How to cure chondrosis

Under chondrosis should understand initial stage of development of such diseases as osteochondrosis.

When chondrosis negative changes of cells and tissues relate solely to the structure of the intra-vertebral disc, but the function of the spine is not suffering from.

According to statistics, 20% of the planet’s inhabitants are amazed by the chondrosis spinal discs. The disease can affect other types of cartilage, but in most cases still suffers from the spine.

Prevention of chondrosis

Many diseases are easier to prevent than to treat. In the case of chondrosis of prevention is particularly relevant.

Sufficient and adequate physical activity contributes to the elasticity of the muscles, makes the joints active and mobile. Special exercises improve posture, thereby relieving unnecessary stress on the spine.

Well-built mode of work and rest is important. This is especially true when the work involves a high degree of physical exertion.

Chondrosis is often seen in women during pregnancy. For prevention at this time, must wear special bandages and more Hiking. However, the level of activity should be agreed with the doctor, a leading pregnancy.

Treatment of chondrosis

On the level of chondrosis processes in the cartilage tissue may still be reversible. It is worth remembering that the complications of the disease can be quite severe, even disability, so it is important to cure chondrosis in the early stages.


Surgery is carried out in the most extreme cases. If the physician directs the operation, therefore, the degree of development of the disease is quite dangerous and conservative treatment will not give positive result, but can aggravate the situation.

Surgical intervention is a complex process, followed by a long recovery period. If the doctor says that an operation is necessary, it is impossible to waste time. Should in the shortest terms to prepare and trust in the hands of doctors. Running a form of chondrosis leads to the defeat of the nerve roots that will eventually heal over a long period.

Conservative methods

This category will include the application of various ointments, gels, rastertime. The effect of these drugs is local and in most cases brings the desired effect. Conservative way allows you to finish off remission, but complete elimination of chondrosis to achieve in this case will not succeed.

In addition, the method of conservative treatment is to ensure the rest of the affected area of the spine.

As a rule, the doctor prescribes several medications, including vitamin therapy.

Therapeutic massage and gymnastics

Whatever the medication, but when chondrosis not do without physiotherapy and massage.

With the help of simple exercises it is possible to achieve two effects:

  1. To remove the pain or reduce the degree of its intensity.
  2. To stop the progression of the disease.

By conducting regular gymnastic sessions the human body is strengthened, reducing the load on the spine, restores blood circulation and improves the metabolism in the cartilage tissue.
Basic, almost no activity is swimming. Also recommended for yoga, Eastern gymnastics. Your doctor will help make the program for morning stretches and exercises at home during the day.

Treatment at home

Treatment of chondrosis at home is perfectly acceptable if it takes place under the supervision and on the advice of a doctor.

The main methods of treatment in this case are:

  • self-massage;
  • exercise;
  • recipes of traditional medicine.

Self-massage especially effective if chondrosis affected cervical. In this case, the manipulation and carry out easier, and the effect will be noticeable fairly quickly. In order that the massage was more comfortable, you should do it with cream or rubbing.

When performing therapeutic exercises should be mindful of the need to warm up. The next thing is the necessity of exercise with minimal strain on the spine. For example, if the initial position sitting, the back should be straight but not tense.

Treatment of chondrosis folk remedies will bring enough benefit only in case if the method is used in the treatment of disease.

The main recipes of traditional medicine with this ailment include rubbing, tincture, ointment for local application. Their primary function is the reduction in the intensity of pain. In some cases, may relieve inflammation. Often, these tools uses during the massage and self-massage.

Common remedies are:

  • horseradish juice on alcohol basis;
  • extracts of medicinal herbs;
  • ointment on the basis of pork fat and hop cones;
  • of nettle tincture on vodka;
  • a course of baths with thyme (10 baths taken in a day).

Treatment of chondrosis folk remedies includes such useful procedure known as cupping massage. Using the blood circulation is improved, muscles are warmed up, thereby increasing the rate of metabolic substances in the cells and cartilage tissues.

Modern methods of alternative medicine in the treatment of chondrosis include:

  • leech therapy is based on treatment of leeches;
  • apitherapy, the characteristic feature of which is the treatment through bee stings;
  • acupuncture and acupuncture.

The effectiveness of such methods is proven, but their use is possible only in the absence of Allergy to components of treatment. Such manipulations are only specialists in hospitals.

Pain in the back, stiffness of the arms at the shoulder chondrosis signal about the appearance of this unpleasant disease. These symptoms require seeking medical help. In the initial stages of the development of the disease it is still possible to win and avoid dangerous irreversible consequences.
Treatment of chondrosis requires a comprehensive approach, and may include both conservative and operative methods. Often treated in conjunction with traditional methods.

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