How To Store Your Nail Polish: 5 Do’s And Don’ts

Since all the good things have been said, now let’s get down to the muddles. Like they say, we are spoilt for choice when we have to choose from an array of nail lacquers. Gel, quick dry, matte finish, glossy, metallic, shimmer, whatever you fancy, but it all boils down to one simple problem: how to store them the right way.

Nail lacquers have a personality of their own. And an appropriate method is required to store, apply, and maintain them, irrespective of whether they are in the bottles or applied on your nails.

Women love everything that’s got to do with colors. And when it comes to painting their nails, they often want to know everything under the sun – the patterns, types, and shades that are available. But, we need to admit that nail polishes are often considered a sticky business to deal with. These days there are tutorials available online on how to put that perfect coat of shiny color on our beautiful little nails. Not to forget the craze behind nail art. Who would have thought you could get so creative on the barely-a-centimeter-long nail space? (Makes you feel like you’re a miniature artist!)

Nail polishes are known to have a shelf life of a maximum of two years. However, it’s you who could very well either extend or shorten this longevity based on how you store them. We did some homework to help our women store their favorite nail colors, and have come up with the following favorable do’s and forbidden don’ts.

1. Don’t Use A Nail Polish Remover To Thin Down Your Nail Lacquer

Acetone is normally used in the formulation of a nail polish remover. It functions as a solvent and breaks down the personality of your nail lacquer, thereby ruining it.

Solution: Do Opt For A Thinner Instead

Make use of a nail polish thinner. It helps to get the consistency of your thickened favorite nail polish back to the desired, apt consistency required for the application.

Use just 2-3 drops. Add them inside the nail polish bottle, rub the bottle between your palms and voilà, your favorite nail color is ready to be painted on your nails.

2. Don’t Think Of The Loo As The Right Storing Place

Nail polish needs to be stored at a dry place that has a consistent normal temperature. Don’t you think the bathroom is a wrong idea now? The temperature in the bathroom keeps varying (thanks to the hot and cold showers you take), and also the brightness of the bathroom can take a toll on the nail polish.

Solution: Do Store In The Refrigerator

Consider treating your fridge as a savior when it comes to storing your beauty essentials. Storing nail polish in a fridge considerably increases its shelf life and it doesn’t thicken up. The consistent temperature of the fridge aids the healthy storage of the colorful nail palette.

3. Don’t Use Lotions Or Wash Hands Before Applying Nail Polish

We understand that your hands might feel a tad bit dry after removing the previous nail color or after a manicure. But applying a hand lotion or washing your hands before applying nail polish is going to moisten your nail cuticles. When you paint your moist nails, chances are that bubbles might surface on the painted nails or the color will easily chip out.

Instead: Do Consider Checking The Nail Bed First

For a nail polish to be applied evenly and for it to stay longer, the base of the nail needs to be clean. Always make sure to use a cotton ball (soaked in nail polish remover) and rub it over the surface of the nail to ensure that no alien particles lay in there. After doing this, you could go ahead with the base coat.

4. Don’t Store Them Sideways

Ever faced a problem while opening a nail polish bottle? Do you wonder why the lid is stuck? Well, it’s got to do with the way you store those bottles. Never place it sideways, the lacquer can accumulate at the neck of the bottle, thereby making it difficult for us to open it.

Solution: Do Store It Upright

Storing upright is the ideal hack of keeping your nail lacquers healthy and colorful. Try using drawers that aid in keeping the nail polish bottles straight. It’s going to make your life easy too.

5. Don’t Ignore The Nail Prep Routine

Your nails breathe too. Always make sure to look after them before and after the application of nail paints. You don’t want to end up with naturally colored bluish or yellowish tinted nails, do you?

Instead: Do Make It A Point To Apply A Base Coat

It’s essential to put on a base coat and a top coat on your nails. The base coat will protect your nail beds from the chemicals of the nail lacquers. And the top coat will prevent chipping of the nail color.

Do you have any other hacks when it comes to the storage and application of nail colors? Do leave your answers in the comments below.

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