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Can a pregnant woman ride a bike? It is possible, only there is a vehicle fully properly and adapted to the peculiarities of the female figure, weight and build. Maybe it makes sense to install the seat a little lower, to make it easier to sit and stand.

If you have a bike with a high male frame, then it is worth considering the option of buying a vehicle with an open female frame. Good shock absorption is welcome, as well as special clothing and sports shoes. The pace of driving should be average, and the road surface should be smooth, smoothly asphalted.

Pregnant women can only ride a bicycle if a woman feels good, doesn’t hurt or bother her. At the first sign of fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath and dizziness, the walk must be stopped. And most importantly, doctors recommend cycling only until the 28th week of pregnancy, although many women ignore these rules and ride to the birth, but it all depends on physical fitness and the state of the future mother.

In any case, it’s up to you. Maybe it makes sense to find a reasonable alternative and prefer cycling classes on a stationary bike? The effect is the same, and the risk of falling and getting hurt is reduced to zero. Thus you support the form and follow the recommendations of the doctors.

Pregnancy is not a disease, but nevertheless a woman who has learned that she will soon become a mother, is forced to limit herself in many previously familiar things – certain foods, alcohol and physical activity. That’s the last factor and it is worth talking in more detail, namely about riding a bike.

What is the use of a bicycle?

Movement is life and physical activity is simply necessary for the body, even if a tiny person develops inside it. If you are with a bicycle on “you” and with the arrival of warm days you uncover your beloved “friend”, then pregnancy is no reason to abandon the usual walks. Pregnant women on a bicycle can and should ride, as even scientists and doctors do not evaporate the fact that the physical activity of the future mother has a positive effect on the development of the fetus.

Regular riding on a two-wheeled vehicle develops endurance, reduces the load on the lumbar region due to the growing abdomen, simultaneously training the muscles of this department, eliminates stagnation of blood in the lower limbs and the pelvis.

Pregnancy on a bicycle helps to strengthen and increase the elasticity of the muscles in the crotch area, and even moderate cycling increases the mood and overall tone of the body, because during exercise the production of endorphins or joy hormones increases. If you do not deny yourself the pleasure to ride a bike to the nearest store or take a walk through the park, you can prepare your body for childbirth and recover more quickly after the baby is born.

What to fear

Of course, first of all injuries. Pregnant women can ride a bike only if they do not get on this vehicle for the first time. Indeed, in this case, inevitable fall, which expectant mothers by all means should be avoided. For women who have already had miscarriages in history and were threatened with pregnancy, it is better to refuse such trips.

Well, of course, if a doctor recommends doing this, then you should listen to his advice. After all, from shaking when moving on a rough road, placental abruption, outflow of water, premature interruption, and many other complications can occur.

Can a pregnant woman ride a bike? It all depends on where the expectant mother plans to go, how much time she will be in the saddle and what kind of vehicle.

Driving along a busy highway is not the best place for walking, as there is always a risk of getting lost and getting into an accident, but even if this does not happen, the health of both the expectant mother and the baby will be harmed by the polluted air, saturated with the waste products of the machines. Therefore it is better to choose quiet places in parks, squares or woods for walking.

And yet: a road or mountain bike makes a woman take an unusual pose that is not capable of affecting the blood circulation in the best way. Therefore, it makes sense to make a choice in favor of a city or folding bike. The saddle should be comfortable, wide and elastic. On sale, you can even find a special seat with holes in the middle to reduce the sores in the genital area and improve ventilation.

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