A woman who has never smoked has been diagnosed with lung cancer

The 39-year-old Australian Kate Malvenan never smoked, led a healthy lifestyle and regularly visited the gym. Therefore, having felt pain in the shoulders and back, she decided that she was training too much. However, reality turned out to be much more tragic.

For more than a year, 39-year-old Australian Kate Malvenan suffered from strange pains in her back, chest, shoulders and hips. Always distinguished by excellent health, Kate attributed everything to the consequences of overly intense training in the gym. But even without training, the pain did not pass.

Then Kate went to the doctor – but even he did not find anything serious in a healthy young woman, suggesting that this was a regular infection. Only nine months later, when her chest pains became unbearable, and Kate began to cough up blood, the doctors diagnosed her with lung cancer in the last, terminal stage.

Kate, a single mother raising a three-year-old daughter Anabel, showed metastases throughout her body, including the liver, ribs, and spine. Doctors said that they could no longer help her, and that she was left to live from 6 months to two years.

Kate, however, decided not to give up. She went to Mexico for treatment. After the first course of experimental therapy, the tumor in the woman’s lungs decreased by 75%. This does not give her a guarantee of recovery, but leaves hope for the future.

“The day I was diagnosed, I remember as if it was an evening,” Kate says. – We went to the hospital with our parents. A radiologist called me and explained that my cancer is incurable, that I have only half a year to two years left to live. The world around me seemed to cease to exist. Mom and I looked at each other and could not say a word. Only tears flowed from our eyes. I only thought about Annabelle. Then she was not even three years old. I bring her up without a father. What will happen to her? I was desperate, I did not want to believe it. ”

Kate’s whole life was, in her own words, “noisy, energetic, and fun.” She never smoked; she played sports all her life. “In January 2018, I went to a new sports program at the club,” says Kate. – I trained 4-5 times a week. Soon after the start of classes, strange pains began in my chest, in the thigh, in the back, in the shoulder… I thought I was working out, and for three months I went to an osteopath. But it didn’t get any easier. Now I know that these were the places where the tumor spread. ”

Six months passed, but Kate did not get any better. On the contrary, she began to cough, in which blood appeared on her lips. But when she came to the doctor with these formidable symptoms, the blooming young woman was diagnosed with bronchitis and treated for a common infection. Only nine months later, in September, when severe chest pains were added to the previous symptoms, Kate was still sent for an X-ray and a CT scan. “Only then did the doctors finally see a tumor in the lungs. They called me and offered to come to the clinic to discuss my pictures, ”says Kate. – I realized that this is a serious matter. I called my parents and told them everything. The next day they flew from the UK to be with me. ”

“We all tried to look as if nothing had happened so as not to scare Annabelle,” says Kate. – I laughed, smiled at my daughter, but inside I was in chaos. I was prescribed targeted therapy. Every day I drank pills that were supposed to help me last two years. But I need to live longer, much longer. “

Kate mortgaged the house, collected all her savings and flew to Mexico to undergo a three-week experimental treatment course at a Cancun clinic worth $ 64,000 (4,100,000 rubles). She told her daughter that she was going to work in Bali. “I still don’t say anything to Annabelle, I hide from her pills, injections, my treatment,” says Kate. – She thinks that mom leaves for work every day, but in fact I go to the hospital. So when I flew to Mexico, I was on a business trip for her. ”

After a course of treatment in Mexico, Kate’s lung tumor decreased by 75%. “It happened in 12 weeks,” she says. – Doctors themselves said that this is a “wonderful” case. Bone metastases stopped growth, and liver metastases completely disappeared. ”

“I haven’t felt better for a long time! – admits Kate. “I am full of energy and hope.” On the advice of Mexican doctors, I changed my diet by excluding meat, butter, milk, sugar. Until recently, I was sentenced, and now it was as if I saw the light again. “

Soon, Kate will again go to Mexico for a second course of treatment. Meanwhile, she started a page on Instagram, which describes the ups and downs of the fight against the disease. “I’m getting recovery wishes from around the world,” says Kate. “Kind words from strangers support me and help me heal.”

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