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With tinnitus could encounter every person, and the doctors do not consider the problem a disease. It is taken as a symptom of a particular disease, which develops in the body of the patient. For example, noise may appear in anemia, hypertension and atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels. In some cases, even low back pain is accompanied by a similar phenomenon. Many people want to get rid of the symptom, in this case, consider tablets from noise in the head. While much will depend on what exactly led to the pathological condition. It is helpful to consider possible causes of the symptoms and the best drugs.


Often the most Intrusive noise in the head comes from people in older age. However, even young citizens are not immune from this phenomenon. It can be triggered by both external factors and internal pathologies. Definitely need to remember one thing – the treatment should be started only after the resolution of the diagnosis. Until then, people will lubricate the clinical picture and the cause of the symptom is not eliminated.

Negative factors:

  1. You should understand that ringing in the ears can occur due to stress. It may be a nervous shock or chronic emotional tension. The only thing you can advise someone is to try to lead a relaxed lifestyle.
  2. Severe fatigue. Most often the unpleasant symptom occurs when a person suffers from chronic fatigue. It can occur due to hard work, study and other similar reasons.
  3. Intoxication. It appears that when a chemical, food or drug poisoning. It is crucial to take proper measures to cleanse the body. In a different situation may be encountered not only with tinnitus, but with more serious consequences.
  4. Incorrect posture for sleep or bad sleeping arrangements. Even uncomfortable pillow, bad mattress can lead to the fact that a person is ringing in my head.
  5. Loud noises. They are a precipitating factor, if continued long, or have a high intensity. For example, the symptom may appear at the concert or because of the stun.
  6. Being at a big height or depth. In this case, the tinnitus can not be considered a pathology, because it is quite a normal phenomenon.

In some situations noise may occur due to various pathologies in the body. It can be benign or malignancy that may affect blood flow, causing oxygen starvation of the brain. The problem can lead to degenerative disc disease of the neck, which also affects the circulatory system. Infections and inflammations can decrease hearing and cause ringing in my head. In some cases, atherosclerosis of the brain contributes to unpleasant sensations.

Dystonia is one of the common factors that are observed in many people. If it happens that a person loses balance and feels dizzy. All this is accompanied by noise in the cranial box. Meningitis is also common cause that leads to hum in my head. Diabetes in some cases, appeals considered a symptom, in this case also there was a decrease of weight, constant thirst and dry mouth.

There are many reasons that cause noise in the ears. These include traumatic brain injury, stroke, anemia, heart problems and vestibular apparatus. Only a doctor will be able to clearly say what we have to deal. Also, the doctor will prescribe tablets from noise in the head, which will be effective in a particular case.

Methods of diagnosis

In order to establish an accurate diagnosis and learn about the pills from noise in the ears and head, be sure to go to the hospital. There must pass through a series of studies that will help to identify the pathology. It is not so much important to get rid of a particular symptom is much more necessary to eliminate the cause.

You will need to take blood and urine for biochemical analysis in order to detect deviations in performance. You will also need to do the audiogram and pass hearing tests. For suspected pathology of the head and neck MRI and CT scans prescribed. These surveys are informative and help to identify many abnormalities, particularly of hematoma, trauma, neoplasms, cysts and other violations.

In addition, conduct EEG and the ECHO-EG, to perform the function of the brain. May require vestibular tests and otoscopy. In General, only a doctor will be able to clearly say what research you need to spend for a particular patient. It will identify the problem and prescribe drugs from the noise in my head.

Sometimes it happens that there are no signs of vascular lesions, brain tissue and the auditory drug. It may be that the person is completely healthy. In such a situation is to go to a therapist, to have him look for the cause. The doctor will be obliged to eliminate the stress, mental disorders and obsessions. All this is done with the help of special studies.

Cure noise in the head

As already mentioned, only a doctor will be able to say clearly what means will be effective in a particular case. As you could already understand, need to get rid not so much from noise as the cause of its appearance. If the doctor will prescribe pills, but they will not have any effect, it means that the diagnosis was properly delivered. Therefore, you will need to go through re-diagnosis, in order to detect other violations.

The causes and appropriate tablet from the noise:

  1. If a person has problems with the hearing aid, then you can take antihistamines, antibiotics, or antipsychotics. Should buy tools that are designed specifically for ears. For example, suitable Betaserc or Vestibo.
  2. If poor blood circulation, then definitely you will need to restore it. In this case you should use nootropics, as well as natural remedies, for example, Ginko Biloba.
  3. Antidepressants are needed in the situation when a person suffers from constant fatigue and stress. For example, you can use Paxil or Prozac.
  4. Anemia is often prescribed products with iron.
  5. Effective treatment noise in the head – chondroprotectors. They help in the situation when the person has a cervical osteochondrosis. For example, you can use Glucosamine or teraflex.
  6. In some cases, ringing in the cranial box can be caused by high blood pressure. In such a situation it is necessary to use special means for its reduction. For example, will help diuretics, beta-blockers and medicines that improve the heart muscle.

Only a doctor can decide which pill will help with the noise in my head, and which will be ineffective in a particular situation. Therefore, one should not independently choose the means, it is necessary to go to the hospital. Only in this case the treatment can be considered effective and correct.

The list of drugs

For evaluation purposes it is useful to examine a list of drugs that are often used from tinnitus. They all have different effects, as well as certain features. The value found is different, but in General it is not recommended to save on medications, if you want to achieve a good result.

Specialists often recommend Tanakan. The drug is of vegetable origin, active components and contribute to increased tone in the vessels and improve metabolism in mind. Thanks to them you can not only get rid of the noise but the dizziness. At the same time possible side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and headache. The average pack costs about 600 rubles, there is 30 tablets.

Vinpocetine is an active tool that is also affects metabolism in the brain. If it regular, then the neurons become more resistant to oxygen starvation. The drug effectively eliminates the noise in the cranial box, as well as contributes to the improvement of hearing. The drug is cheap, the packaging will cost an average of 100-120 rubles.

Phenibut acts comprehensively on the body. The drug improves mental abilities and helps against cramps. If you have ringing in the ears, the tool quickly resolves. The package will cost about 70 rubles.

Have vazobral is an expensive drug that will cost the person 930 rubles. It strengthens blood vessels, improves blood circulation and increases the brain resistance to hypoxia. Medication good fights and noise, and dizziness. Is made in pill form and in liquid form.

Kaviton is often assigned to those people who have the brain pathology. The remedy increases blood flow and promotes metabolism in the cranial box. It is often prescribed for problems with memory, dizziness and the ringing in my ears. You can buy 30 tablets for about 300 rubles.

Cinnarizine is inexpensive, but it is a popular drug. In pharmacies it costs about 40 rubles. The medication increases blood circulation, increases the resistance of tissues to hypoxia, removes vascular spasm. Remedy effectively treats headache and the noise.

Betaserc is assigned if a person has dizziness, problems with the vestibular apparatus, as well as ringing in the ears. The drug costs 500 rubles, and has an excellent effect.

Captopril is the cheapest drug in question, it will cost about 15 rubles. The tool assigned, if a person has pulsation in the brain, and ringing. The drug is effective for people who have diseases of the cardiovascular system.

If man does not help prescribed medication, then it is recommended to re-apply to the hospital to appoint a new one. To pick their own medication should not be, because it is necessary to proceed not only from characteristics of the drug, but also take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

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