Why do you wake up in the middle of the night

Does this happen to you from time to time? If your answer is yes, a small adjustment in life, for example, changing the regime of the day, may help you. However, you should pay attention to the problem and visit a specialist if you wake up regularly and nothing helps you.

It’s not always possible to get a good night’s sleep, but if the problem bothers you for a long time, then here will advise what to do

We found 5 reasons why people do not sleep well at night. Is there any way to fix the situation on my own?

You are either cold or hot

For proper sleep, you need to control the temperature in the room where you are going to go to bed. Too warm air will definitely impede this process: you will want to open up, you will spin and as a result you will not fall asleep. The same thing if the temperature is too low: you constantly want to take cover, start sneezing, and take off your sleep.

What to do

Try to achieve the ideal temperature for sleep, which is about 15 degrees, for this, ventilate the room and put a heater if the room does not heat up on its own.

If there is a small child in the family, the temperature in the room should be somewhere between 20-22 degrees.

The so-called nocturia

You may be disturbed by frequent urination exclusively at night. This condition is called “nocturia.” For most people, all life processes go into a “standby” mode at the time of sleep, but deviation like frequent urges can seriously complicate life.

What are the symptoms

Several times during the night, your body makes you wake up and go to the toilet immediately.

What to do

Try to avoid drinking plenty of fluids at bedtime. This is especially true for caffeinated beverages. If there is no positive effect, consult a specialist. Possible causes: pregnancy, infection, kidney problems, diabetes is possible.


The situation is quite common. By the way, this is one of the most common reasons why it can be difficult for people to fall asleep or sleep is interrupted. When we get older, the phase of deep sleep is shortened, and it becomes easy to wake a person. In addition, the cause may lie in chronic diseases worsening with age, which can also become a barrier to a healthy sleep.

What to do

In the event that it is all about constant anxiety or depression, the doctor will prescribe sedatives to you that should ease your condition. Remember that any medication is prescribed by a doctor, self-medication can turn into new problems that you did not expect. Most sleeping pills are addictive after prolonged use.


Alcohol helps to instantly fall into sleep, but it will not be long and productive. In addition, restless sleep can lead to mental disorders.

What to do

Refuse alcohol in favor of sound sleep and a good general condition of the body. In extreme cases, get along with one glass of a quality drink.

Restless legs

Many have a problem when a person suddenly wakes up due to a strong muscle contraction, his legs involuntarily begin to twitch. The problem is psychological, and it must be solved, not run. Perhaps a person accompanies this symptom during the day, but by the evening the condition worsens. This is a direct indication for contacting a specialist.

What to do

Firstly, alcohol and smoking should be excluded. Do light feet massage yourself, do warm baths, use warming pillows, which together with specialist therapy will bring the long-awaited effect.

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