Causes of prostatitis in men

Prostatitis is the inflammatory process localized in tissues of the prostate gland, accompanied by its swelling and intense pain. The disease is acute and chronic nature, and the causes of prostatitis can hide in infection, and in the stagnation and atrophy of pelvic floor muscles.

In spite of the provoking factor, the patient’s age and associated symptoms, the inflammation of the prostate must be treated, otherwise the pathology threatens a violation of erectile function, impotence and infertility.

Today you will learn about why there is prostatitis in men of young and Mature age, what symptoms should pay attention to timely diagnose and how to treat pathology.

The development of the disease in young men

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland, which earlier occurred in men Mature and older, and among young men and guys aged 30 years, cases of disease were recorded rarely. Today this problem is increasingly found in patients under the age of 30-35 years, and in most cases is the result of careless attitude to their own health.

The prostate gland is a very vulnerable organ and its anatomical location near the bladder and the intestine assumes a high risk of contact with infectious agents out into the tissues of the gland. The most common causes of prostatitis in young men hiding in infectious diseases are not only transmitted sexually but also in related with chronic.

No matter which way was listed pathogen, but it affects the whole body, especially the genitourinary system. Prostatitis occurs in young people due to infection with gonorrhea, trich, yeast, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. Also, the disease is the result of urethritis, cystitis, chronic sore throat, sinusitis, dental caries, influenza or tuberculosis.

Factors that prostatitis is 30-year-old guy, various

These include violent sexual life, or, conversely, its absence, unprotected sex, exposure to cold. To colds prostate young man can when doing extreme sports – diving in the hole, skiing, scuba diving. As a result of regular exposure the body is under stress leading to spasm of blood vessels and impaired blood supply to the tissues. As a result, develop pyelonephritis, urethritis and prostate inflammation.

Why have prostatitis at such a young age?

The reasons are many:

  • bad ecology;
  • immunosuppression;
  • alcohol abuse and excessive Smoking;
  • disproportionate physical activity (e.g. hobby weightlifting);
  • a sedentary lifestyle;
  • irregularities in the bowel;
  • constipation, hemorrhoids, fissures of the anus.

The modern pace of life is such that most of the youth spends a lot of time in front of a computer monitor. The result is a stagnation in the pelvis, which causes not only cystitis and prostatitis, but also many other diseases. If the guy has problems with the intestines, it can affect the prostate.

Close proximity to the prostate promotes penetration of infectious agents inside tissue and acute inflammatory process.

Important reasons

In patients of young age more often the disease begins as a result of wrong sexual life. Modern young men is difficult to name legible in sexual relations, they rarely think about the consequences of such riotous living and, especially on the occurrence of prostatitis.

The cause is sex with non-regular and different partners, often without a condom – as a consequence there is an infection various sexual infections

Even a simple venereal disease in the absence of adequate therapy can lead to serious consequences, such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and impotence. Many sexually transmitted diseases are asymptomatic, becoming chronic, it refers to those pathologies that were not doliczany to the end.

The reverse side of origin of problems with the prostate gland – is the lack of a regular sex life and a long period of abstinence. If young people are constantly having sex, it prevents the phenomenon of stagnation in the pelvis, maintains normal blood flow to the prostate and the outflow of her secret. In the absence of sex in violation of the functioning of the prostate gland and contributes to the development of the inflammatory process.

Another cause of the disease is the habit of young people not to go to the reception to the doctors, even if signs of disorders in the genitourinary system is more pronounced. Also not seeking help becomes a consequence and asymptomatic of the disease.

The young man could see that he was more likely to run to the toilet and in the scrotum and perineum are marked aching pain, but not to ignore the symptoms, considering that at his age, everything goes by itself. After some time, begin erection problems, which inevitably forced the young man to see a doctor, but in some situations, therapy will have to undergo a much longer and more complicated. Therefore go on reception to the expert you need time, at the first sign of the disease.

Prostatitis in older men

Why appears prostatitis in men older? Leaking pathology can in both acute and in the chronic form, and the nature of prostatitis can be infectious and non-infectious, but in men in adulthood, often there is a combination of the causes of the disease. You need to consider them in detail.

Medical statistics says that this disease affects 60% of the male population after reaching 40 years of age and older

Chronic foci of infection

Causes of prostatitis in men of Mature age can hide in the presence of concomitant pathology of the visceral organs, especially if they are chronic in nature. Most often, infection is localized in the urogenital system (kidneys, bladder), the pancreas and the ducts of the gallbladder. Causes of acute prostatitis are rooted in the widespread ways of getting the infectious agent in the tissue of the prostate in adult patients is hematogenous.

