Drugs to improve circulation to the brain

Any failure in the vascular system of the brain, there is an impact on the whole body. When blood circulation in the head, it leads to different diseases. You need to pay attention to their health. If there are frequent headaches for no apparent reason, you need to consult a doctor as soon as possible. The specialist will prescribe medicines to improve blood circulation in the brain. If there is a violation in the bloodstream, this can be a serious illness.


Poor circulation can cause atherosclerosis. In this disease there is a narrowing of blood vessels which creates plaque. After some time, they begin to grow and accumulate platelets. Can form a blood clot, he becomes the reason for the closure of the lumen in the arteries. It happens that he breaks off and goes to the vessels in the brain. There is a blockage and a stroke occurs, it is called an acute violation of blood circulation in the head.

Can also be and hypertension, some people think that this disease does not cause any serious consequences. And this becomes a cause of impaired blood flow. The human body as the brain needs rest. If that happens, that person restarts a job, it also affects poor circulation. Low back pain and also constricts the blood vessels that lead to the brain. Traumatic brain injury, concussion, bleeding and bruising that does not go away just like that. Occurs compression in the brain, it leads to disruption of blood flow. There were even cases of death. It is therefore necessary to take care of your health and lead an active lifestyle.


In the beginning, when blood circulation gets worse, the symptoms are not so bright or even invisible. But after some time the symptoms can increasingly Express themselves, and the person begins to notice it.

Main features:

  1. Headache may become less in the case if you take the medication. But the pain can return.
  2. Dizziness occurs because there is a lack of oxygen in the brain. This leads to violations in the departments heads, responsible for orientation in space. Die brain cells and tissue atrophy, and therefore vertigo. This can cause serious disease, you need to see a specialist.
  3. Nausea can turn into vomiting, and can be multiple symptoms such as headache and dizziness. They can be harbingers of stroke.
  4. Tinnitus also suggests that the impaired blood flow in the head. Can appear the symptom in the clicks and the buzz in my head. If there are loud noises, then this may indicate serious pathologies.
  5. Mental disorders can be observed in the form of seizures, confusion or numbness of the limbs. In some situations there is a fever, a fever or increased blood pressure without any reason.

If there is an ischemic stroke, the symptoms occur in the acute form. The patient will complain of severe nausea or vomiting. Will also be focal symptoms, they will talk about violations of any of the bodies responsible for the damaged part of the brain.

Hemorrhagic stroke is due to the fact that the damaged vessel gets into the bloodstream of the brain. Further there is fluid that compresses the brain. This can often lead to death of the victim.

In violation of blood flow in the brain starts lacking oxygen. Symptoms become more noticeable and this may indicate that there is some kind of disease. Required as soon as possible, seek the advice of a neurologist.

Diagnosis and consequences

If a person suspects that he has some kind of disease, it is necessary to go on reception to the doctor. Specialist starts from what the patient complains, and assigns proper examination.

To confirm the disease can such research:

  1. The blood shall be from a vein in cholesterol and triglycerides. It does not give full confirmation of the disease, but only lets you know if a person belongs to a risk group.
  2. Duplex scanning of vessels of the head, this procedure gives only to learn more about major arteries.
  3. Angiography this procedure is performed using contrast agent in the cervical artery. All the vessels kontroliruyut, and they can be seen on x-ray monitor.
  4. MTR and CT also is the injection of a contrast agent intravenously. This is the fastest and a good way to find the cause of disease.

The methodology of such studies is safe, but there are some contraindications. Let us assume for contrast agent can be a serious allergic reaction, so before the procedure, do a test.

When there is a violation of blood flow in the brain, it starts narrowing in the arteries. Lockout can occur blood circulation because of a clot that clogs a vessel. Could also be a tear in the artery, it leads to bleeding in the head.

Brain must be to get the nutrients, otherwise the pathology is developing very quickly. If there is little damage or partial blockage, then a person has symptoms such as: numbness or dizziness. The brain is in normal condition not more than five minutes, if there is overlap of the vessel. Thereafter, cell death, and it is impossible to restore normal brain function. Even if that happens, the doctors help the patient to survive, he is already on all life remains the invalid. When there is bleeding in the skull, edema and hematoma, they lead to disorders.


Vasodilators give a good effect, help to improve blood circulation. They act to dilate the blood vessels. You must comply with the instructions for use of tablets.

Means of improving blood flow:

Actovegin. It oxygenates brain tissue and restore blood circulation, this helps to avoid stroke. Necessary to take it up to three times a day before meal.

Have vazobral. Reduces the permeability of vessel walls. Mental activity and memory impairment improving, and there is restoration of blood flow. You can even eat in the morning and evening one pill.

Cavinton. Returns vision and hearing acuity. The reason of such a breach are not elastic or destroyed vessels. Blood flow in the brain is improved, and oxygen flows better to the tissues of the head.

Antispasmodics. They help expand the lumen of the vessels. They are extremely safe and give a soft effect. Can be taken as tablets and injections. Such medication like Drotaverine hydrochloride and Nosh-PA, do not give such a good result, if you already have atherosclerosis. Most often, older people don’t prescribe antispasmodics, they do not bring any benefit in treatment. Experts they appoint, as a rule, other drugs to improve blood flow and memory.

