Secrets of yogis where to find energy

We are filled with prana during breathing – through the nostrils it enters the body and fills us from the inside. Therefore, the first advice that will improve your well-being and make you more energetic is to do breathing exercises or, as they are called in yoga, pranayama.

In yoga, there is the concept of prana – vital energy. She constantly circulates the body. Sometimes it is too much (and then you are ready to turn the mountains!), Sometimes it “flows” out of us and we feel tired and feel like squeezed lemon.

Yogis can control prana and maintain an ideal level of energy in the body. Read how to learn the same way.

Pranayama can dramatically change your well-being from “very bad” to “now for a run, and then I will write a few more articles.” Proper breathing calms the body and mind, helps relieve stress and improves mood. A few exercises can replace a full sleep, and a trip to a psychologist, though.

To make sure, try it yourself. We have collected for you the three most basic, but no less effective exercises for breathing – breathe and be filled with energy.

Proper yogic breathing

Its essence is simple: take as deep and long breaths as you can. On inspiration, first fill the stomach, then the chest. On the exhale – do everything in the opposite direction: first lower the chest, then draw in the stomach. And, yes, yogis always breathe through their nose!

Breathing through different nostrils alternately

The exercise is performed as follows: with your hand you hold the right nostril, take a breath with your left. Then you hold the left and exhale the right. Then vice versa. By the way, such an exercise helps well with nasal congestion, it is checked.

Air-held breathing

Breathe on the principle of deep yoga breathing, but after each inhalation and exhalation, hold the air for 3-5 seconds.

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