Baby mattresses for newborns

Most of the time the newborn spends lying down, respectively, the comfort of the baby primarily depends on the mattress. It must be safe and meet the physiological needs of the crumbs. How to choose a mattress for a newborn baby in a crib, stroller and bath for bathing?

Parents need to approach the acquisition with all responsibility. To facilitate the task, we will review popular products and consider the criteria for their selection.

Criterias of choice

Which mattresses are best for newborns?

The mandatory characteristics of a quality product include:

  • hypoallergenicity;
  • moderate rigidity;
  • orthopedics;
  • ability to pass air;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • naturalness;
  • appropriate size.

The removable cover is also important – a mattress cover. It should be practical, made of natural fabric, pleasant to the touch. Also, before purchasing a mattress, you need to make sure that it has quality certificates confirming its safety.

With or without springs?

Many young parents are interested in which mattress is best for a newborn in a crib – with or without springs. For the proper development of the infant’s fragile skeletal system, a smooth and rigid surface is required. Springless mattresses made of natural materials comply with these requirements.

After the first year of life, you can switch to products of lower stiffness with or without independent springs. In order to save money, it is better to immediately choose a mattress with a two-sided surface, designed for both an infant and an older baby.

If the child is more than 3 years old, products with a dependent and independent spring block will suit him. But in any case, the springs should not be large.

With dependent spring unit

One-piece spring blocks are called “Bonnel” (Bonnel). This is an inexpensive design consisting of elements interconnected. When you click on one spring, everyone else changes their position.

Such mattresses are not suitable for babies. A dent will form under the lying child, which will negatively affect the condition of its spine. In addition, mattresses with a dependent spring unit can creak when changing body position.

With independent spring unit

Among the spring structures, mattresses with an independent block are most optimal for babies. Each spring in them works independently, which allows you to correctly distribute the load. The product does not sag, does not make noise, well supports the baby’s spine.

The purchase of such an orthopedic mattress for a newborn is acceptable, but not always justified due to the high price. There are other disadvantages – the significant thickness and weight of the product. Because of this, the mattress is difficult to turn over, and the child, having started to stand on his legs, is more likely to fall out of the crib due to the reduced height of the sides.

Over time, dust will accumulate in the voids inside the mattress, provoking allergies. In addition, metal springs have the ability to accumulate static electricity.


Springless baby mattresses in the crib for newborns are the bestsellers. They are convenient in operation, orthopedic and affordable. Their design consists of several layers of fillers (natural or artificial) and fabric upholstery.

Among products of this type, you can choose a bilateral mattress for a newborn, adapted to various weather conditions (winter / summer effect) and the age of the baby. The filler for springless structures is latex, coconut coir, horse hair, struttofiber, batting, foam rubber and polyurethane foam. Consider the features of each of them in more detail.


Natural latex obtained from Hevea juice is environmentally friendly, but is not cheap. It should be borne in mind that in itself this filler is too soft. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase bilateral mattresses for newborns, for example, coconut latex. One side in such products will provide the rigidity necessary for the baby, and the second is suitable for a grown child.

A latex or combination mattress for a baby has several advantages:

  • keeps shape well;
  • can be operated for a long time;
  • does not make extraneous noise;
  • not affected by mold and fungus;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • does not accumulate static electricity.

Of the minuses, the smell of rubber, which soon disappears, can be noted. There is also a risk of acquiring a fake made not of natural latex, but of its artificial counterpart.


If you need an orthopedic mattress for babies in a crib, products with coconut filling are perfect. The raw materials for their manufacture are coconut fibers impregnated with natural latex, less often stitched. The latter are not recommended for young children, since the filler can crumble heavily, provoking allergies.

Coconut mattress for newborns has the same advantages as latex. This is not the most budget option, but the price and quality of the product are combined optimally.

From Strutofiber

Filler for the mattress is an artificially created analog of wool – polyester fibers. They are stacked vertically by a special technology, resulting in an elastic base with orthopedic properties.

