Treatment of protrusion of intervertebral discs

Treatment of protrusion of intervertebral discs – a laborious and protracted process. Its effectiveness depends on the duration of illness and speed the defeat of vital organs. Protrusion of intervertebral disc – what is it and how to treat?

Protrusion of intervertebral discs

Lack of treatment can lead to the development of a herniated disc that turns a healthy person into a disabled person. Protrusion of disks l4 needs no surgical intervention, the disease can be treated with medication and physiotherapy, but intervertebral hernia quite insidious to get rid of it with medication and massage will not work.

To go to the doctor it is necessary at the slightest suspicion of the presence of the disease, delay threatened negative changes in the structure of the spine. Knowing nothing about the protrusion of the intervertebral disc that it is, and what treatment is needed, you should consult a doctor.

The advice of neighbors and the experience of past generations can be used only in case of correctly diagnosed and the lack of objections from the specialists. The disease has many individual characteristics, because the drug or method is tested on five patients, completely useless in the sixth.

Common vision problems

Under disc protrusion l4-s1 means change their position relative to the vertebral column, having pathological. Intact drive is shifted to the spinal canal, which violates the integrity of the annulus. Similar pathology in the majority manifested with cervical osteochondrosis.

In the initial stage of the disease the damaged disk is still able to perform its function, because the time taken therapeutic measures can save it from destruction. In the vertical position, the disk bulges, but after making the horizontal, stands in place, practically without damaging the surrounding tissue. Each time the disk is harder to take the original position, in the end, he remains in a protruding state. In the area of the fibrous ring cracks filled with material from the nucleus pulposus.

The resulting protrusion of disks of the cervical spine is one of the most difficult stages of osteoarthritis, the development of which is triggered by chronic injuries, stress, infections, lack of muscle activity and bone resorption.


In the course of a long study of this disease the following varieties:

  • dorsal (spongy structure into the rear zone);
  • circular (the protrusion is uniform, the pathology affects the whole circumference of the disk);
  • foraminal (affected the area between 5 and 1 vertebrae);
  • diffuse (affects discs in the lower part of the spinal Department).
  • The choice of method for the treatment of protrusion is directly linked with the definition of its varieties.
Protrusion of the cervical spine – symptoms and treatment

The main symptom is pain in the lower back, neck and pelvis. It gives to the joints of the feet and hands, causing them to become numb, lose their mobility. The cause of the pain – increasing pressure on nerve endings. Depending on the location of the damage, patients having dizziness, increased blood pressure.

The symptoms are similar to signs of other ailments, because to identify the disease and begin treatment of protrusion of the spine only by a qualified specialist. To do it yourself is not easy.

Popular methods of treatment of protrusion

Protrusion of intervertebral discs

Protrusion of the intervertebral disc, the methods of treatment which have much in common with the methods of getting rid of degenerative disc disease, is not dangerous, but very insidious disease. As already mentioned, when the protrusion drives the goal of treatment is to adopt measures for the recovery of the patient without surgical intervention.

Found effective remedy for pains and for the treatment of joints:

  • natural composition,
  • with no side effects
  • efficiency, proven expert,
  • a quick result.

Operation because of the need to proceed on such a delicate part of the body, as the spine can be a very dangerous event. Should a specialist make one wrong move with the scalpel, and the man will never be able even to move.

In the treatment of disease often practice a holistic approach in the restoration of the anatomical integrity of the intervertebral discs through the use of:

  • various medications (painkillers, anti-inflammatory);
  • massage courses;
  • physiotherapeutic procedures;
  • reflexology;
  • folk methods of treatment of protrusion of intervertebral discs.

Prompt surgical intervention is one of the least popular methods of combating the disease of the protrusion, the treatment of this kind is practiced in extremely severe cases, when the choice is between a disability and a chance to remain fully operational.

Drug therapy

Medication protrusion of practice when the disease in the acute phase. The main goal of the pill is elimination of pain. Patients are prescribed medication for pain and inflammation, muscle relaxants such as Diclofenac, Indomethacin, Ibuprofen. Only after the pain will be relieved, your doctor may begin to search and eliminate their source.

To prevent the development of pain shock and get rid of the external signs of inflammation prescribed warming ointment and gel – Voltaren, Ketonal, Fastum gel. Medicines in the form of ointments and creams applied on the affected area of the spine. If necessary, the drugs with similar compositions are administered intravenously. Practiced therapeutic blockade, when the drugs are introduced directly into the damaged nerve.

