Life hacks help cope with winter blues

In winter, life seemed to stop: there wasn’t enough strength for anything, I don’t want to leave the house, and it seems that this state will continue until spring.

But, fortunately, there are affordable and fairly simple ways to help get rid of bad mood and seasonal stress. You can start right now – turn on your playlist and go to the article.

1. Buy a desk lamp

Going to work is still dark, leaving work is already dark. It is the lack of light that is the main reason for the bad mood in the autumn and winter months. But a simple table lamp can solve this problem. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes a day is enough to sit near a bright light source to feel much better. The effect is comparable to the action of antidepressants. And you can combine business with pleasure and read a book or knit a scarf while you get your dose of light.

2. Refuse sweets and cakes

If you are used to raising your mood with sweets, then you should abandon this bad habit: the pleasure is temporary, and in the future you will find a couple of extra pounds, increased anxiety and depression. It is better to give preference to dark chocolate, which stimulates the production of hormones of good mood – endorphins.

3. Listen to music

According to studies, music significantly improves mood, and the effect lasts not only during listening, but also two weeks after. One condition: music must be fun and positive.

4. Start planning your vacation.

It turns out that in order to feel happier, it is enough to start thinking about the next vacation. Planning and anticipation of relaxation cheer up, so more often imagine how you pack and go on a trip.

5. Do not avoid communication

In winter, the desire to communicate tends to zero, and most often you want to sit at home and watch your favorite TV shows. But scientists categorically do not recommend this. It turns out that loneliness not only exacerbates a depressive mood, but also harms the body, comparable to smoking.

6. Help others

Nearby there are always those who need our help. Good deeds benefit not only those who need them, but also those who commit them: the risk of developing hypertension is reduced, stress levels are reduced, and people who are used to doing good at least once a week become much happier and more successful.

7. Check yourself for a hugg and a lag

The Swedes and Danes also know what winter melancholy is, and in order to cope with it, the first came up with a lag, and the second – a hugg:

  • Philosophy lag – when all is enough: not too much and not too little. And you should try to maintain this moderation and comfort in all areas of life: if you work, then with a lag (without expressed workaholism), if you have, then with a lag (without overeating), and if you drink tea, then only the temperature with a lag (one that is comfortable for you).
  • The main goal of the hugg is to create the maximum feeling of comfort and coziness. Each hugg is different: some wrap themselves in a blanket and watch all the Harry Potter movies, others delight their homemade pastries and buy cute things at home, while others put on headphones, turn on Frank Sinatra and go for a walk in the snow-covered city.

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