Women’s diseases and their symptoms

Doctors strongly recommend that you do not delay a visit to a specialist for such symptoms. Even slight discomfort should be an occasion for examination, since the disease can proceed “secretly”, without pronounced symptoms. Unfortunately, in such cases, women rarely pay attention to their well-being, and in the meantime, the disease progresses and becomes chronic.

The main signs, for example, with thrush are abnormal vaginal discharge – white clots (sometimes similar to cottage cheese), as well as incredible itching. Watery or purulent discharge often indicates inflammation of the ovaries. In this case, the woman rises in temperature, urination is impaired and pains occur in the lower abdomen.

As for mastopathy, the main symptom of this ailment is chest pain, which mainly worries a woman in the second half of the menstrual cycle. The mammary glands become coarser and increase in volume, especially before menstruation.

These diseases can occur in the body for a variety of reasons. So, it can be a decrease in immunity, hypothermia, hormonal imbalance or an infectious process. In any case, the disease must be determined and actively treated, otherwise even a harmless, at first glance, thrush can lead to sad consequences.

What not to do?

The most important mistake in the appearance of the above symptoms is to rely on the magic “maybe”. What if it passes ?! The modern rhythm of life, when you need to do everything, leaves no time for a visit to the doctor. However, putting the problem into a long box does not bode well for you.

Unfortunately, not all women are regularly examined by a doctor, and they seek help even when it becomes impossible to endure.

The second big mistake is blind following the “grandmother” methods without consulting a doctor. Such self-medication can be detrimental to your health, especially when it comes to procedures involving the introduction of any funds into the vagina. So you can disrupt the microflora of the vagina or cause injury to yourself, thereby harming your health.

How to treat female ailments correctly

Today’s level of diagnosis allows you to identify the disease at an early stage, and modern drugs easily return women to normal health. If any symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.

After a visit to the gynecologist with one of the above symptoms, the doctor prescribes a treatment regimen. As a rule, in the case of infectious diseases, the doctor prescribes antibiotics or antifungal drugs, which give relief after the first dose. If the cause of the disease is hormonal, then hormonal drugs will be prescribed that will restore the endocrine system.

In the search for drugs that increase the effectiveness of conventional treatment, doctors are increasingly turning to polyenzyme drugs that combine both sufficient efficacy and high safety. Mixtures of active enzymes cope well with inflammatory processes and increase the body’s resistance to fighting infections.

The active substances that make up such drugs act comprehensively, while simultaneously providing anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous fibrinolytic, immunomodulatory effects.

With thrush, the use of polyenzymes can significantly accelerate the treatment process, as well as avoid frequent relapses. With adnexitis, they increase the concentration of the antibiotic in the area of ​​inflammation and, at the same time, weaken the protection of the colonies of microorganisms from antibiotics, helping to reduce the inflammatory process, and also reducing the risk of adhesions. In the case of the development of fibrocystic mastopathy, the drug helps to reduce the volume of cysts (up to the disappearance of small ones, up to 1 cm), reduces edema and pain.

Polyenzyme preparations, as a rule, are well tolerated by the body and do not have significant side effects. Due to the high level of safety, they can be taken over a long period, in the complex treatment of female diseases.

It can be concluded that in most cases the treatment of female diseases does not constitute great difficulties. All that is required of a woman is to regularly undergo examinations by a doctor, pay attention to alarming symptoms in time, and implicitly follow all the recommendations of a specialist. In such cases, you will not give the disease a chance!

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