Pills from worm infestation

The symptoms and methods of diagnosis of worms in humans

About infestation is evidenced by specific and nonspecific signs. If the person complains of itching in the anus, sudden weight loss, chronic fatigue, pale skin, it’s time to go to the reception to helminthology.

Nonspecific symptoms invasion less obvious, but also can point to it and require an inspection.

1. The disturbed activity of the gastrointestinal tract. The patient may be a permanent disorder or constipation, aversion to food, vomiting, swelling of the abdomen. There are worms that emit in the growth of hormone-like substances that trigger diarrhea. Other parasites, grow up, block the intestines and cause constipation.

2. Neurological problem. Often the infection is accompanied by headache, dizziness, sleep disturbances, irritability. This is because the person does not receive the nutrients and vitamins necessary to the nervous system.

3. Allergic reaction. The release of histamine in the process of vital activity of the worms provokes skin rashes, rhinitis, cough.

4. The weakening of the immune system. Exacerbated chronic disease, there are inflammatory processes.

Both the child and adult may be infected with worms. This disease affects half of the population. Sometimes people are not even aware that their body settled parasites, produce toxins that are harmful to health. It is therefore important to establish the fact of presence of helminths, to determine their views and to find a suitable option for treatment, and that the infection does not happen – to take preventive medication.

Diagnosis of parasites is done through research analysis that aims to identify worms in three forms: in the form of eggs, larvae and adults of representatives. This traditionally run the blood and stool of the patient, but also used more sophisticated diagnostics.

1. Regular testing of stool for the presence of Agapitov often the first attempt does not give a positive result, since masonry does not occur continuously. It is better to take the tests three times, it will increase the chance to find the perpetrators of the disease. If a bot worried for a long time, with a microscope can detect not only eggs but also larvae. Large worms visible to the naked eye.

2. Full blood count shows a high percentage of leukocytes and eosinophills.

3. A special blood test allows to identify particular antibodies.

4. Extraintestinal infestation is diagnosed by examination of the urine, bile, sputum.

5. To find echinococcal, it is better to undergo ultrasound, MRI, x-rays.

An overview of drugs of worms for the treatment and prevention of

Is a broad spectrum of action, cleans the body from several types of parasites, subject to the dosage and admission rules. Medication narrow profile eliminates any one type.

1. Protivozastojnye. These tablets are striking the type of tapeworms tapeworms or tapeworm in the intestine and beyond. Intestinal infestation it is better to take Niclosamide, extraintestinal worms treatment is with Albendazole. Both drugs require to be organized in Allergy prevention.

2. Protivopolozhnye. From roundworms (pinworms and Ascaris) you can assign a variety of tablets from worms to humans, have long and successfully used in practice. These include Piperazine, Levamisole, Pyrantel pomat. From extraintestinal forms it is better to take Diethylcarbamazine citrate, Ivermectin.

3. Protivotsellyulitnye. This group will need to get rid of flukes. To cure an intestinal form of the disease is assigned to perchlorethylene. Bring parasites outside of the intestines, will help Floxin, Bithionol. Below anthelmintic therapy was effective and led to their deaths, the drug doses by a doctor.

4. Universal remedy for worms. The special feature of their therapeutic action that they lead to disorder of metabolism “aliens”. Such pills as confirmed by the feedback from patients who have high activity, therefore, well withdrawal of parasites from the body. Good help from worms of different types of Dekaris (Levamisole), Pyrantel (equivalent – Nemocid, Helmintox, Combantrin), albendazole (Nematol, Sanatsal), mebendazole (Vermin, Vermoxum), Praziquantel.

Tablets albendazole affect not only adult worms, but maggots. To use such drug without prescription of the specialist is unacceptable: for possible complications. Options mebendazole destroy larvae of parasites.

How to choose a good tablet from worms?

Usually, learning about the infestation, people tend to get rid of them in no time and looking for the most effective means. Most often the choice falls on the broad-spectrum drug. But we should remind you that the treatment should be under medical supervision, on the basis of the results of laboratory tests, provided precisely matched with dose and concomitant therapy appointment. If not, tablets can damage the liver, weaken the immune system. Chronic administration of potent generic medication a man can suffer from severe morning sickness.

Choosing the best remedy, we should examine not only the description but also modern requirements:

  • a high percentage kill parasites;
  • the minimum level of adverse reactions;
  • the impact on all stages of development – whether it be egg, larva or adult worm;
  • the friendliness of the reception.

When you purchase should pay attention to the multiplicity of reception, form of issuance and price.

Best pills for worms

As a primary medication the doctor will prescribe the modern de-worming medications from the following list.

