The best the enemy of the good: looks like a perfect human life?

What would happen if we lived in a perfect world, which it would be possible to rebuild on their own?

What would man, if he had unlimited possibilities, would he on something or so and would have continued to go towards perfection? Researchers from Australia asked people from Eastern and Western countries about how they imagine the ideal level of health, happiness, life expectancy in the case if they could do anything they wanted.

The scientific work of the staff of the University of Queensland (University of Queensland) is published in the publication Psychological Science.

In the first survey participated 2392 people from Australia, Chile, China, India, Japan, Peru, Russia and the United States. Respondents were divided into two groups – some were raised in the culture, which was close holistic worldview, the second (Australia, Chile, Peru, USA and Russia) preferred knowledge of individual parts and not the whole at once.

As the ideal lifespan of the participants on average were called 90 years (despite the fact that the world average life expectancy does not differ much from that number – 72 years), and when they were asked to imagine that there is a magic pill that solves all ills, that number had increased to only 120 years. The perfect intelligence that would like to have participants, also was not too high, its coefficient was 130 (which means that the person is smart, but not brilliant). On average, on a scale from 0 to 100 (from least ideal to most) people prefer to stay at around 70-80.

When the researchers compared the answers of people from a holistic and neolitichesky cultures, they found that the first “appetite” on average, more modest than the second. They then conducted a second study among a larger group of people, including 5650 participants from 27 countries. The results were confirmed.

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