Diet affects blood sugar

Until the age of 30, we practically do not think about what we eat, but then it can become late. And if the deplorable state of the stomach from excessive consumption of fast food and other harmful products can be brought back to normal, but it is not so easy to stabilize high blood sugar.

Why does sugar “jump”?

The most common cause is excessive consumption of fast carbohydrates. People with diabetes should generally exclude foods containing this component. But vegetables will be a great way out of a situation when you want to eat. You should be careful with berries and fruits – choose varieties with the lowest sugar content.

What foods will be harmful?

When choosing products, pay attention to the glycemic index: an indicator above 70 units indicates that the product needs to be put back in the storefront, from 50 to 70 – the average level. Anything below 50 units will not affect your blood sugar.

To avoid troubles such as emergency hospitalization, discard the following products or try to reduce their frequency of use:

  • Sweet pastries.
  • Jam, honey.
  • Carbonated drinks.
  • Chocolate.
  • Alcohol.
  • Fast food.

Let’s move on to the products that should appear on your desk.


Eating sea fish will help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, as well as enrich you with vitamins and essential amino acids, strengthen the cardiovascular system. Preference should be given to mackerel, trout and crab – their glycemic index is the lowest.


If you do not suffer from lactose intolerance, you can safely add milk to your diet, at least several times a week – it significantly speeds up the absorption of glucose.

Meat and fish

The following types of meat are perfectly suitable for a low-carbohydrate diet: lamb, chicken, beef, turkey, rabbit. Just do not need to fry the meat – you will cause even greater harm to the body, it is best to stew or steamed, after removing the skin.

Fresh greens

If your sugar is unstable, you may run into the problem of seasoning selection. Ready-made seasonings contain a large amount of unnecessary elements like sugar and stabilizers. You can replace any of the seasonings with greens – both fresh and dried. Your “friends” should be: parsley, cilantro, dill and spinach.

Even if you now have no problems with unstable sugar, try to change your diet today so as not to face the unpleasant consequences of randomly consuming all foods in a row.

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