Migraine treatment during pregnancy

For migraine peculiar pain in the head, in which the patient is difficult to move. You need to learn how to recognize pathology in the early stages of development, to be able to eliminate symptoms, reduce pain during an attack. Therefore, doctors suggest to use migraine medication different spectrum of action, which will be discussed further.

What is important to know about migraine

Sometimes people have a bilateral migraine. Often the symptoms manifest themselves in young girls 20-30 years old and adults from 40 to 50 years. Often, this pathology is diagnosed in four-year kids. Migraine appears at least 1-2 times max each week.

Symptoms because of activation of the trigeminal nerve. The disease is inherited.

Symptoms may appear less intense as they grow older. When the patient reaches the age of 35 years, the disease will reach its peak.


Pathology develops suddenly, is not always eliminated by analgesics, cutting disappears. A distinctive feature of migraines is pain on one side of the head which lasts from several minutes to a day or more. The symptom is localized around the eyes, forehead or temples.

Patients increased sensitivity to light and loud sounds. The pressure remains normal. Patient concerned about nausea, retching.

Types of migraine:

  1. Eye, in which there is no aura.
  2. Hemiplegic.
  3. Neck.

The symptoms are often localized on both sides. Migraine in such situations due to vascular disease but nothing in common with low or high pressure. Pathology does not occur because of glaucoma and increased intracranial pressure. It’s a different kind of headache.

The causes of migraine in women

The main cause of migraine is hereditary, but until today its cause is difficult to determine because the mechanism of development of this condition difficult.

To provoke symptoms can the pressure on the body:

  • Physical.
  • Problems with food.
  • A bad dream.
  • Overheating.
  • Loud noises.
  • Tobacco.
  • Hormones.

80% of examples of migraines falls on women. Men also can get this disease.

Remedies to correct weak pain and rare bouts

Not the first stages of migraines with light pain in the head can be used analgesics, the active substance which inhibits the painful pulses in my head. The effectiveness of drugs due to migraine symptoms, is caused by the individual digestibility and intake.


The drug is effective at higher doses. It is advisable to drink strong tea. When used 1000 mg medication half of the patients symptoms were relieved after 2 hours.

Aspirin helps to eliminate the associated symptoms of migraine:

  • Nausea.
  • Retching.
  • The sensitivity to light.
  • The irritability of sounds.

The best effect is achieved when adding 10 mg of Domperidone. Aspirin can be used every 6 hours during the day up to 4 times. It is undesirable to use this medicine for gastric ulcers and migraines during menstruation, because the drug makes the blood thinner and cause bleeding.


Good replacement of aspirin, but to be effective should be consumed in larger quantity to a maximum of 600 mg in one dose. The drug is taken a maximum of 4 times a day. The number of side effects of the drug are minimal, so Ibuprofen is allowed to use the girls during pregnancy and lactation, and infants. In such a situation, the dosage for each patient is determined by a physician.


If only to use this medication, the effect will be small. In combination with caffeine migraine symptoms are better able to deal with it. For this purpose, 2 tablets of 500 mg should be added 200 mg of coffee. If vomiting and nausea use the drug in combination with an antiemetic.


The drug is not so effective in comparison with Aspirin, but can be used as an alternative to triptans because of the minimal amount of side effects. Tablets weighing from 550 to 750 mg used 1 time for mild headaches. If the symptom is not relieved, the action of the drug may be extended for a day in a few receptions, breaking the main dose into fragments of 250 mg.


Weak painful symptom be able to lower with a single use of 100 mg migraine drugs. A day should not be consumed more than 200 mg. For this period is used 1 tablet of 50 mg at intervals of 6 hours.

The advantages of medication relates to the form of release:

  1. Pills.
  2. Candles.
  3. Ampoules.
  4. Powders.

The use of such candles, it is advisable to nausea. Act the drug begins after half an hour after consumption, due to rapid absorption.

Not recommended for use in migraine Analgin and Ketorol, despite their characteristic analgesic effect.

The reason migraine pain is not eliminated. Receptors are blocked. The list of their side effects compared to other medications significantly extended.

Drugs to eliminate frequently occurring severe pain

When analgesics do not produce the desired effect, you need to replace them with combination drugs.

Citramon P

The combination of aspirin and paracetamol in drug provides analgesic effect, the use of caffeine in small amounts has a positive effect on the tone of arteries and stimulates blood circulation.

Citramon P is indicated for mild attacks of the disease provoked by constriction of the capillaries. When you get a headache, need to eat 2 tablets of Advil P and again after 4 hours.


The cure refers to analogs of Tsitramon P on ingredients and useful effects. To eliminate migraine pain should be consumed 1 time 2 capsules.


The basis of the drug includes Paracetamol in combination with codeine and caffeine. Codeine belongs to narcotic analgesics and is used in small quantities. The drug increases the analgesic effect, in combination with caffeine improves a condition at the initial stage of migraine. If you have mild pain once consumed 2 tablets. Not to start addictive, it is better not to abuse this cure for migraines.