Struttofiber well retains heat, breathable, does not cause allergies, does not rot, does not produce an unpleasant odor, has a long service life. But such a mattress in a crib for newborns is not the best solution due to insufficient rigidity of the material. In addition, there are products with struttofiber expensive.

Extruded horsehair

This is a completely natural filler, similar in properties to a coconut coir. Horse hair is also impregnated with latex, hard enough, elastic and resistant to moisture.

The material holds its shape well and is suitable for newborns. The disadvantages of horsehair products are the ability to cause allergies and a high price.

With polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam (PPU) is a good filler for a mid-price mattress. It is made by foaming polymers.

PPU mattresses are durable, well ventilated, not subject to decay, evenly distribute the load. But they are too soft, so for a newborn it is preferable to purchase a two-sided product from combined materials, for example, polyurethane foam and coconut.

From foam rubber or batting

Mattresses for newborns in a cot made of batting and foam rubber are the most budgetary option. They are inexpensive and lightweight, but this is where the benefits end.

Batting and foam rubber are too soft for the sleep of a newborn baby and can provoke a curvature of the spine. Mattresses from these materials quickly lose their shape, absorb moisture, create favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria.

Cocoon Mattress

This ergonomic mattress for the newborn is a novelty designed to facilitate the adaptation of the baby to the outside world. The shape of the product follows the contours of the body of the child, creating the optimal position for sleep and wakefulness.

The recesses on the inside of the mattress gently “hug” the baby, recalling the time when he was in his mother’s tummy. Due to this, the product is ideal for premature babies.

The cocoon mattress is designed for babies from birth to 3.5-4 months (until the baby learns to roll over). It is installed inside a standard crib and can be used for a safe sleep with parents in a large bed.

The wide and soft seat belt located in the center prevents falling of crumbs when moving. All models have a removable cover.

The anatomical mattress for a newborn in the form of a cocoon has practically no drawbacks. But it costs a lot and is used only for a short period of time, after which a product of a standard form will be required.

What stiffness is optimal

The rigidity of the mattress for the newborn should be maximum. This seems strange to many parents, because the baby will be uncomfortable. In fact, the hard surface meets the needs of the baby.

Only in such conditions can the spine of a child be kept healthy. In addition, turning over on his tummy while sleeping on a soft mattress, the baby risks suffocating. On a hard surface this will not happen.

It is optimal if the product is made of coconut coir or double-sided (coconut / latex or coconut / PUF). A horse hair mattress for a newborn is also suitable.

How to determine size

The sizes of mattresses for newborns are also important. To decide on them, you need to measure the parameters of the crib (length and width of the inner part). The mattress should be 2 cm less in length and width than the baby’s berth. Then the product will lie perfectly and it will be convenient to get it out of the crib.

The thickness of the mattress for a newborn is usually 7-15 cm. It is optimal if the product is 8-12 cm high. By purchasing a double-sided mattress, you can take a thicker model – 12-15 cm.

Carriage Mattress

Not all parents buy a mattress in a stroller for newborns, preferring to do with a blanket, blanket or diapers. But the comfort of the baby on walks depends on this accessory, because the stray improvised “mattresses” are not very convenient and they will often have to be corrected, especially when the child becomes more active.

Which is better to choose a mattress for a newborn in a stroller? The main criterion is the exact fit to the cradle size. For standard strollers in which the baby is in a supine position, mattresses measuring 80×40 cm are suitable.

The stiffness of the product is selected in the same way as for the crib. The younger the child, the stiffer the mattress in the stroller should be. Well, if the model will have orthopedic properties. This will allow the use of a mattress in a stroller.

The most suitable filler is scythe fiber or buckwheat husk. Another option is a winter-summer mattress made of wool and linen. If your budget is limited, you can purchase a product made of foam rubber or cotton. But it does not guarantee proper support for the spine of the child and serves much less.

