Sinusitis or migraine symptoms and treatment

Headache at least once in life experienced by every person. But some people are lucky and less, day by day, she makes them suffer. Why? Answers to this question are many and one of them is sinusitis.

Causes of pain

Congestion in the sinuses of a large amount of mucus or pus.

This substance does not appear, there is the mechanism of its formation:

  • runny nose;
  • in the nasal cavity begins to become inflamed mucous membrane;
  • it is edema, swelling;
  • overlaps between the patency of the nasal passages and sinuses;
  • mucus can not be without obstacles to get out of the cavity;
  • substance with each passing day accumulates more gradually she begins to turn into pus;
  • creates overpressure in okolonosovyh region;
  • starts to ache.

The more the disease started, the more pain.

Why there is pain after recovery
  • The disease goes untreated. It is usually found with self-getting rid of sinusitis. Sinusitis goes into remission, the main signs of the disease disappear. Time passes hearth enters into an active phase, the disease returns.
  • The occurrence of complications. First, in the acute stage of sinusitis, they are not always easy to diagnose. Second, the immune system is weakened, and any infectious disease can easily “attack” a person.
  • Low pain threshold. In case of puncture you may receive a neurological disorder broad spectrum.
  • Sometimes damaged nerve endings.
The spread of the pain

At the initial stage of the disease, she felt around the eyes, around the nose, and then spreads throughout the face. Patients arise oppressive and unbearable feeling. At the beginning of the development of the disease it appears only in the mornings, and over time, if not to begin treatment of sinusitis, these symptoms will occur at any time of the day.

Suddenly may experience seizures, which begin to grow when the patient bends over or turns his head. The reason, the pressure in the diseased maxillary sinuses. Relief comes only if the patient lies or sits. To further understand the cause of headache with sinusitis, it is necessary to know the clinical picture of the disease.

That hurts

Occasionally it is impossible to understand that pain in the sinus. At one time pain syndrome is striking: the head, the teeth, cheeks, ears, under eye area. This condition is rare, more common is the pain focal character.

Acute sinusitis


  • fever;
  • the feeling of chills;
  • swelling of the face;
  • stuffy nose;
  • no sense of smell;
  • persistent purulent and mucous discharge;
  • watery eyes and dread of light;
  • weakness and too poor health.

Pulse headache is felt in the forehead, near the root of the nose, the teeth. When pressure on the inflamed sinus, discomfort increases.

At this stage of the sinusitis headache, still, the condition worsens during turns and tilts of the head, when coughing and sneezing. There is a feeling that the nasal and frontal sinuses ready to explode. The duration of the acute period of about two weeks. With proper and timely treatment, unpleasant feelings and pain are quite fast.

Chronic sinusitis

A completely different headache in chronic stage of the disease. It is like a wave. Usually the condition worsens in the evening. In the period of exacerbation appear the same symptoms as in acute stage.

The cause of pain in chronic stage is a common cold or a complication of such diseases as influenza, measles, rhinitis and other infectious diseases.

The different types of headaches

At the initial stage pain appear rarely, only in the morning. Aching pain occurs in the neck. It passes independently through the three hours. The amount of pus increases, pain increases. There comes a time when she accompanies us around the clock.

If the patient rotates or tilts his head, the pain is quite different: a throbbing, appear transient spasms all over the head and root of the nose. Face touch is impossible, high sensitivity.

At the advanced stage of sinus infection, it feels unbearable, incessant pain in the front of the head. No painkillers help only slightly dull it.

Sinusitis or migraine

As a headache in the sinus, it can also get sick and with a migraine. That’s why there should be a thorough examination. If it is wrong to be diagnosed, treatment can aggravate the patient’s condition.

Common to these diseases:

  1. pain like bursting your head, unpleasant sensations are felt in the same places and are the same;
  2. nose is stuffed up, the tears from the eyes;
  3. the light causes the fear;
  4. swelling of the face. Migraines caused by that consumed large amount of water.

But if it’s good to listen to yourself, it is possible to detect the difference in symptoms:

  1. Localization of pain.
  2. With sinusitis, it is located in the side of the diseased sinus.
  3. The causes of pain. Migraine – the disease is genetic. In addition, it can be caused: by some, loved by many, drinks and harmful to the body food, as well as events occurring in life.
Treatment of headaches

Required at the first symptoms should consult a specialist. Most likely, you will have to be treated in hospital, to pass a large number of procedures. They are not very pleasant, but for recovery they are needed.

Treatment occurs in three stages:

  1. causal, removal of the primary factor. Therapy aimed at getting rid of sinusitis;
  2. symptomatic pain;
  3. preventative, to prevent recurrence of the disease.
The consequences

If not to start treatment or start it later, there can be unpleasant consequences:

  • to severe headaches added discharge with an unpleasant odor, change it;
  • the disease can become chronic. A headache will accompany the person constantly;
  • intracranial complications (swelling, abscess, meningitis);
  • can occur pathological processes (appearance of cysts, adhesions, distortion, immune changes);
  • lose teeth, eye sockets, nerve endings.

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