It was just a bad moment not a bad life

“I could do otherwise” is an illusion of choice.

Could! Otherwise I would have done!

You’re not a puppet, informed decision, weighing all available at the time, “for” and “against” in the context that was then.

Therefore, the wine is not appropriate. All that has been done in the past, could not be different. The past could be just as good.

In front of you every day – new sheet on which you write new life where you can be different, improved version of yourself if you want, of course.

Whatever happens, remember – it was just a bad moment not a bad life!

Anyone can be anything.

With the past nothing can be done.

But the future you are creating right now.

Better to focus on whether you are creating by their actions what you really want.

Thoughts of the past consume power and energy that could be focused on the creation of the desired.

Thinking about the past is not constructive.

Everything that happened even a second ago is already the past.

To START EACH DAY WITH a NEW PAGE every moment to write your blank slate.

Throw all that in the past. On a new sheet you don’t need a blot of ink old.

There is a good phrase: “whatever happens, remember – it was just a bad moment not a bad life.”

Every day is another chance to live the life of your dreams.

Don’t put off life. Live!

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