Symptoms and dangers after hitting the head

If the head is beginning to hurt after the strike, it is important to see a doctor, as this symptom may indicate a concussion, vascular rupture or hematoma.

The first thing you need to check how the victim reacts to the surrounding environment. Headaches after an injury dangerous to humans because they can cause death.

For this reason, people working in manufacturing or building houses, should have to go in helmets. What to do if injury happens, and people suffer from headache?

Varieties of head impacts

The head may begin to ache because of the different situations.

For example:

  1. The man fell and hit his head;
  2. In the head of the other man was running hard and heavy object or stone;
  3. If on the head the victim got bat;
  4. The man received a head injury due to road traffic accidents;
  5. Trauma during a fight between several people;
  6. Especially if the victim was beaten.

If a person has received a blow to the head can lead to extensive hematoma. In severe cases, may occur severe bleeding, especially if the strike occurred in the forehead. Often fall and head injury leading to concussion. Because of this, the victim may lose consciousness and memory. A concussion may lead to mental health problems.

Symptoms and dangers after hitting the head

After the man hit his head, there is pain. Sometimes it may be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, weakness. The victim can not clearly explain what happened, can not hear, can not walk, hands and feet do not obey.

The victim becomes nervous, restless, he is split personality. Serious head injuries may disrupt the work of the cognitive system, and there are convulsions, paralysis and even coma.

Urgently need the patient to hospital if:

  1. More than 15 minutes without stopping bleeding;
  2. In the neck and head feels severe pain and sick;
  3. From the nose and ears is much blood;
  4. Increased body temperature above 38 degrees after impact;
  5. Damaged back, neck and the person has seizures;
  6. People can’t go, he’s confused consciousness after a head impact;
  7. Breathing heavily injured or lost consciousness.

It is important when these symptoms in a timely manner to help the patient to save his life and health.

How to give first aid?

If a person received a strong blow to the head, call an ambulance.

While the car is going, provide the victim immediate medical help:

  1. The patient should be put on the side, or so that the head and shoulders were slightly raised;
  2. Ensure that the victim lay motionless. You should not move your neck;
  3. If the damage of the temple attach the cold, but don’t put pressure on him. For entities in the form of bumps and bruises also need to put the cold.

Scratches with blood treated with a peroxide or furatsilinom water.

If you have a headache after a blow to drink Nurofen, analgin, Allergy, paracetamol or unipass. If after a few hours the pain has not passed, and increased need to go to the doctor to rule out serious injury.

The doctor carefully examine the patient, and to avoid the development of inflammation in head, may prescribe antibacterial drugs.

The specialist will prescribe a treatment regimen headache after impact:

  1. To improve the exchange of substances between the cells of the brain is assigned to piracetam. This medicine relieves strong pain in the head and dizziness;
  2. For strengthening the vascular walls is assigned askorutin;
  3. To prevent swelling of the brain due to high pressure is prescribed a course of aminophylline;
  4. The blood normally circulating in the body, prescribed to drink etamzilat.

These drugs must be taken only after consultation with the doctor and strictly on the painted scheme.

Ease headache at home

If you have a headache after the attacks, it is recommended to drink a Cup of warm mint tea with honey, and then go to bed.

Before bed you can lie in the bath with lavender, rose or eucalyptus oil. Treatment flavors can be done by adding oils to hot water and setting the bowl near the head of the bed.

Once a person got hit in the head, it can be applied cold or cold cabbage leaves.

To soothe a headache massages scalp, temples, forehead, back of the head and neck.

It is important to remember that if the head after hitting hurts, you need to immediately go to the doctor. In order not to miss serious pathologies and provide timely medical care, and perhaps even to preserve the life and health of the patient.

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