The fluid in the kidneys

Kidneys – internal organs, providing a cleansing the blood by removing toxic substances dissolved in the urine, supporting the fluid balance of the body. In a healthy person’s kidneys do not permit the detention in the body of excess water.

Various reasons lead to the slow withdrawal of fluid from the body. The fluid in the kidneys fills the renal pelvis and calyx, this creates an additional burden on the body, which leads to the development of a disease called hydronephrosis.

The disease develops because of inadequate functioning of the valves of the ureter, which leads to the backflow of urine.


To determine the causes of the disease is absolutely not possible, but there are factors that provoke the accumulation of fluid in the kidney:

  • Water may accumulate in the blockage of the ducts by stones formed in the kidneys.
  • Blood clots formed during renal injury can also be a barrier to the waste water.
  • The violation of the outflow of water can occur when narrowing of the ureter as a result of surgical intervention.
  • Tumor lesion of the kidneys and ureters.

Hydronephrosis can be congenital or acquired. When the disease may lose one or both kidneys. The disease can occur in acute or chronic form. Symptoms of the disease depend on so rapidly blocked the exit of water from the body. With the rapid overflow of the pelvis of the kidneys, the patient feels strong pain symptoms in the lumbar region, on the side of the location of the inflamed organ.

During slow filling of the kidney water is often the manifestation of pain symptoms are felt.

The development of hydronephrosis show signs of: fever, frequent urination, presence of blood traces in urine. Occur abdominal cramps, nausea, ending in vomiting, fatigue, decrease in daily urine volume.

The stage of the disease

Urology distinguishes 3 stages of hydronephrosis:

  • Stage 1. A slight extension pelvis. Absolute kidney performs its functions.
  • Stage 2. The pelvis is greatly enhanced. The fluid exerts pressure on the parenchyma, resulting in overlapping tubules. The functions of the kidney are ready to go.
  • Stage 3. Complete atrophy of the tissues of the kidneys. The irreversibility of the process leads to the death of the kidney and a deadly threat to the patient.

Hydronephrosis should be diagnosed at an early stage, when recognition of the disease in the later stages of therapy will not help – there are irreversible processes. The history of the disease includes the manifestation of pain in the kidneys, the lumbar region.

During the conversation with the doctor, it turns out, had there been any surgical intervention on the organs of the pelvis, neurological diseases, as neurogenic disorders are often a cause of kidney conditions. A crucial role in the diagnosis of the disease play imaging methods, providing an opportunity to consider harmful changes to the kidney and the adrenal glands.


Ultrasound determines the size, shape, weight of the kidneys. Detect stones, cysts and other pathologies. The study helps to identify the causes of hydronephrosis.

The implementation of ultrasound in the pathology of kidneys is mandatory

The most informative diagnostic procedure, which creates three-dimensional and two-dimensional images of the organs that gives the possibility to determine the stage of disease and tissue changes.

Meccinna cystourethrography

A diagnostic procedure used to assess the condition of the organs of the urinary system. Image the x-rays show the presence of a reverse flow of urine. Detects the presence vesicoureteral reflux. The procedure is performed by inserting the catheter.

Excretory urography

X-ray examination, conducted with the introduction into the organism of a special substance, which enables the user to consider the structure of the kidneys. The method detects changes in the structure of the authority enables the assessment of the condition of the excretory system of the kidneys.

Urodynamic study

The method used to measure the pressure inside the bladder.

Measurements taken in three options:

  • with an empty bladder,
  • when filled,
  • when the bladder is emptied.
Laboratory methods

In addition to the instrumental methods of diagnosis in hydronephrosis, necessarily examines blood and urine. The blood taken for General analysis of urine is examined according to the method Nechiporenko and perform bacteriological tests.


Conservative treatment exists for a limited number of patients, applies only when there are contraindications to surgery. Conservative therapy is antibiotic treatment, which is assigned if there is an infectious – inflammatory process, often joining the hydronephrosis.

Symptomatic therapy helps to hold the pain, to normalize the HELL. The positive effect from the use of drugs to improve the microcirculation in kidney.

Effective treatment is surgery performed by one of two methods: organ-preserving surgery or organogenesis. The conduct conserving surgery is chosen in case that when a kidney has lost its function, cannot be saved (the development of a purulent process), produce a nephrectomy, a prerequisite of which is the normal functioning of the other organ.

Other options for surgical intervention are:

  • Resection of a narrowing of a section of the ureter.
  • Resection of the pelvis.
  • Deletion of a narrowing of a section of the ureter, and then ureterocystoanastomosis.

Ureterocystoanastomosis carried out if an intrarenal pelvis location: cut off from the damaged tissues of the urethra and sewn into bottom Cup. A similar operation is performed, if the ureter is narrowed in the lower part – excised part of the ureter and transplant it to its new position in the bladder wall. Ureteral carried out, if the ureter is compressed by the scars – adhesions removed.

Folk medicine in the treatment of hydronephrosis

Folk remedies used for the treatment of hydronephrosis as a Supplement to drug therapy under the mandatory supervision of a physician. Tested popular recipes on.

Recipe 1. Mix the dry grass.

  • Knotweed – 1 tablespoon.
  • Horsetail -1 tbsp.
  • Leaf beans -1 tbsp.

Add 5 tablespoons of birch leaves. 2 tbsp. spoon mixture pour in a thermos and pour 200 ml of boiling water. To insist 7 hours. Drink in 2 doses 20 minutes before meals.

Recipe 2. Take in equal proportions:

  • Adonis,
  • grain oats,
  • hop cones.

2 tbsp. spoon mixture pour 1 Cup of boiling water for 7 hours. Drink in 2 doses 20 minutes before meals.

Fluid in kidneys in children

Hydronephrosis in children is often congenital disorders in which affected the cavity of the kidney, disrupting the permeability of urine. There may be 2 types of the disease: unilateral and bilateral. If you lose one kidney, the child may not feel any symptoms because the second kidney takes over all the functions affected.

Bilateral pathology is causing the child to dangerous consequences, including death from uremia. A congenital form of the fluid in the kidneys is diagnosed more often in most cases in the conditions of the hospital.

Important! Study of the child in utero reveals the pathology even before birth.

Treatment of hydronephrosis in a child is possible only surgically. With early diagnosis surgery children tolerate well, rehabilitation takes place in a short period of time.

Hydronephrosis during pregnancy

Hydronephrosis often appears in pregnant women due to physiological changes caused by pregnancy. The cause of the disease is compression of the ureter by enlarged uterus. Pregnant women are often affected by hydronephrosis on the right. Hydronephrosis pregnant has the ability to pass without treatment after the baby is born.

This pathology is not an indicator for abortion, doctors call it a true hydronephrosis in pregnant women. If women of pregnancy develop chronic hydronephrosis, it threatens serious complications during childbirth. Prevention of hydronephrosis is the prevention and timely treatment of diseases that cause fluid in the kidney, a General strengthening of protective forces of an organism.

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