Make internal dialogue quiet

Who of us has not been in the life situations of some slippage on the spot in trying this very minute to understand everything, to understand, to shake out of yourself and others “correct” answers to pressing questions.

Overheat the motor, power on the wane, and you enter deeper wheels in the ground.

People in this state is an ideal material for the rescuers, educators and trainers of all stripes. The flow of “essential” information for any questions is greater than any opportunity for him to catch. Should only be included in the game and you are already actively being developed. Your account already does not belong to you and you continually learn, understand and train.

Stop! Turn off the car! Make internal dialogue quiet!

The charisma and popularity of many of the speakers in self-development, makes people sincerely believe that they know exactly how everything actually works, how it works, and that they are sure to make you the person you dream to be, you should take the training course or training.

Motivated and all sorted out man some time usually feels a surge of strength. However, being in a situation of “not willing, but still unable to create anything radically new,” the man is an even greater subsidence. Inspiration is gradually eroding, and the man plunges deeper into uncertainty.

It is a natural condition because of the destroyed psychic protection, a feeling of helplessness and guilt before a leaves man, even the shaky confidence that was before. Further, the person either continues to train in the trainings and awareness seminars, either trying to completely isolate myself from everyone.

What should you do if you realize that stalled the anger and uncertainty take away the last mental strength and real change yet?

The first thing to do in this situation is to leave yourself alone!

No, not really, of course. For a few days or weeks, only long enough to gain some balance that is.

Turn off the car. Cease to consume fuel in idle. Make internal dialogue quieter until its off, if it succeeds.

Take care of necessary household Affairs, and do not include feelings or thoughts, just mechanically do.

Do not try to quickly pop up into a new reality, making any dramatic movement. It is fraught with severe back and large claims yourself.

Give yourself a few simple tasks a day, having done which, you will feel satisfied and approve of yourself. May they be important but not difficult (to make the necessary calls to put in order documents, go to the gym or the hairdresser).

No don’t scold yourself – everything that happens is part of your life, such as it can be for you at the moment. – help someone. But the only way that won’t require the mental investment. Do it “dry.”

Avoid any way of other people’s complaints, don’t let yourself be drawn into conversations about the problems.

Reset the ballast, which can be reset. Calmly and impartially throw away old clothes, clean phonebook, cancel unnecessary and unimportant meeting.

Get to know myself again. Like a stranger. Talk heart to heart.

If after a few weeks, your desire for immediate change is not decreasing and does not change relaxed plans, define clearly the answers to what questions will help you to move to a new stage. Only after that, knowing exactly what you want to know why, feel free to go to the training.

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