My Definition Of My Perfect Guy

But, to my surprise, when I reached the café, I could find Neha battling her own demons. She seemed lost. And the next moment she threw a question I never quite myself thought about so seriously-“What is the definition of a perfect guy? Do they even exist? How do you spot them?”

There’s something about the heartfelt conversations with your girl BFF, right? It clears your mind, lightens your heart and when you head back home you like feel you’ve shooed away the demons from your head (I’m sure they enjoyed a long vacay in there). So this time, when I left home to meet Neha, my BFF, for lunch at a nearby café, I was talking to the demons in my head-“You’re a guest for just a couple of hours now”.

I was lost in my world of thoughts for a few seconds before I realized that she is awaiting an answer or at least a reaction from me.“They do exist, Neha! Maybe he is sitting in a café wondering the same thing about women,” I said.

Clearly dissatisfied with my answer, madam just takes the menu and starts reading it (seemed like she was chanting names of dishes). And while she was busy at it I started to ask myself the same questions-How will my perfect man be? Wait! I don’t even know how exactly I’d want my perfect man to be. (Rolls eyes)

By now, Neha had placed the order for us and she had started talking about her guy problems. And every word she said made me make my own pie chart of the fuss I faced with the guys I had dated in my life.

When The Starters Arrived…

The nachos arrived (which was our favorite) and I was doing some multi-tasking now. I was munching on those nachos, being a good listener to Neha, and figuring out the idea of my perfect man. When I was younger, I’d fall in love all the time. Maybe, it was my teenage years or maybe I was addicted to all those chemicals that love produced. I used to love the feeling of love and live in the utopia of sheer bliss and all things happy. And now, as I’ve grown older, I don’t find myself living in that feeling anymore (courtesy: heartbreaks, breakups, patch-ups).

Now, the word “perfect” has become a relative term for me. We all, as humans, tend to err. And when it comes to relationships it’s a tad bit more. Maybe, its better termed if we call it the “right guy” and Neha agreed when I told her about this. The guy simply needs to be right for you, just for YOU. Not for your evil sister who is pushing you to settle down, or that neighborhood aunt who runs matrimony business as a hobby or just because all your other friends voted in for him. It’s all right if the man isn’t perfect but he needs to perfectly blend with you emotionally, romantically, and intellectually.

When The Mains Arrived…

Now, when the Alfredo pasta arrived on the table, I couldn’t help but notice the couple sitting right opposite to us. The guy on that table was patiently listening to all that the woman was telling him, it looked like he was gazing at her with eyes full of love. (My mind kept sending me signals that I want someone like him.)

Just then my heady thoughts were intruded by Neha when she said, “I’d want my guy to love my imperfections- even my crooked teeth should be something he adores, and he shouldn’t ask me to visit a dentist and get it fixed”. Honestly, aren’t all of us born with imperfections in some form or the other? If I ever come across a man who’d love me for what I am and if he encourages me to shun my inhibitions; I’m definitely taking it as a sign from the stars and boarding the rollercoaster ride called love with him. So, here, the perfect man is someone who loves your imperfections.

When The Dessert Arrived…

The tiramisu lover in me couldn’t wait for Neha to place her order. I went ahead and ordered a tiramisu for us. The very sight of it is pure joy for me. And that’s when I realized that my perfect man needs to have the same joyful face whenever he sees me. Imagine being the reason for on someone’s happiness. It makes you feel special, really special.

And the mischievous side of me smirked thinking how intense the moment could get when you eat a dessert with your love (blush, blush). Of course, you don’t need a boring partner, do you? He needs to be fun to be with. Just then, Neha broke my thoughts mid-way to mention another important point: “Chemistry is mandatory for me”.

So, with our tummies happy with the soulful food that we ate and us feeling a bit sorted with the entire notion of “perfect guy” I hugged out a bye to Neha and walked back home. On the way, I told myself that a perfect guy can’t be found or made. It’s the feeling that makes it perfect. Everything around you will seem perfect when the perfect guy is around him. And when the time is right, everything will fall into place. Until then, I’m going to keep my eyes and heart open to find my Mr. Perfect, while I rejoice in my singledom.

Have you found your perfect man? We’d love to know what he is like. What is your idea of a perfect man? Let us know in the comments below.

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