Running, an alternative to the gym

When the temperature rises above zero, runners appear along with snowdrops in the parks. Aerobic training in the warm season is a great option for sports. We tell you how to add regular classes to your usual daily routine and run with health benefits.

Suitable for running uniform

No, we are not talking about your figure. A running uniform is clothes, shoes and accessories that are sure to come in handy for you to practice. Professional athletes note that the most important thing here is sneakers.

This should be a model of breathable artificial fabric with a foldable outsole with tight lacing or without laces. Running sneakers are lightweight so as not to burden the foot. If we talk about clothes, it is most convenient to practice in high-waisted leggings – such pants will not fall off you while running, distracting from classes. In the spring, we recommend that you put on a light windbreaker over the sports top and T-shirt so as not to catch a cold. Buy a small waist bag – you can put a bottle of water, a phone and keys in it.

Where to start training

If you work out in the gym, start with a quick walk. At a speed of 5-6 km per hour, go first 30 minutes, then increase to 60 minutes. Next, adhere to the 60 minutes allotted for training and gradually reduce the walking time, replacing it with light running at a speed of 7-8 km per hour.

Usually, adaptation of the cardiovascular system to aerobic exercise in girls takes 2-3 weeks. Actively training women have less – about 2 weeks. When you realize that you can easily run 60 minutes at a speed of 8 km per hour, gradually increase the speed to 10 km per hour.

How to make yourself run

No matter how much you talk about the benefits of sports, it’s difficult to accustom your body to constant stress. To make it easier for you, set a specific goal. For example, run 10 km in 2 months. Or pay for participation in the mass race – this is an effective practice of motivation. To make it easier for you to get used to running, we will announce several of its advantages:

  • Fast weight loss. For an hour of running, 600-800 calories are burned, and after 15-20 minutes of monotonous exercise, the body begins to take energy reserves directly from fat. If you eat right and exercise regularly, you will soon notice how quickly the extra centimeters left.
  • Improving brain function. During training, the brain is in tension, because it must constantly control coordination, plan the course of training and take into account the characteristics of the environment. At the same time, new neural connections are formed in the brain that consolidate the information received, and in the long term improve memory.

  • Inspiration and motivation. No wonder many businessmen are engaged in running. People who run for a long time say they have noticed the development of useful skills. They became more creative, interested in work and motivated by the result.
  • Meditation. As soon as you accelerate and run at the same pace, the heart evens out pressure and heartbeat. You are transitioning to a state where both are active and calm, so you can switch to philosophical reflections and find a solution to long-standing problems.

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