Varieties of crushing pain in the head

This symptom is not always evident as a result of illness, you should always get checked out by your doctor. Pain able to get rid of by the change in the mode of the day, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Conservative therapeutic methods allow to obtain a positive result from the treatment. If you ignore a headache, you may experience complex disease.

All people at least once in your life there is oppressive pain in the head. It can change the location, intensity of symptoms, often accompanied by additional symptoms. The reasons why compressed by the head, may vary.

Varieties of crushing pain in the head

The nature of the oppressive pain, localization, and concomitant symptoms experienced specialist can diagnose an evolving disease. Symptoms may be physiological characteristics, so in different situations we have to use special therapy.

When there are attacks, no decisions to take, you need to consult a doctor. Inadequate treatment in this situation will complicate the condition and increase the likelihood of complications.

How is the diagnosis?

During a visit to a specialist doctor need to talk about their symptoms, their intensity and duration. You need to consider the place of concentration of the pain center.

It can be:

  • The back of the head.
  • The temporal part.
  • Forehead.
  • Neck.

If the pain hurts the eyes, the ears, you need to specify it during the reception. The doctor must ask whether there is nausea, dizziness if the head, is there any problem with pressure. This will reveal the pathology correctly, will provide the information to the best check.

Methods of diagnostics:

  • Examination by a specialist, the conversation with the patient.
  • Checked IOP.
  • MRI of the head.
  • CT.
  • EEG.
  • Ultrasound of the brain.
  • Dopplerography of blood vessels.

Using these techniques, you will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment.


In this situation, compressive pain occurs due to the displacement of nerve tissue. Often pain occurs in the neck, is transferred to the top of the head is shown with one or more parties. Often the symptoms are accompanied by numbness of the hands and separate. The pain may radiate to the neck or jaw.


Can occur painful throbbing in separate areas of the skull or over the entire area. The sensation of pressure accompanied by dizziness, anxiety, weakness and increased irritability.


The brain in the head is washed by the cerebrospinal fluid, which protects the body from negative visual impact. Allocated fluid circulates in a closed space and is absorbed into the blood. The resulting impact on the internal organs, injuries to the skull and other aspects, such processes are often violated. As a result, the number of CSF in the head is increased. When the pressure in the head increases, there is a bursting pain, eliminates after the use of antispasmodics, analgesics. Often the symptoms girdle covers the entire skull.

In this situation, the patient squeezed the head on the background of fever and ill health. This is the result of poisoning the body with toxic substances.

Cephalalgia lumbar sustainable, is not a specific localization. To get rid of the disorder will be able, if to determine the cause of the disease.


The most common form of cephalgia manifested as a result of prolonged stress muscle tissue due to stress after physical and mental exertion. There are sensations as if the head clamped in a Vice, weakness, nervousness, worsening performance. If the conduct palpation, on the head even found sore spots. Symptoms resolve on their own, when the patient rested, is a relaxing therapy, massage.

For what reasons arise compressive pain?

For diagnosing it is not enough to determine the nature of the pain, you need to pay attention to other disturbing symptoms. You should not try on their own to solve, why is there this kind of cephalgia. You need to contact the physician for examination and the initial inspection, appoint the necessary medical procedures and refer them to the appropriate doctor.

No need to panic if the symptoms appears periodically, there is a concern. You need to determine a suitable mode of the day. The constant occurrence of the problem could also be problems with blood circulation. So you will need the intervention of doctors.


This disorder often occurs in girls of reproductive age. The attack appears independently or as a result of stimuli may occur without warning, or after the aura.

Pressure feeling during a migraine is often accompanied by pulsating or bursting. There is a symptom in different places, goes to whiskey, the back of the eye. The attack lasts up to 3 days, often accompanied by dizziness, retching, nausea.

Injuries to the skull

Without the pain of injuries of the head occurs infrequently. Sometimes the pressure is exerted on top of the head, other patients feel that their skull is now split because of bursting pressure. Such a condition often accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, retching. Easy cephalalgia is aggravated after the injury, is the reason for visiting the doctor. Swelling of the brain, damage to the vessel, hematoma without proper treatment can lead to death.

Hypertensive disorder

At high rates of blood pressure patients feel unbearable pain, which makes it impossible to rest or sit properly with open eyes. Such feelings arise in the neck and can appear all over the skull. In the amplification of the pain becomes throbbing. After a few minutes begins to feel sick to feel dizzy. Patients with elevated intracranial pressure are required to monitor various changes of their own state. Hypertension is several times increases the likelihood of strokes.

Therapy and prevention

If you suspect a cold or viral infection need to take measures to eliminate the disease. It is necessary to use antiviral agents to maintain moisture and a cool temperature in the room takes a lot of warm fluids. Doctors advise to take such measures to eliminate the flu. The specialist will be able to provide appropriate treatment and prescribe medicines.

General analysis of blood to determine iron-deficiency anemia, it is required to measure the level of hemoglobin. After that, the specialist will prescribe the right tests, will pick the reasons for this state will give its recommendations to improve the structure of the blood, increasing the amount of iron. From the specified list, you can choose suitable products and use them.

When the patient has a migraine, you need to provide him a calm environment, reducing the intensity of the stimuli. The muted light, no loud noises, used pain medication. Patients with high blood pressure are required to undergo tests to determine the nature of the development of the disease. When it starts to attack, to stabilize the increased intracranial pressure with medication.

For the first medical assistance if you have a headache you can use antispasmodic and analgesic.

Painful symptoms must be prevented. Much effort for this to work is not required.

It is advisable to follow certain rules:

  • Longer need to be in nature. If this is not possible, you can walk at night to saturate the circulatory system with oxygen. The room it is desirable to ventilate.
  • When the working day is too heavy, need to take a break for 10 minutes every hour to perform exercises for the eyes, massage your neck or tilt the back.
  • It is desirable to avoid situations that trigger stress. It is better for them not to react harshly. Sometimes doctors prescribe a special course of vitamins with iodine and other beneficial components.
  • The mode of the day you need to choose correctly and observe. You need to go at approximately the time when the patient falls asleep. Sleep duration should be between 8 to 9 hours.
  • A proper diet prevents headaches. Regular flow of important and useful components, trace elements allows to stabilize the body.
  • You need to stop eating fast food, fatty food, need to get rid of bad habits.
  • It is imperative to perform regular exercise to avoid complications in the body.

Clenching if the pain continues after compliance with the rules prevention is better to contact the clinic for diagnosis and effective treatment. With the help of painkillers, chocolate and a small amount of alcohol can stop the symptoms for a while. To eliminate the causes of disease more difficult. These symptoms should be seen as the body’s message that something is wrong with him and needs treatment. You need to show care and take into account minimal changes in the body, to remember always about preventive measures and healthy lifestyles.

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