What you need to know about vitamins

With the onset of spring, many begin to take multivitamins to support the body weakened during the winter. There is much debate about them now. here I tried to clarify all the conjectures

They say: you need to choose multivitamins.

In fact: our body needs vitamins. We can only get them from food. At the same time, we spend it extremely quickly, since most are excreted along with the liquid. Therefore, vitamins should come to us regularly. It is scientifically proven that the vitamins that we ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner are absorbed by only 20-30 percent. In addition, when cooking and preserving vegetables and fruits, most vitamins disappear, so experts strongly recommend taking multivitamins to avoid vitamin deficiency.

They say: synthetic vitamins are harmful.

In fact: it has been scientifically proven that synthetic vitamins (that is, in tablets) in terms of chemical composition and digestibility by the body are no different from natural ones. In addition, synthetic vitamins in most cases are obtained from plants and other natural sources.

Speaking t: vitamin deficiency is a consequence of malnutrition.

In fact: there is some truth to this. But the main reasons for vitamin deficiency are different. If there are chronic diseases, there are disturbances in the microflora in the intestines or stomach, there has been a prolonged use of antibiotics or hormonal drugs, if a person smokes or abuses alcohol, then a lack of vitamins will certainly be present in the body.

They say: spring vitamin deficiency is dangerous.

In fact: today, experts agree that there is no autumn or spring vitamin deficiency. Due to the long absence of sun and a short day in spring, a person may experience only a lack of vitamin D. In other cases, a person has vitamin deficiency or does not have it. And apathy, pallor, fatigue – this is not only a lack of sunlight, but also fresh air in general, since in winter people walk and move less.

They say: vitamins can be eaten in reserve.

In fact: vitamins are easily eliminated from the body. And just a day after eating, their content in the body comes to average figures.

They say: an overdose of vitamins is dangerous.

In fact: only fat-soluble vitamins accumulate in the body – these are A, K, F, E and D. The rest are perfectly excreted. And in order to earn hypervitaminosis, you need to exceed the norm every ten times. This is very difficult to do. But you do not need to buy vitamins with a high content of iodine and calcium, as they are intended for people with a thyroid gland. It is also better to be careful with vitamin D and not exceed its daily rate. Otherwise, the kidneys may become ill. Pregnant women need to be careful with vitamin A, which can affect the development of the fetus. In general, an ordinary person can not choose the right vitamin complex. This can only be done by a doctor.

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