You need to fight only for what will bring us happiness

Over time, we understand that many of our efforts were in vain. Random and meaningless had many conversations, my dreams. Casual was and some people we considered friends.

We understand that many things, which for us was an accomplishment, in fact it was not worth our efforts.

To grow, to Mature, to move forward, this can be compared with the folding of a very large puzzle. And we often put the pieces in the puzzle in the wrong places.

You need to fight only for what will bring us happiness

Time and life experiences allow us to see some things and people that were close to us – not at all out of our “puzzle”. Yes, some of our efforts were in vain.

We offer you to think it over.

Life teaches us that sometimes to lose is necessary

In his youth, many things are accepted without much thought, without choice. You like bears stream, turbulent, full of life.

We fall in love with the first person who is near and something strikes our fancy. Tying a friendship too with those close to you. School friends, friends of friends… We accept that.

Approximately the same behavior of a man in a cafe, when he served the same dish that never ceases he likes.

At this stage of his life we accept all this because our main goal at this time is to integrate. To fit in the team.

So a teenager or a youngster taking their first steps in independent life, measures himself by watching others. The main thing for him – what they say and do his peers, the members of his company.

But as we become more Mature, gain life experience, the situation is changing. We become selective. We already know what we want and who we want to stay away.

The people around is getting less, but there are more interesting personalities

We begin to look at the world differently. We listen to your heart, and it tells us what to do.

  • Sometimes we find that some of the things that had seemed very important to us, we now look differently.
  • If you appreciated the success in society, and you liked to have a lot of friends, now you prefer a calm atmosphere in a small company.
  • If before you have had a lot of amazing projects, now you’re set myself one main goal.
  • Perhaps you were “battles” that were left in your soul wounds. You fought, you loved the man you elected. To your relatives and friends to recognize all your dignity…
  • But now these “battles” for you have lost its relevance. Because your heart has become wise. You understand that it makes no sense to make a “battle” that separate you from your true self.

The only person you need to prove that you are worth something, it’s you. If you don’t like, the worst thing you can do is “to elicit” love.

Maturity is personal growth and the ability to go their own way

Yes, many of the efforts were in vain. It’s like swimming against the current. Pointless, for example, to convince people to change their views or become what we want to see them.

  • To Mature means to grow as a person. It is important to acknowledge that there is a way that will not lead to anything good. Especially those that put us at the mercy of other people’s evaluations or contrary to our nature.
  • In order to decide what we really want takes courage, courage. Do not be afraid of disapproval from others.
  • When we choose your way, quite often it is necessary to break certain ties and relationships. It is usually accompanied by feelings and suffering, but we understand that it was necessary.

We go to all these sacrifices to win the main thing – dignity, self-respect.

Yes, personal growth requires sacrifice. But those who reject him and are endless “battles” over things, not worth such effort, in fact destroying their identity. And losing respect for themselves.

How to stop fighting for the things that bring us only grief

It’s not easy. It requires courage and rethinking our entire life.

Sometimes we think that to fight for a failing relationship with dignity. For example, relationships with friends, which we love, but we are regularly betrayed.

We tell ourselves that as good sons or daughters, nephews or cousins or sisters we have to give everything for the good of the family.

But it often happens that this “battle” is already lost. Because it brings us only pain and because the people for whom we try, will never change.

Although it is very painful, sometimes it’s better to end the relationship, which became “toxic”. Should leave this “battlefield”, where “shell” is our self esteem, our self-image. Because the one who hurts you, just doesn’t like you.

Brave, courageous you cannot call someone who gives everything without receiving anything. A courageous person is one who is willing to fight for what is worth fighting: for their happiness and for the happiness of those he loves.

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