If not, get pregnant

Doctors prescribe tests to identify serious pathologies if the couple cannot conceive a child for more than a year.

Men are prescribed spermogram – sperm collection, which is obtained as a result of masturbation. You can take the analysis only in this way. Thanks to the spermogram, the number of active spermatozoa is detected and, if this indicator is low, treatment is prescribed.

Women are prescribed laparoscopy – a special dye is injected into the uterus, which checks the patency of the fallopian tubes. Do not worry if something goes wrong – all pathologies found can be treated.

To get rid of the detected disease is best before conceiving. Therapy can cause great harm to the child, if carried out during pregnancy.

Analyzes determine the presence of pathologies in future moms and dads. They will give birth to a healthy baby and protect parents from possible problems.

Analyzes when planning pregnancy for men

  1. Identify Rh factor and blood group – to predict the Rh-conflict.
  2. Infections tests – hepatitis, syphilis, HIV.
  3. General blood analysis. Determines whether the pope is dangerous for the child diseases.
Analyzes when planning pregnancy for women

Mandatory analyzes

  1. General urine analysis. Determines the presence of pathologies in the kidneys.
  2. Biochemistry. Checks the work of the internal organs.
  3. General blood analysis. Identifies viruses and diseases in the future mother.
  4. Analysis to determine the Rh factor and blood group. The possibility of rhesus conflict is revealed. When the Rh factor is positive, there are no pathologies, and if the result is negative, an analysis of antibodies and subsequent treatment is prescribed.
  5. Bakposev microflora. Allows you to eliminate the presence of harmful microorganisms in the vaginal microflora.
  6. Blood test for sugar. If there is a predisposition to the disease or an analysis shows its presence, then the woman will experience the entire pregnancy at the doctor.
  7. Infections tests – syphilis, hepatitis, HIV.
  8. Blood clotting test.
  9. Analysis of TORCH-complex – analysis reveals herpes, cytomegalovirus, rubella, toxoplasmosis. Infections are dangerous to mom’s health and can cause miscarriage.
  10. Visit the dentist. During pregnancy, it will be difficult for the expectant mother to treat her teeth, because pregnant women are barred from x-rays and taking painkillers.

Ultrasound of the pelvic organs and colposcopy is prescribed to check the reproductive female system.

Additional analyzes

Appointed after the results of the mandatory tests. Gynecologist gives directions in accordance with the identified pathologies, as well as with the lifestyle of the future mother.

The most common additional tests:

  1. PCR – polymerase chain reaction. Detects the presence of genital herpes, ureaplasmosis, chlamydosis, garnerellosis, papilloma virus.
  2. Blood donation for hormones. It is appointed after revealing a woman’s hormonal disruptions.
  3. Genetic analyzes. Appointed if the partners have hereditary diseases or the age of the future parents exceeds 40 years.

Future mothers independently decide on the delivery of such tests.

Remember that the health of children is formed in the womb, so an additional check of the state of the body will only benefit.

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