treatment of various diseases, in particular, sciatica.

Useful properties of shungite normalize the functioning of the body. Before use, the product is preferably warmed to body temperature.


A good helper in the treatment of sciatica is a magnetic belt. It is designed on the basis of the electromagnets, which with the help of directional magnetic fields have a beneficial effect. Belt copes with pain, improves blood circulation.


In the treatment of sciatica well use infrared belt-vest. The heating element is a high-tech fiber, which is due to the effect of the current produces heat energy.

Infrared radiation penetrating the human body, gives the feeling of comfortable warmth. Also the radiation penetrates, stimulates the vital activity.

Made himself

People used products made with their own hands. Some folk healers recommend if radiculitis pain to use copper wire.

It is necessary to wrap the loins with a towel, and on top of it wrapped a large amount of copper wire. To wear such a belt should be about a week.

Another popular means of combating sciatica is a belt applicator. Fabricate from any small planks, by driving it staggered nails, at a distance of about one centimeter from each other.

Nails should be cleaned and slightly obtuse. You can also use ready-made plastic applicators are attached to a piece of cloth.

Used a belt by pressing the back, fixing a scarf or shawl. Or to put it on the floor and lie on top of this belt the lumbar spine. To apply such procedures should be no more than 15 minutes.

How to make the right choice

Selection of belts from radiculitis is a highly individual approach. Depends entirely on the needs of the person. But you should know useful information. Retain heat well woolen products.

The dog’s fur and Yak is better at keeping you warm, well-heated place of treatment.

Wool sheep and camel is not as good at trapping heat. Effective ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Badger hair holds heat well.

Due to its hardness, has excellent massage properties. Belts made with their hands, have their adherents and opponents.

Based on the experience of people affected by sciatica, it is better, of course, the belt made of natural wool. But when necessarily need to follow the recommendations of the experts-the doctors. And only then make a choice.

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