Indicated for migraine attacks provoked by emotional sensitivity. Improves analgesic effect with Codeine. In normal dosage to the list of components included Sedalgin caffeine. One tablet of the drug should be consumed only once. With a powerful stroke, the dosage is increased several times.

Pentalgin N

The efficacy of a drug is achieved due to the action of Naproxen, Drotaverine and feniramina. The medicine eliminates inflammation, improves the tone of the arteries, has a calming and analgesic effect. For treatment of moderate migraine pain you need to consume 1 tablet in the initial stage of attack.

Migranal Extra

Drugs based on caffeine and paracetamol eliminate the seizures, but they need to be consumed when the first symptoms of migraine. If you eat at the same time, 2 tablets, a painful symptoms will no longer bother for 30 minutes.

Combination drugs have better effect unlike pure analgesics, but these contra-indications of much more. All drugs should not be consumed during pregnancy, pathologies of the kidneys and stomach. Medications can be addictive and over time cease to operate effectively.

New medicines

Are made of special plasters that contain Sumatriptan. This form of release has a great convenience in comparison with the nasal spray. Medication can long maintain a useful concentration of drugs in blood, not once in the digestive tract. This reduces the number of side effects and to increase the portability of tools. This is a great alternative to conventional tablets.

Injection without the use of needles sumatriptan enable you to enter under the skin 6 mg medication without an injection. Medicine penetrate into the bloodstream with a miniature device that transports nitrogen gas and medicine through a tiny hole for a few moments. This form is required for patients that do not yield positive results pills tryptanol.

Form Dihydroergotamine is introduced into the body by inhalation, but the effectiveness of this will be consistent with the results of the introduction of intravenous injections. This enables the patients to fix complicated migraine attacks when they are in the work environment or home.

Migraine treatment during pregnancy

During the period of gestation migraine may worsen or become weaker. Often such attacks notice girls for the first time. Often they are caused by changes in hormone levels.

On the developing fetus in the womb of disorder does not work.


  • Patients are often fever.
  • Attacks of migraine lasting pain often repeated.
  • Problems with vision.

When symptoms do occur, use a cold compress. During pregnancy, doctors are advised to use Tylenol by prescription. It is undesirable to independently use anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin.

Migraine with aura

Such migraines occur previous symptoms, lasting about 1 hour. To eliminate the pain, you need to use medicines on prescription.

At this time, the patient:

  • Lost sensitivity.
  • There was a problem with it.
  • Paresis.
  • The black dots in the eyes.

During this period, having hallucinations. After the completion of the effect of these symptoms of a headache. The disease starts at the forehead, temples, eyes, reaches of the lower jaw. The migraine medication did not give the desired result.

The skin becomes pale, then blushes, and increased lacrimation. Into the affected spot of the eye shell hyperammonemia. Gradually merges with excessive salivation, breathing problems, stuffy nose.

The causes of migraine with aura:

  1. Regular stress.
  2. A bad dream.
  3. The change in temperature.
  4. Intense lighting.
  5. Loud noises.
  6. Strong smells.
  7. Too much sexual activity.
  8. Menstrual cycle.
  9. Prolonged use of contraceptive drugs.
  10. Hormonal therapy.

Migraines rarely occur in optimistic minded people, what can be said about anyone who experiences frequent frustration and increased irritability. This types of migraines are hypochondriacs with a depressive disorder and sleep problems.

To eliminate migraines you need to follow the diet. Many foods can cause headaches.

To such food include:

  • Citrus.
  • Bananas.
  • Caviar.
  • Red wine.

Neurologists believe that the damage does not bring these products, and the company matches the first attack, with early preventive measures. In such a situation requires an individual approach to the treatment after carrying out ECG.

Children’s migraine

The kids have a disorder occurs suddenly without a clear reason, but it can provoke the acceptance of such products:

  • sugar;
  • chocolate;
  • nuts.

Symptoms in children are not different from adults. Before the attacks the baby can be too whiny. In such cases, the neurologist asks you to draw him a few pictures. Often children in front of your eyes, there are points, lines, fuzzy images.

In children, there is dizziness, numbness on the face, there are problems with speech, memory. For kids of school age it is necessary to reduce the teaching load. The symptoms can be resolved at home. With this purpose, you need to put your baby in a dark ventilated room, wait until he falls asleep.

The duration of the attack can be docked ibuprofen or naproxen, do not use aspirin. Medicines can be used maximum 2 times a week during exacerbations.


These drugs are used in uchennyh attacks. Only a specialist can prescribe these drugs.

For prevention can be used:

  1. Beta-blockers.
  2. Antidepressants.
  3. Anticonvulsants.
  4. Means, blocking calcium channels.

The course of the use of these drugs prolonged. In some situations, the attacks cease to occur after the first months of treatment. Depending on the characteristics of the body Yes relief may take up to 6 months. For this reason, the selection is performed by the attending physician taking into account developing pathologies.

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