That is, pathogenic microorganisms gain access to the prostate via the blood, from affected organs. This syndrome can occur if the patient has carious teeth or other dental problems (e.g. periodontitis or periodontal disease, these pathologies suffered by many elderly people). Infection can occur in the presence of chronic tonsillitis, sinusitis and other ENT diseases.

Weak immune defense

Causes of prostatitis in men of 40-60 years can be associated with bad immune system. If a young person’s body defenses are at the proper level, he is able to overcome the infection brought about SARS, influenza and other viral diseases. The older people this is not the case – the common cold can easily become a source of inflammation of the maxillary sinuses, purulent tonsillitis or pneumonia.

If the therapy of acute infectious diseases is carried out inappropriately, the pathology becomes chronic, forming a large number of inflammatory toxins. Through the blood, they penetrate into the tissue of the prostate gland, why is the development of prostatitis. Also start pathology may not only with low immunity, but also after severe hypothermia.


Weakness of the bladder wall, emerging infectious diseases of the genitourinary system – all these factors often observed in men of Mature age. Inflammation of the urethra (urethritis) causes a disruption in the current of urine in the urethra, resulting in reflux. The so called urine reflux into the sex ducts, which symptoms of prostatitis.

A decrease in physical activity

Causes of prostatitis in adults and older men in 80% of cases are non-infectious origin, and are due to sedentary lifestyle (that provokes stagnation in the area of small pelvis). For anybody not a secret that, unlike young people who prefer active lifestyle, travel, play sports, walk, go to discos, hunt, and fish, many men after the age of 40 prefer to spend time on the couch.

Pastime in front of the TV beach, not only the elderly but young people as well

Many residents of cities that to 40-50 years has managed to build their own business, spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer or busy business negotiations in the office. Prostate gland thus cannot fully supplied with blood, as in a sitting position the muscle tissue around it does not work and undergoes atrophy.

The decrease in the number of sexual acts

Reducing the frequency of sex and reduced sexual desire that are observed in many men 50 years of age is another factors that affect why you may be prostatitis. The cause is the reduction in the amount of male hormones, but it is the result of natural aging changes.

According to statistics, men over 50 years now, much less have sex with women, but the situation may worsen in the presence of anomalies in the condition of a hormonal background. Diseases of the endocrine system there is a negative impact on the frequency and quality of sex life, which is considered the starting mechanism for the emergence of inflammation of the prostate.

Unhealthy lifestyle

If a man regularly smokes and drinks, there is a loss of nerve cells located in the brain, also bad habits affect the condition of blood vessels. As a result of insufficient blood supply affects the urinary system, the prostate gland is unable to obtain the necessary trace elements and promptly cleansed from the accumulation of waste products.
The result of this condition are degenerative changes in the tissues of the prostate and the deterioration of the outflow of its secret.

Often cases of prostatitis among men of Mature and elderly were caused by the presence of addictions, namely the dependence on nicotine and alcoholic drinks

Improper diet and stress

Causes of prostatitis in men after 40-50 years can also hide in the absence of a balanced diet and regular emotional overload. First is to make the first factor. On the background of malnutrition, which includes fatty, spicy foods that do not contain a sufficient amount of mineral elements and vitamins, is slagging of the organism.

The accumulation of toxic substances and toxins have a detrimental impact not only on the gastrointestinal tract, but also on the status of the endocrine glands and the prostate. Another cause of prostatitis on the background of malnutrition become regular constipation. Negative psychological factors that result from the disorder, lead to the emergence or aggravation of prostatitis. It is a long and regular physical and emotional overload, lack of leisure time and the inability to cope with accumulated stress.

The consequences, such as muscle spasms and circulatory disorders tissues develop against the impact of stress hormones that trigger a series of negative biochemical reactions. As became clear, the inflammation of the prostate gland is a disease which is not insured patients of any age. Even 30-year-old man can notice the symptoms of prostatitis, as the disease noticeably “rejuvenated” over the last decades.

The causes of pathology are different, but whatever it was triggered, the treatment of prostatitis men need quality. Ignoring the signs of inflammation of the prostate gland can lead to tragic consequences, so it is best to discard shyness and shame (for these reasons, young people often hope that the disease will pass by itself) and to seek the assistance of the expert.

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