Sore scalp causes treatment

Headache is considered to be a fairly common ailment and has a different etiology. But many people face is not quite commonplace, when it hurts the scalp.

For many it remains a mystery the origin of this pain, which appears with surprising regularity, and begins at the roots of the hair, gradually spreading over the entire surface of the head. Doctors point to a number of factors affecting the occurrence of this disease, but claim that they are purely individual.

The signs of incipient illness

Every person scalp may be sore in different ways. It depends on the causes of the disorder and the individual. There are even some terms that define this rare, cephalalgia, headache tension, “helmet neurasthenic”. But if it hurts the scalp, in most cases the symptomatology is similar.

It shows:

  • pain when touched;
  • pain when combing the hair;
  • tingling or burning;
  • constant itching;
  • pain in the root part of the head.

Hurt can as a separate zone, and all the head, the top of her head, and pain can occur imperceptibly, gradually becoming more intense, and last a long time. Periodically, you may receive the impression that the head compresses an invisible hula Hoop.

Feature pain the scalp is the monotony, the feeling of compression, pain is mild or moderate severity.

Causes of pain

Reasons for a sore scalp, you can have both physiological and psychological nature. And doctors agree that people with unstable emotional state often experiences discomfort.

All the underlying causes can be classified as:

  • physiological;
  • household and cosmetic;
  • the emotional and psychological.

To identify the true factor emerged ailments, it is necessary to consider in more detail each group.

Physiological causes

Time management, proper and healthy diet, active lifestyle and no bad habits affect the condition of the hair and their health. A weakened immune system, lack of vitamins and many other factors causing fatigue and headache.

Sore scalp can the owners of a long, heavy, and thick hair that are periodically or constantly have to stab Bobby pins, hairpins or tight to collect in the tail.

As a consequence, the voltage appearing at the roots of the hair and scalp. Discomfort quite often appear in the off-season or winter. Dry indoor air, cigarette smoke (especially at work), infectious or respiratory diseases also have a negative impact on health.

Sore scalp can due to the individual characteristics of each man, his heredity, and tolerability of a particular disease.Hormonal changes also affect the appearance of the ailments.

Household or cosmetic reasons

A fairly common reason for a sore scalp, the top of her head or individual zones is the prolonged wearing of tight headgear, under which the rumpled hair, the scalp sweats, and itchy.

Close uncomfortable bandage also clamp the blood vessels, resulting in starts to hurt the scalp. Lovers to walk in cold or freezing weather without a hat often can hurt the scalp. It is also associated with spasm of blood vessels, impaired blood flow and lymph flow.

A major factor is the use of poor-quality care products for the hair and scalp.

Seemingly innocuous, they can cause severe allergic reactions in the body, which may result in:

  • peeling,
  • itching,
  • dandruff,
  • skin rash,
  • violation of the structure of the scalp.

The hair becomes dull, brittle and begins to fall hard. Buying any vehicle for the first time, it is necessary to test the security of the money and Allergy.

Emotional and psychological causes

Impulsive and emotionally unstable people often complain of an unusual phenomenon, when a sore scalp.

Here is the impact:

  • frequently occurring stress,
  • mood swings,
  • prolonged mental stress.

A prolonged state of emotional oppression, depression cause spasm of the blood vessels. This category of disease can be added, and vascular or neurocirculatory dystonia, as well as exhaustion.

Due to the influence of these factors hurt the scalp for a long period, and in some cases, there may be numbness in the lower or upper extremities and the tips of his fingers.

Methods of struggle with painful disease

Whatever the reasons are, but if you regularly sore scalp to the touch, you should consult a specialist, who after inspection and diagnostic measures to find out the cause and make a correct diagnosis. This will depend on the method of treatment.

The most traditional and effective method is the drug therapy. Your doctor may prescribe remedies for external use in the form of ointments, gels, chatty Chicks. Depending on the reason, to complete the treatment it can drugs in the form of tablets or injections. If during treatment, the scalp continues to hurt, you need to stop the attack using any pain medication.

When emotional and psychological disorders should consult a neurologist who will conduct a further survey and assign a long complex treatment. A serious approach requires a disruption in the vascular system. In this case, an effective method may be the purpose of a course of therapy and drugs, stabilizing the blood vessels and strengthen their walls.

A great effect has a professional therapeutic massage. It should be applied if the scalp is sore from the impact of external reason or banal fatigue. Massage can be performed in home conditions independently by studying any available technique. Massage can be performed as a hand or brush. As a rule, after the end of the massage touch to the scalp and roots of the hair becomes less painful.

If the reason lies in wrong selection of cosmetic products, it is necessary to treat, and then to change the means to care for hair and skin. In this case effective is the use of simple and affordable recipes of traditional medicine.

Effective means of traditional medicine

The mask of mustard. In a small amount of warm water stir the mustard powder to make a mixture of thick consistency. It should be applied to the hair roots and leave for a quarter of an hour. The mask is washed away with warm water.

The salt scrub. To prepare a scrub can of thick soap suds and big salt. It should be rubbed into the scalp in circular motions. after 5-10 minutes the mask rinse well.

Aromatherapy. Helps to eliminate pain in the hair roots and scalp aromatherapy. To improve the condition should RUB a few drops of your favorite oil in the temporal region and to inhale its aroma.

If pain scalp turned into headache, You will help but-shpa headache, which eliminates discomfort.

The human body is a complex interaction of all organs and systems, their coordinated work, so healing any disease, it is possible to achieve recovery of the whole organism.

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