Menstruation and fitness

Of course, there are girls who feel pain during menstruation – this, of course, is an excuse to abandon training. But if you do not feel any discomfort, you can continue the training process. The main thing is to follow simple rules.

The menstrual cycle is a natural physiological process that is not a disease. Frankly, menstruation is not a reason to give up fitness. Moreover, American sports doctors are confident that it is during the period of menstruation that the female body can endure the greatest loads, since the body drops estrogen and progesterone levels, metabolism is accelerated and endurance increases.

Proper clothes

During training during menstruation, it is very important to ensure comfort. Send skinny leggings for a few days in the closet, and take comfortable pants and a T-shirt in which you will feel good. As practice shows, from hygiene products during fitness, it is better to use tampons or menstrual cups, but the pads should be discarded, as they can cause discomfort.

It is desirable that the sweatpants were also not the most tight, so that in the event of an “accident”, you would not have to fly home at full speed.

Right training

It is best to start training during menstruation with stretching and exercises from yoga (by the way, yogis have a whole complex during menstruation). Static muscle stretching exercises will remove discomfort in the abdomen and prepare the body for training.

Cardio, of course, needs to be done in lightweight mode. It is best if it will be walking at an average pace, without overvoltage. It is better to increase the cardio-warm-up time by 10 minutes, but reduce the intensity. During menstruation, the training process should be soft and light.

If during your period your lower abdomen swells and pulls, cardiotraining will help expand the vessels and relieve these sensations.

As for the power unit, it is necessary to completely eliminate the load on the press and lower back. That is, to the zone, which becomes especially tender in “these” days. But you can train your legs, shoulders, upper back, buttocks and arms with a calm soul.

Proper drinking regimen

During the menstrual cycle, the body loses more fluid than on ordinary days. Be sure to drink to prevent dehydration. It is very important for well-being.

Often during menstruation, girls complain of headaches. The reason for this is a lack of fluid. Therefore, water is an important attribute for well-being and high-quality training “these days.”

During menstruation, it is better to refuse coffee, as this drink enhances cramping and discomfort. Replace coffee with hot chocolate for a period of critical days.

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