Blockers of calcium channels. Also used to normalize blood circulation and does not cause the damage to blood vessels. Such medications should be taken only if prescribed by a doctor. They also have side effect like other drugs.

Nimodipine. Tablets are assigned in preventive measures and to treat blood flow disorders in the brain. If a person has had a stroke, prescribe the drug need to take up to 14 days.

Vinpocetine. The tool is made from plant components. Has a vasodilator effect and removes blood clots. It also helps with the lack of oxygen in the brain.

Alpha adrenoblokatory. These medicines help to improve blood circulation in the head. They provide an opportunity to reduce blood pressure and relieve emotional stress. Nicergoline is used in that case, if there is oxygen deprivation or vasospasm.

Prazosin. Gives a good effect in the treatment of hypertension and heart failure. Do not use with calcium channel blockers. Helps with the first dose, and this can cause the pressure decrease or fainting.

Nicergoline. Positively affects the nervous system and lowers blood pressure. Do not use for heart attack and pregnancy.

Proofreaders microcirculation. Drugs to adjust the blood circulation in the capillaries. Help eliminate chronic impaired venous function and dizziness. Appoint Betagistin courses and should be taken 3 times a day.

Flavonoids. These pills are made of herbal remedies. They strengthen the vascular wall and leads them in tone. Apply such medication as: Bilobil, Gencom or Tanakan to improve the efficiency of the brain and memory. You should know that such tablets slow-motion effect. They are rarely prescribed by doctors to patients who are already aged because they may not have a positive effect.

Nootropics. Appoint them to improve metabolism in the brain, and the patient is a normalization memory and increases active thinking. Most often such drugs as Piracetam, Lorazeam, Noopept is used to treat encephalopathy. But also for various diseases of the vascular system in the brain. Take their aged people, and young such funds should not eat, they will not bring any result.

Statins. Well suited to improve blood flow in the head. Drugs of the last generation Crestor, Atomax, Holetar they are much safer and most importantly more efficient. Thanks to them, cleared the vessels, prescribe them only for adults and those who do not suffer muscle atrophy.

All of these drugs to prescribe should only be a specialist. The self to do in any case is impossible, it can lead to serious consequences. In these medicines has many side effects. If there is often headache or other symptoms, you must consult a neurologist.

Traditional treatments

Traditional treatments do not help get rid of the disease. They only relieve symptoms of impaired blood flow. If there is a noise in my ears and dizzy, you need to take a tincture of red clover. It should pour the vodka to fully plant covered with liquid. And infuse for about three weeks, and drink it before eating a small spoon.

Melilotus officinalis will also help to prevent thrombosis. This tool is well improves circulation. Drink it in tea form. Gives a good effect for blood circulation, tincture of horse chestnut. Helps to eliminate bad blood flow in the brain Valerian. You need to take the root of a plant and crush it. Take a tablespoon of this tool and pour a glass of hot water, to eat three times a day.

Well cleanses the blood vessels and lowers high blood pressure lemon and orange. Preparing a slurry of citrus, it is necessary to take a few of these fruits, cut and grind in a blender. In this mixture you will need to add a little honey. It all mix well and put in a cold place. To be taken about three times a day one spoon.


Prevention helps breathing exercises, it saturates the blood with oxygen. You must know that without training, exercise can cause only harm. So you need the first days to conduct exercises with the coach. This gym is the yoga class.

It should also not reload itself physical or mental work. In order to improve blood flow, it is necessary as much as possible to spend time in the fresh air. Have to sleep at night not less than eight hours. Try to drink more pure water, about two liters a day.

Violation of blood flow in the brain is well studied in medicine. Therefore, professionals who work in the emergency room, can easily tell whether to take the patient to the hospital or not. Anyone with relevant symptoms will be able to understand just he had a headache or stroke. You also need time to call the doctors and go through proper examination. If ever the time prescribed treatment, you will be able to avoid the consequences.

To monitor their health needs especially pregnant girls. Try to avoid emotional and physical surges. If the doctor suggests that the circulation occurs, it is necessary to survey and begin timely treatment.

What to do to avoid the various diseases associated with poor circulation. To do this, you must try to lead an active lifestyle, stop Smoking and drinking. Also, do not forget to observe proper nutrition. To consume in your diet the following foods: fish, milk, vegetables, fruit. You need to know that sugar, meats, soda, and pastries, this food contains large amount of cholesterol. Alcoholic drinks are very bad for human health. If you abuse alcohol, it is a gamble to earn a disease such as hemorrhagic stroke most often it leads to death. You must also try to avoid stressful situations. If a person suspects that he is at risk, it will be necessary to get a diagnosis. Because we all know that to fight the disease at an early stage the easiest.

To avoid such serious diseases need to monitor their health. To lead a healthy lifestyle and try not to experience emotional or physical stress. And at the first symptoms, which suggests that impaired blood flow is necessary to visit a doctor.

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