Wanted libido after childbirth

Lost attraction, how to want your partner again after childbirth – hundreds of thousands of women are looking for answers to these questions on the Internet.

Katerina Bibisheva, coach and creator of the school of intimate gymnastics, herself a young mother, knows what could have caused a lack of desire and what to do in order to wake up the libido again

After the baby appears, the mother may begin to have sexual problems

Reason 1: Hormonal Failure

So conceived by mother nature, that women after childbirth often do not want to have sex. The reason for this is a decrease in the level of estrogen, a hormone that, together with progesterone, regulates sexual desire in women.

This increases the level of prolactin, giving you the opportunity to plunge into all the delights of breastfeeding.

What to do: Relax. It takes time for your body to recover. This will happen most quickly if you will love him. Let your partner touch you and take your time to have sex right away.

Reason 2: Dryness

A decrease in the concentration of estrogen in the blood is also the cause of dryness in the vaginal canal. The lack of natural lubrication makes your vagina more like the Sahara desert than a magical oasis.

What to do: If you care about your sex life, then stock up on a water-based hypoallergenic lubricant in advance so as not to harm the microflora in the vaginal canal and restore pleasant sensations.

Reason 3: Spasm

It is he who often causes stagnation in the pelvic area. Spasmodic muscles cannot provide sufficient blood flow to the genitals. And your excitement directly depends on this.

What to do: Try to do intimate gymnastics. A specially designed set of exercises will help relieve spasm, restore blood circulation and thereby restore your sexual desire.

Reason 4: Pelvic floor weak muscles

The vaginal canal itself, if you compare it before pregnancy and 2 months after birth, changes by only a few millimeters. What really suffers is the muscles that surround him. In addition to reducing the sensation of “strong girth of the penis,” in the weak muscles of the pelvic floor, as a rule, blood circulation is disturbed. And this, as we already know from the previous paragraph, affects your libido.

What to do: Strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Keeping your attention on the sensations that occur in your vagina during intimate gymnastics, you will involuntarily begin to get excited. Strong and elastic muscles of the pelvic floor will make it pleasant not only for your partner, but also help you feel more confident and sexier. And good blood circulation as a result of classes will improve the quality of your sex life.

Reason 5: The Pain You Remember

Not all births are easy and simple. Episiotomy, tears and, alas, not always a friendly attitude of the medical staff – all this can remain painful memories, which are not so easy to get rid of. And this can not but adversely affect sexual desire.

What to do: Love yourself and your vagina. Yes, your body has changed, but at the same time you have not become worse, you have become different. Your body gave you this little man that you hold in your hands, and it costs a lot. Be patient, you will soon recover and return to its former form. Eat right, add physical activity to your daily routine, pay attention to your body at least 15 minutes a day. And after a week you will see pleasant results.

Reason 6: Chronic lack of sleep

Female excitement begins with the head. Lack of sleep overloads not only the body, but also the brain. When your only thought for today is “how not to fall from fatigue”, then, you know, not to attraction.

What to do: Have more rest. Hire a cleaning lady, call friends or relatives who can help with household chores and with the child.

Reason 7: Change of focus

Most likely, before pregnancy and childbirth you paid more attention to yourself, your feelings and your partner. With the advent of the child, everything changes dramatically, and the concerns associated with the baby come to the fore, and not your orgasms.

What to do:

Find time for love and communication. Hug, kiss, tell me how dear your partner is. Tell him what is on your soul and what experiences are eating you. Close conversations strengthen relationships. He, like you, has a difficult time in connection with the appearance of a small person in your life. Only by opening your heart in a conversation and not leaving a place in it for insults and claims, you can begin to restore your sex life.

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