All the pros and cons of areola tattooing

You must admit that the breast should be beautiful not only in shape, but also visually, which means that when undressing, you should not be shy about how your areoles look. Of course, the indications for dermatologic areola (areola tattoo) of the breast are aesthetic and they are aimed, first of all, to make the woman feel even more beautiful, attractive and sexy.

For example, you may feel awkward that the area around your nipples is somehow colorless, which gives rise to complexes. Another reason is skin diseases, one of which is vitiligo, which leads to violations of skin pigmentation. The cause may also be the natural asymmetry of the nipple area. It would seem that small aesthetic shortcomings in such a fairly intimate area, however, it is they that become the cause of self-doubt, complexes and even problems in personal life. Areola tattooing helps to solve not only aesthetic problems, but also psychological ones, restoring self-confidence to women.

To a separate group of patients can be attributed those who in the recent past resorted to increasing mammoplasty with the help of silicone implants. In our country, it is the periareolar method of breast augmentation that is especially popular when surgery and implant placement occur through an incision around the areola.

This method allows you to minimize the number of postoperative scars – they remain mainly in the area around the nipple and are therefore less noticeable than with other options for mammoplasty, when an incision is made, for example, under the breast. Nevertheless, after endoprosthetics, most women want to get rid of any consequences of the intervention as soon as possible and mask scars in the areola area. One of the most reliable and safe methods is the dermatouage of the areola.

Dermatouage of the areola is also indicated after a mastectomy or after breast reconstruction with implants: it allows you to almost completely restore the color of the areola.

In a sense, areola tattooing helps to visually solve the problem of sagging breasts with ptosis of the first degree, when ptosis is not yet so pronounced, and the breast volume is sufficient.

The disadvantages of the procedure of dermatotage can be attributed only to the incorrect choice of the specialist and the salon where you turned. Keep in mind that tattoo parlors use their own coloring materials, which do not always look natural. Masters of permanent makeup apply other pigments that help to achieve a more natural and natural shade. It is very important that the master is a true professional, because such a delicate area requires more than careful attention to yourself.

The advantages of the procedure include the lack of a large list of contraindications. Patients after mammoplasty have a peculiar bonus – all examinations have already been completed and the necessary tests have been passed. As for the rest, contraindications may include: pregnancy, lactation, blood diseases, a tendency to scarring, oncology, uncompensated diabetes mellitus.

Dermatouage procedure is classified as safe. During its implementation, the patient does not feel pain, but, at his request, the master can give you local anesthesia – most often an anesthetic cream is used. As such, there is no recovery period after tattooing: areola is the maximum wearing appliqués for 4-6 hours after the procedure, then wiping the areola area with any alcohol-containing agent for faster healing. It is not recommended to visit swimming pools, saunas, tanning salons and, of course, beaches.

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