Heat during pregnancy, early

This condition does not require special treatment. Another thing, if there is a suspicion of any disease or infection. Pregnancy lasts most of the year and many women fail to protect themselves from attacks of viruses and germs from outside during this period. In the summer, an insidious rotavirus awaits them; in the winter, flu and ARVI epidemics begin.

If throws into the heat in the early stages of pregnancy, it will save a bottle of cool water, taken on the road or fanning. You can buy thermal water and wash your face at the first sign of the beginning tide.

It is not always possible to avoid places with a large number of people, because women in the position work the first 6 months of pregnancy. Therefore, at the first signs of pain in the head, body aches and pains, drowsiness and increase in body temperature to 38.0 ° C and above, you should consult a doctor. It must be remembered that self-medication during the period of carrying a child is not permissible: most of the drugs used to treat seasonal and other ailments are contraindicated for use by pregnant women.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the fetus inside the woman’s body begins to suffer: development stops or goes the wrong way, the nervous system experiences the negative effects of viruses and microbes.

The most dangerous infection in the first three months of gestation, when the formation of all systems and organs. There is a risk of having a baby with developmental disabilities and mental retardation.

If temperatures above 38 ⁰C are held for several days, the limbs, the brain and the skeleton of the face take the greatest blow upon themselves. Women with similar problems in the first trimester of pregnancy most often produce babies with malformations of the sky, jaw and upper lip. Often you can see a miscarriage in the early period, provoked by the disease.

What to do in this case? To be treated, but only those drugs that are allowed to receive in this position. Only a doctor can write them out, making a final diagnosis. Most of these drugs are based on the action of medicinal herbs or components that can not have a negative effect on the fetus. To bring down the temperature can only “Paracetamol”, but it can not be taken uncontrollably. In particular, the heat below 38 ⁰C is not recommended. It is shown abundant drinking, for example, herbal tea with raspberries, cranberry juice, chamomile decoction, milk with honey, rubbing vinegar, applying a wet dressing to the forehead.

Here are two popular recipes for the preparation of medicinal potions:

  • In the floor liter capacity to place 2 tbsp. l raspberry or jam, 4 tbsp. l coltsfoot and 3 tbsp. l plantain leaves. Brew freshly boiled water and give a little time to infuse. Drink as tea throughout the day;
  • In a 250-threw liter cup fill 1 tsp. shredded white willow bark. Pour boiling water, wait until it cools down, and then use for 1/3 cup orally four times during waking hours.
Heat in late pregnancy

Late fever during pregnancy is not as dangerous as it used to be, although high fever can disrupt protein synthesis, impair blood supply to the placenta and provoke preterm labor. The measures for reducing it are the same. It is very important to make an accurate diagnosis and start timely treatment. All this will help minimize the disastrous consequences for the fetus. Do not forget about preventive measures: in the cold season during the period of epidemics and colds, smear your nose with oxolinic ointment, and even better wear a mask.

In the summer, thoroughly wash vegetables, berries and fruits and eat only fresh food. And it is also necessary to increase your immunity – to harden, perform feasible exercises and enjoy every day of waiting for your baby.

According to statistics, about 20% of pregnant women feel heat and hot flashes while carrying a baby, most often in the second half of pregnancy. This physiological jump in body temperature is the norm and in the absence of any other symptoms – chills, weakness, dizziness, aches in all members should not be alarming. But here it is important not to confuse slight heat with elevated body temperature.

Causes of fever or fever during pregnancy

Immediately after conception, a massive restructuring begins in the woman’s body. All organs and systems undergo changes, in particular, hormonal changes, estrogen levels drop and progesterone concentrations increase. All this is reflected in the state of the future mother: throws into heat during pregnancy, there are hot flashes, the duration of which can vary from a few seconds to a few minutes.

The body temperature rises slightly, the maximum is up to 37.4 ⁰C and this should not be disturbed. The heat in the décolleté, neck and head quickly passes, if you ensure that cool air enters the room where the woman is located.

Many future mothers unconsciously try to provide themselves with a greater level of comfort during this period, opening the vents for the night in cool weather and dressing much easier than before. Again: this is normal and does not pose any threat to the fetus. The same hormonal changes cause fever in the pregnancy. His provokes varicose veins, familiar to many women in the position.

This disease provokes an enlarged uterus, which presses on the veins of the pelvis, disrupting their blood flow and increases the load on the vessels of the lower extremities. As a result, legs hurt, swell, become covered with ugly spider veins and get tired very quickly.

In this case, it is recommended for pregnant women to minimize the load on their legs, after each walk, to rest, putting a pad under them, to do light exercises that will help to improve blood circulation. About such problems a woman should tell her gynecologist and consult with him how to be in this case.

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