The blockade made such drugs, like Novocaine, Trimekain and Lidocaine. Before putting the blockade is necessary to ensure no allergic reactions to specific drugs, otherwise, the patient is risking. Treatment and prevention of the protrusion of the intervertebral discs is produced at home, in the hospital the patient is determined at least, for the treating physician.

Physical therapy

Protrusion of the cervical vertebrae most often caused by immobility of the patient. The lack of movement is the first step towards the destruction of the spine.

Therapeutic exercise is a set of exercises aimed at:

  • relaxing and stretch the muscles of the back;
  • increased mobility and flexibility of the spine;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • increase overall muscle tone in this area.

Treatment methods based on the use of special exercises for the treatment of the body a huge amount. The choice of a particular complex of physical training you must trust the medical specialist doctor. To try to perform certain exercises aren’t worth it. You must train hard and long, but without harming their own health, performing only those exercises which are not protesting against your own body.

To overwork in any case impossible, therapeutic exercise is not in vain called itself – its main purpose is to heal the patient, not receiving adrenaline, or getting rid of excess fat. Physical therapy aims to improve motor capabilities of the patient and to provide painless its existence in the conditions of development of the protrusion.


Correctly performed massage of the spine can activate reflex connections, improves blood circulation, promotes tissue repair by ensuring the flow of active substances to the damaged protruding disk space.

During the massage the spine stroke, pound and knead, causing it to vibrate. Massage mostly gentle, painless with the use of ointments and analgesic balms character. The standard scheme of treatment of protrusion of intervertebral discs includes 12-15 sessions per 1 course. To improve the efficiency of the treatment of protrusion of the massage must be combined with physical therapy, physical therapy, pills, relaxation and hydrotherapy.

Massage is recommended only for those patients whose disease remains in a latent or chronic stage. In acute cases massage is not carried out, because before you enroll in another course by yourself, you need to go to the doctor and get the necessary recommendations.


The main goal of a physiotherapist – pain management, activation of blood circulation and nerve impulses, biochemical processes in the tissues of the body.

It is achieved by:

  • the use of short-pulse electroanalgesia;
  • the use of medicinal electrophoresis;
  • laser or magnetic therapy;
  • diadinamotherapy;
  • amplipulsetherapy;
  • the use of phonophoresis;
  • ultrasound.

To disc protrusion of the cervical spine, treatment initiated at an early stage, were forgotten forever, simply 5-10 procedures. Used in this case physiotherapy can be used interchangeably.

Traction therapy

Not the newest, but the most popular method of treatment of protrusion is a spinal traction. In the process of stretching the discs of the cervical spine, the therapy which has previously had positive changes, reducing the load on individual sections of the spine, discs and nerve roots, swollen tissues return to normal. The hood of the spine, protrusion of which was recently discovered, is produced in a medical center, or by using specially equipped benches, under the supervision of a specialist.

The first positive signs of recovery appear in patients after 5-7 procedures. To recover at an accelerated pace and forget about what is disc protrusion of the spine by practicing water tension. The water temperature should not be below 35 degrees Celsius, and the procedure is carried out not less than 25 minutes.

Using this method causes a lot of debate among specialists, many of whom believe that the treatment of protrusion of the cervical spine by stretching don’t resolve the cause of the breach of the intervertebral disc, and thus the onset of the positive effect will be temporary.


Reflexology, as a treatment of protrusion is used as part of primary therapy. The purpose of the application of this method is the restoration of the neuroreflex ties, blood flow and tissue nutrition due to the impact of the special points that are chaotically scattered on the body. Varieties of reflexology are:

Stimulating specific points in the lumbar spine, the doctor improves blood circulation and eliminates the effects of tissue edema. At the same hormonal changes that leads to improvement in the health of the patient and blunt the discomfort associated with persistent pain in the damaged region, appearing at all, who knows exactly what is protrusion of the intervertebral discs of the cervical. Importantly, this method of treatment is relaxation. Damaged vertebrae have a good rest, otherwise, no point in therapy will not be.

Traditional methods

Traditional methods for the treatment of protrusion are the application of ointments, compresses, applications and balsams, whose action is directed at improving the metabolism and restoring function of tissues, combating inflammation and pain.

The necessary therapeutic properties of these medicinal plants as tansy, Celery, parsley, Cranberries and birch deep dye, lilac.

