How to keep your ears healthy in the summer

Flights, swimming in ponds and other seasonal causes can lead to problems with the ears. here I learned how to keep them healthy

In the hot season, ears can become inflamed for several reasons.

Why do ears hurt in summer

Hypothermia. In the heat, we strive into an air-conditioned room that drives jets of icy air, take a cold shower, drink ice drinks – all this can cause hypothermia and contribute to the development of infections.

Bathing. Most of us go to the sea or river in the summer. Many people like to plunge into the water with their heads on a hot day. But it is in such situations that water gets into your ears. Of particular danger are dirty ponds teeming with bacteria and other pathogens. In addition, due to the heat in the ear, a moist environment forms, which contributes to the development of fungal infections.

Air travel. Ear pain occurs when a pressure disorder occurs between the middle ear and the environment. In this case, pain can appear in both young children and adults.

Mechanical injuries. The careless use of ear sticks, as well as matches and other items that are not suitable for caring for the auricle, leads to them.

So that in the summer the ears do not hurt, you need to be careful and follow a few rules. Do not sit under air conditioning and a cold stream of air. The temperature difference in the room and on the street should not exceed seven degrees.

Water gets into the ears of anyone who bathes. But not everyone knows how to get rid of it. The old-fashioned old-fashioned way is to put a palm to your ear and jump on a leg located on the side of the clamped ear. You can prevent water from entering the ear canal. To do this, roll up a cotton ball, lubricate it with petroleum jelly and insert into the ear. Take out after swimming, and make a new one before entering the water.

Ears must be wiped and in no case should you pick them with chopsticks or little fingers. You can roll dense sticks from cotton wool, or, as they are called, turundas. And gently insert into your ear. Sit a little while cotton wool absorbs all the water.

There are several ways to get rid of discomfort during the flight. The most common is to blow out the ears: close the nostrils with your fingers, tighten your lips and exhale the air from the nose with force. Yawning still helps. You can open your mouth and try to swallow. For kids, you need a bottle of drink, for older children and adults – candy or chewing gum. They will also help to cope with stuffing your ears. Before the flight, many recommend using vasoconstrictor drops for the nose. Especially they help babies who cannot yawn or blow their ears themselves.

And most importantly, if after a flight or bathing your ears are disturbed by unpleasant sensations, congestion or even pain, then you need not to self-medicate, but to seek help from a specialist.

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