Bathing mattress

A baby mattress for bathing a newborn can facilitate hygienic procedures if the mother washes the baby alone. It supports the child afloat in whole or in part, there are also models with fixation at a certain level. Products with full support are safer, but even in them the baby should not be left alone for even a minute. Read more about bathing newborns →

An inflatable mattress for a newborn is suitable for bathing children weighing from 3 to 8 kg. Its cover is usually made of polypropylene, there is also a filler – expanded polystyrene balls that help the product take the shape of the baby’s body.

Although a bathing mat allows you to free your parents’ hands, it does have flaws. A child cannot move freely in water and loses the opportunity to know the world with its help. In addition, the product is used for a short period – up to a maximum of 6 months and does not guarantee complete safety (an active baby can slip off the mattress).

Mattress care

Selection of a mattress in a crib for newborns is a responsible task, but it is equally important to properly care for the product. The selected model should be vacuumed and ventilated at least 1 time per month, taking it out to the air for at least a couple of hours, preferably in sunny weather.

This will extend the life of the mattress and will not allow dust to linger inside. If the product has a mattress cover, it must be washed regularly.


Which mattress to choose in a crib for newborns? Which manufacturer should I prefer? We will make a rating of the best mattresses for newborns, according to mothers and fathers.

Plitex Junior

Plitex mattresses for newborns top the rating. The filler in them is coconut fiber and natural latex. There are two sides of stiffness (the first for children up to a year, the second – from 1 year to 3 years) and a removable cover made of cotton. The price is affordable.

Most parents remain pretty quality Plitex mattresses. Comments are caused only by the insufficient density of the cotton cover. Dimensions: 125x65x6 cm, 120x60x8 cm and 119x60x12 cm.

“Bottlenose Bayu-bye”

The second position is occupied by a mid-price mattress from a Russian manufacturer – Bottlenose Bay-by. It is a multi-layer construction consisting of natural latex, coconut coir and polyurethane foam. All layers are sewn together, and not glued, which makes the mattress safer and eliminates the specific chemical smell.

The product has two sides with different stiffness, the set includes a removable winter-summer cover. Size – 120x60x14 cm.

Ascona Mediflex Tutsy Kids

Ascona mattresses for newborns are the next in the ranking. They consist of thermally bonded flax, natural latex and special foam, and have orthopedic properties. There is a removable terry cloth cover and two sides of stiffness.

The material of the mattress is hypoallergenic, breathable, does not accumulate dust and moisture. The dimensions of the product for newborns and children up to 3 years old are 120x60x11 cm, the price is average. Among the shortcomings can be noted a sharp smell in the first days after the acquisition of the mattress. The problem is eliminated by airing.

Italbaby Jolly Plus

High-quality Italian mattresses of the middle price category made of polyurethane foam. They do not cause allergies, have orthopedic properties, are waterproof. Possible sizes: 120x60x12 cm, 125x65x12 cm. The mattress is equipped with a removable quilted cover with a zipper

In the reviews, parents mention the long-term preservation of the shape of the product, its elasticity and comfort for the child. Of the minuses, the same rigidity of the mattress on both sides can be noted.

Monis Style Coconut Lux Latex

Closes the 5 leaders of the mattress for a newborn from coconut and latex “Monis Style”. Its high rating and demand are explained by a combination of affordable price and reasonable quality. Mattresses are hypoallergenic, waterproof, breathable, do not emit a chemical smell. There are two sides of stiffness and a removable jacquard cover. Dimensions – 120x60x10 cm, 126x65x10 cm.

According to parents, the mattress is consistent with its cost, but has a number of disadvantages. The layer of coconut coir is quite thin, so over time, dents are possible. The rigidity of these mattresses is also inferior to similar products.

The quality of the first mattress is very important for the health of the baby. For the newborn, only hard products are suitable, preferably from natural materials – coconut and natural latex. And what is your baby sleeping on? Share your experience in purchasing and using newborn mattresses in the comments.

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