To achieve a positive therapeutic effect it is necessary:

A decoction of fresh pine sawdust

  1. To impose the damaged area with fresh birch leaves, radish and Burdock. Thus the patient should wrap the compress with plastic wrap and kerchief, lie on your back and cover with a warm blanket. In this position, you must spend at least 1 hour, after which a compress to remove and appoint a new only 2-3 hours later.
  2. Prepare a decoction of fresh pine sawdust. To do this, 1 kg of sawdust covered with water and boil in the oven for at least 5 hours. The finished sawdust disorder pre-laid out on bed film, borne from the top, back down, hiding the covers and not move until, until the sawdust is completely cool.
  3. Prepare a mixture of 1 part Al, 2 parts honey and 3 parts vodka. The resulting mixture is applied to the film and wrap her sore back. The compress is placed for 30 minutes before bedtime.

Traditional methods of treatment in any case should not conflict with traditional medicine. To use the ointment and compresses based on herbs only after obtaining the permission of the doctor and as a Supplement to the main therapies.


Yoga is used in different ways, including medical purposes. Thousands of years yoga has contributed to the acquisition of the spine previously uncharacteristic flexibility. Special exercises designed to customize the patient on a long and patient work of gradual stretching of muscles and ligaments with minimal pain. Regular training enables you to relieve tension, reduce pain and restore the normal position of the vertebral discs in the train Department.


Diet in the recovery period of tissues of the intervertebral discs is a fundamental key to the successful completion of the course of treatment. At the time of the disease is better to refuse meat, canned fish and meat, strong broths and fast food. You can’t eat sugar, flour, pastries, jam and marmalade. In the daily diet should include more greens, fruits and vegetables. The last should be eaten with flesh and skin. Useful during protrusion and also cereals, dairy products.

Regular consumption of vegetables promotes improvement of metabolism, removal of excess salts and compounds from the body.

Treatment of protrusion of lumbar

The lumbar spine is the most vulnerable in the human body. It has the largest degree of stress during movement, weight lifting, physical exercises. Lower back are often striking in various kinds of infections and colds, against the background of age-related degradation makes the protrusion of this part of the spine frequent.

The first sign of the disease is constant pain in the lumbar region, not passing after taking a bath, relaxing, long sleep. Patients emerges the feeling of stiffness when making sharp turns of the body, attempting to make an unscheduled order. Calf muscles become weak, there is numbness of legs and feet, develops sciatica.

Treatment of protrusion of lumbar disks of the spine of the division is to visit a massage, warming and soothing compresses, taking anti-inflammatory and analgesic agents. In the case of lack of response to conventional treatments, patients go into surgery, and in the process equalize or reduce a concave vertebrae, restore the integrity of damaged tissues. Operation is the least desirable scenario. The spine is a fairly fragile organ, because any damage, including those incurred during surgical intervention, can have unintended consequences. To bring the case before the surgery is not necessary, the protrusion should be treated promptly.

Protrusion of the cervical spine

The cervical spine is a sophisticated structure, therefore it is not vulnerable, rather than lumbar. If the fibrous ring becomes less tight and it cracks appear, leading to the formation of diseases such as protrusion of the cervical spine, symptoms of which manifest with increasing pain in the neck, shoulders and arms. Patients complain of severe dizziness and tinnitus.

So, the treatment and diagnosis of protrusion of the l5-s1 disc is carried out in the shortest possible time, pathology in this area is life-threatening. In the process of development of the disease are squeezed by not only nerves but also the arteries, which can lead to paralysis or stroke, provided that the brain will not receive the necessary amount of blood.

To repair damaged tissues and treatment of protrusion in the cervical spine using a special collar. It helps to eliminate much of the pressure experienced by the damaged disc, and avoid further destruction. Patients prescribed painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. When protrusion of the cervical, diagnosis and treatment which was initiated immediately after the detection of the disease, the practice of physical therapy, massage and reflexology, promotes normal restoration of function of the organism as a whole.


The best preventive measure to inhibit the development of protrusion, will be the physical activity. It should be remembered that the intervertebral discs have no blood vessels delivering to them nutrients.

All the drive receives from the adjacent vertebral body zamechatelnyh records. When driving the drive periodically stops and extends, which leads to filling it with nutrients from the plates. The more a person walks, runs, skis, skates, mainly those nutrients get drives, which reduces the risk of protrusion and hernia.


Protrusion of the spine well and successfully treated. The duration of therapy and the end result is related to the degree of neglect of illness and patience of the patient. Protrusion of the cervical spine is not related to deadly diseases, but its development significantly lowers the quality of life.

Modern medical methods of treatment and prevention of the protrusion of the disk l4-l5, as well as physical therapy, massage, reflexology and stretching the spine don’t leave the disease a single chance, but only if the patient is really interested in recovery and refers to the therapeutic process seriously. The treatment of the spine requires attention.

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