Preparing for MRI of the spine

Modern medicine does not stand still and is constantly improving. Today was a great opportunity thorough examination of the spine using MRI. This unique technology allows us to consider the structure of vertebrae, discs, the distance between the vertebrae and the spinal cord.

How to prepare for MRI of the spine? In fact, preparations for MRI of the spine is not a big deal. Everything is pretty standard. In the process of preparing for the examination the patient needs to wear a clean robe.

Sometimes you can stay in your clothes, but only if it is spacious and has no parts made of metal.


For MRI of the spine resorted to in such cases:

  • strong pain in the spine with acute or chronic in nature;
  • the diagnosis of osteochondrosis, spondylosis and similar diseases of the spine and its individual parts;
  • diagnostics of intervertebral hernia and determination of its parameters, but rather, the type, sizes and locations;
  • regular headaches, loss of consciousness, fainting, noises in the ears – indicating diseases affecting the cervical spine;
  • injury of the spine;
  • diagnosis of diseases of the spine congenital;
  • the irregularities of the vertebral column, incorrect posture;
  • tumors in the tissues of the spine;
  • inflammatory processes occurring in the region of the spine;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • diseases affecting the spinal cord and the nerve fibers;
  • fractures of the compression type;
  • the schema definition for the treatment of diseases.
Preparing for MRI

There is a limit in terms of eating. These restrictions vary from case to case. If the attending physician did not recommend the meal plan, then it is best to follow the usual diet. Preparing to study, you should know clearly about whether there is an Allergy to iodine and is contraindicated relative to x-rays. The thing is that sometimes before the MRI in the spine, we introduce a special contrast agent – gadolinium. As practice shows, in this matter there is no iodine and the likelihood of side effects is very small.

For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the JOINTS our constant reader uses the increasingly popular NON-surgical method of treatment is recommended by leading German and Israeli orthopedists. Thoroughly acquainted with him, we decided to offer it to your attention.

Specialist conducting a magnetic resonance imaging need to know about all the diseases and surgical interventions, if they were carried out. In some types of diseases are contraindicated the administration of contrast agent.

If you have kidney problems, you need to take a blood analysis, to understand so well the kidneys work, whether they perform their function. You need to inform about pregnancy. This type of imaging has been practiced since 1980 and during this long time there were no complaints or side effects associated with MRI during pregnancy. The same applies to children. Despite this, the fruit still falls in the region of a strong magnetic field and therefore, pregnant women are not advisable to do an MRI. This recommendation is neglected, if the level of benefit from the studies leads over possible risks. Women during pregnancy are contraindicated the administration of contrast agent.

If the person suffers from claustrophobia, or he has severe anxiety, doctors prescribe a sedative, which has a slight effect. The medicine is taken before the procedure. Small children and infants often do anesthesia, because the child is constantly moving, which does not allow to fully carry out MRI. The decision to use a sedative for a child depends on the type of survey and, of course, from age. As a rule, the child can be calm without special medicines. In the process of conducting an MRI of the baby’s spine is present near the technician, qualified in matters of sedatives and anesthesia. They will explain you in details how to prepare your child.

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All jewelry and accessories be sure to remove. These details may adversely affect the magnetic field of the installation. Patients with the decorations for the examination are not allowed.

To decorations and accessories include:

  • wrist watch;
  • jewelry;
  • hearing aid;
  • fasteners of metal;
  • dentures;
  • glasses;
  • piercing and so on.

Typically, an MRI poses no threat to people with metal implants, but still there are exceptions.

Patients having the following types of implants in any case should not undergo MRI of the spine:

  • pacemakers;
  • defibrillators;
  • staples head anevrizma;
  • metal coils in blood vessels;
  • a cochlear implant.

People with such devices in the body not only needs to be screened on the unit, but in General, they should avoid being in close proximity to an MRI.

When the body contains medical and electronic devices it is necessary to put notify the technologist, because they can affect the functioning of the apparatus, and also bear some risk, the level of which depends on the power of a magnet placed in the apparatus.

You should report the presence of such devices:

  • heart valve artificial type;
  • pacemakers;
  • the implanted port;
  • dentures made of metal;
  • the nervous stimulants;
  • metal plates, stents, and braces.

As a rule, metal parts used in Orthopaedics, have no danger for magnetic resonance imaging. Despite this, if the space in the body of the artificial joint, it took very little time, the experts will have to find alternative images. In case of question regarding their existence is a special x-ray analysis. People in the body which there are objects of metal, you must first conduct x-rays and only then in the absence of contraindications to carry out an MRI. Mandatory technician conducting an MRI is necessary to inform about the metal shards and bullets and so forth, remaining in the body after accidents.

Sometimes there are cases when in the process of conducting surveys heat up the ink in the tattoo. Seal and brackets in the mouth, as a rule, do not come into contact with the magnetic field, but these elements distort the facial part and the brain. That is why the radiologist is better to say about this fact. It is important to pay attention to the fact that parents accompanying their children must also remove all metal objects. They need to inform the specialists about the presence of adults of various medical and electronic devices.

It can be concluded that very informative and popular is MRI of the spine. Preparing for this kind of survey gives you the opportunity to obtain the most accurate picture that will allow to make a diagnosis and determine treatment.

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