Woke up and stretched, beauty day plan

The main trouble with early aging is the loss of skin elasticity by slowing down collagen production. Cosmetics work only in the upper stratum corneum – it is forbidden by law to release deep-acting products on the market. They create a thin film on the surface and exfoliate keratinized particles of the epidermis surface.

A longer-term effect is observed from the procedures at the cosmetologist, where the doctor acts on the dermis. here I’ve made a plan for an ideal day for skin care, combining care for the superficial and deep layers – try to realize it.

Woke up and stretched

During sleep, our face is static, so in the morning the first thing to do is to accelerate the flow of blood to its surface. Wash with gel and apply serum on the skin, which will align the pH balance from alkaline to neutral. On the massage lines with a little pressure, move your fingertips across the face. You can slightly pinch your neck and cheeks – places where subcutaneous fat accumulates and which are not threatened with bruises from the slightest touch.

Interestingly, cosmetologists advise not everyone to apply the cream on top of the serum. If you have normal or oily skin type, you can skip this step – hydration is already enough. Lubricate your lips with balm and apply makeup – you are ready to go.

We go to the beautician

In the autumn and winter season, the most popular procedure in the office of an aesthetic doctor is peeling and polishing. For women with post-acne, the doctor will prescribe laser resurfacing or glycolic peeling – these procedures work at great depths and are used only for medical reasons. For those who want to add shine and even tone to the skin, carbon peeling or a procedure based on fruit, lactic or other “weak” acids is suitable.

HydraFacial, plasmolifting and injections with vitamin serum are good for hydration – the doctor must justify their need.

We go to the sauna

After a strength training it is pleasant to spend an evening in a hammam or Finnish bathhouse – this is how we will end the perfect beauty day. Bring along a salt or sugar scrub, a loofah washcloth and a face mask. Polish your skin and moisturize your face with a mask.

Just be careful: after peeling and facial cleansing, it is forbidden to visit the sauna for at least a week. After relaxing procedures, come home, drink your favorite tea and apply a night mask – in 8 hours it will make the skin velvet.

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