1. Helmintox. Active ingredient – Pyrantel the embonate. The drug is indicated for infestation of pinworms, Ascaris. Helps if people are affected by hookworm, round worms which attach themselves mouth capsule to the mucosa of the upper part of the small intestine. Adult meds (6-8 a day, depending on weight), the child is given a suspension, 1 measuring spoon per 10 kg of weight.

2. Albendazole. Effectively cure ascariasis, enterobiasis, giardiasis, opisthorchiasis, strongyloidiasis, neurocysticercosis, affects larval cestodes. Daily dose of 400 to 800 mg, repeated reception is carried out after 21 days. The exact dose and dosage regimen depends on the type of helminthiasis.

3. Pyrantel. Contains the active ingredient of the same name, appointed in enterobiasis, ascariasis, colostomate. This is the best drug to treat children when infected with Ascaris. The dose varies from 0.125 to 1.0 g: it is calculated depending on age and body weight. Certain forms of helminthiasis require a tablet from worms did chew, and the dose was distributed for three days. If necessary, repeat after 3 days.

4. Vermoxum. The active substance is mebendazole. Effective in ascariasis, enterobiasis, teniasis, trichothecenes, multiple nematodes. Tablets have a wide list of contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding, liver failure, ulcerative colitis, age children under 2 years of age. A grown man takes a momentary 0.1 g Vermox, child – 0.05 g. Severe forms of infestations treated during 3 days, after 2 weeks of a prophylaxis of the same drug.

5. Worm (Nematol). Made on the basis of albendazole, as well as effective for the treatment of intestinal and tissue helminth infestations. Tablet or powder prescribed for the enterobiasis, trichinosis, hookworm, giardiasis, gimenolepidoz and other types of helminthiasis. A single daily dose of 0.4 g, duration – 3-5 days. If the need arises, the therapy was repeated after 3 weeks. The contraindications Vormela the same as that Vermoxe.

Prevention from worms

Is the observance of rules of personal and public hygiene. The main sources of infection are: sick people, Pets, raw foods (usually fish and meat), soil, water, and sometimes insects and small rodents.

Non-pharmacological prophylaxis involves the following rules:

  • thorough washing of vegetables, greens and fruits, their scalding hot water;
  • use boiled or bottled water;
  • compliance with the rules of preparation and storage of products;
  • sufficiently long heat treatment of food;
  • restriction contact with animals who were not taking medication worms;
  • washing hands before eating, after visiting public places, streets, toilets;
  • exception of eating raw fish and meat – in sea and river fish eggs are the most dangerous and the biggest worms (tape); together with the underdone barbecue to swallow tapeworm eggs and lentara;
  • bathing in proven reservoirs, the use of the beach Slippers (in wet sand tend to settle nematode);
  • timely treatment of family members.

Prevention involves the regular consumption of garlic, onion, dry pumpkin seeds, nuts, honey. Very good use of spices: red pepper, ginger, cloves, cinnamon. People have revealed anti-parasitic properties of calendula, wormwood, tansy, yarrow, oak bark.

To better protect yourself and your baby from getting into the body of worms, you should contact the doctor who will select the most effective drug with the least toxic load. Usually gelmintology prescribes pills, if a person lives in a family, one of whose members identified parasites. Drug prevention is assigned after the primary treatment to prevent secondary infestation. In all other cases (for example, if people are animals, contact with soil, fishing and hunting, travel) it is better to use natural means.

The pharmaceutical industry offers various pills that can be taken prophylactically every six months. Each drug has its purpose: some of them are universal, others have a more narrow scope.

1. Dekaris. These pills drink to avoid round worms – Ascaris and pinworms. In tapeworms and flukes are not affected, they do not have a damaging effect on larvae, and only adults. Even after just one use, the drug paralyzes the neuro-muscular system of worms, and the next day the dead parasites are eliminated through the excretory system. Prevention is also carried out by enhancing the immune system.

The drug is contraindicated during pregnancy, lactation, children under 3 years. Before taking a mandatory medical consultation, as possible side effects in the form of allergies, digestive disorders and nervous activity. Because Dekaris has a narrow focus, it is most often administered in conjunction with Vermox. Two drugs in the complex are striking in almost all species of worms.

2. Pyrantel. Tablets or suspension to effectively implement the prevention of ascariasis, enterobiasis, nematalosa, ankilostomidoze, partly trichuriasis. As Dekaris, this drug causes paralysis of the muscles of parasites and leads to their death, then they come out with feces. Pyrantel is almost not absorbed into the blood remaining in the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is possible to prevent even pregnant women. However, so patients assigns tablets only the doctor, which is better to assess the likely risks for the mother and child.

3. Piperazine. These pills are considered the least toxic. They are discharged, if someone in the family discovered roundworm or pinworm. Piperazine can make both adult and child up to one year. Breastfeeding should exercise caution: the exact dosage prescribed only by a doctor. For pregnant safety not established, although a light infestation this medicine they sometimes prescribe.

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